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  1. Ok, Now I know WindowsXP, Vista and now Windows 10 are quite different. Is there a folder where I can put the map, extract Fishmongers bundle file and tweak it to my liking? I have a location on my external HDD, where do I put it now in Windows 10? There used to be a windowsXP working folder or somewhere, where I can tweak it? It has been a looong time ago
  2. It's within the games .bundle file. I think quick.bundle. I was curious if anyone knew the actual maps name within the bundle is all.
  3. I've been doing a little research on the internet and have realized there's an issue with Ubuntu 18.xxx with drivers for Dell WIFI connections. I got rid of my older MSI system which, I will never buy one again, too many problems and lackluster support. I have a Dell G3 3779. I'm not a power gamer anymore, I'm in my 50's now. It's nothing to write home about and it does precisely what I need it to do. https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-laptops/dell-g3-17-gaming/spd/g-series-17-3779-laptop But does anyone know if Ubuntu resolved the Dell WIFI driver issue? Cheers!
  4. I decided to tinker a bit with GRAW. I don't use the CD/DVD version anymore. I bought GRAW through Amazon as a digital Download. That being said, Does anyone know what the map name is for Avenues? I've always wanted to play that map as OGR Coop. Maybe someone has successfully created avenues for OGR COOP. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I think it's possible. Is it happening? hard to say. But this being a big money business, they'll support a game until the next iteration. They create a cycle. likely Wildlands 2.
  6. For what its worth. I like the game. Is it Ghost Recon? -no. But for what it's worth, I will get this game and enjoy it for whatever replay I can get out of it. I'm playing Sniper Elite 4 and it was designed as a 3rd person view game from the start. So I'm accustomed to it now.
  7. What I have seen of UBISOFT of late is their 3rd person view Ghost recon Future Soldier, The Division and now Wildlands all use the same exact viewing perspective, gamestyle and openworlds(Division and Wildlands) I'll have to be impressed to get this one. But I will see what the reviews say. Kinda sad when you own 3 games with the same exact style of game play in basic design.
  8. I'll probably wait to see what the reviews are first. I have bought too many drink coasters.
  9. I'm sure the days of modding are gone. Modding was hip back in the early 2000's. GR 1. But developers saw that the mod community was just as good if not better than the devs themselves. So they create games that cannot be modded so you buy DLC. DLC may add some little time to a game but it does get old because most games have no replayability.
  10. I'd like 1st person view. 3rd person is a bit old. 1st person gives the impression of one actually playing the game.
  11. I'm in the midst of creating a mission, simple now, one village but will expand it to a campaign. situation: I have a survivor I found under the enemy section in Eden Editor. I want the mission to give the player/team a win in SP/MP modes when this general gets killed. He's the objective to winning the mission. anyone know the syntax on how to accomplish this? -papa6
  12. in relation to Wildlands, from reviews of what I've seen pre-release and release, UBISOFT downgrades everything. I have a video to submit as evidence to show what you see in the trailers is hype and will be changed for the worst. in video , all settings are set to high to ensure the best graphics possible. I'll venture to say Wildlands will get the same treatment. so be careful in the way you see UBISOFT games in general because they alway polish the pre-release trailers then downshift for the final release. -Papa6 Published on Jun 4, 2016Comparison between E3 demos and retail version of recent Ubisoft games. I encourage you to not only focus on textures or lighting, but also on animation, level design, assets, physics, and sound. Recorded in 1080p at max settings on PC with a controller. Enable annotations if you don't know which footage is E3 or retail. Watch dogs 0:26 - The Division 2:33 - Rainbow Six Siege 5:58 - Far Cry 4 9:47 - Far Cry 3 12:20 second video link: Here
  13. NSFW, some language*** But this guy gives a review of the current state of the game 6 months out and acknowledges the time left to polish the game but explains some of what i have mentioned about the game engine being reused and dumbed down. I'm not getting excited about this title at all and shows in game footage issues and covers why the game thus far is being totaly "hyped" when we should be asking, this is what they came up with so close to release. He gives conjecture to this game going gold about December possible if the release is March 2017. to me all the in game footage reminds me of the mechanics of "the division" and splintercell combined. But all the footage is from in game (June 14th) hopefully this hasn't been posted yet. forgive me if it has. peace out, Papa6
  14. The "use your face in game" thing has been played out. Vegas 2 even had it. if they want credibility for this title, they need to return to the old days. use a predesignated set of ghosts. he'll attribute up as he completes missions like OGR. Still sitting back to watch peoples reactions after it hits the streets. I've come to realize that, Ubisoft doesn't put out demos anymore.. just videos of in game play which are scripted heavily.
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