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GRAW2 Spotting for GRIN

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Some dude mailed this in, anyone recognise him? :rocky:


Full Size.

Nice one!

Signed by Bo and Ulf even. Lucky dog!

Look where his browser is logged in at.

Yes, I'm one of the lucky ones.

BTW, All the things required to work on GR games > Large image

My next desk will be at fridge level too..... some people have all the luck, as ignhed copy, I'd have to falsificate those autographs..... :rofl:

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Yeah that would be me I just took it a few minutes ago. I would wait for my friend to get off of work but as soon as he gets out of there, he goes on these covert missions called "dates" with his girlfriend. So covert I hardly know about em half the time. Anyways, I think I should point out that the neck gaiter I have covering my face in the pic is called a RECON wrap and my squad name is GHOST. That just means I was born to play Ghost Recon...for the PC.

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Thks, is the way GR was meant to be played. I even can smell the freshness of the jungle and the salty breeze of the sea.


Is it an LCD HD TV?

What resolution are u playing in?

Is it a Sony Bravia x series? Sweeeeeeet :thumbsup:

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