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  1. Camera guys could barely keep up with the little birds. Pretty sure thats why they are so effective. Fast.
  2. Pretty sure it was me. Could always check out some other channels see what the most watched ones do for editing ideas.
  3. 360 is fine to me. Full VR style would be fun too. I watch a good bit of city street walking videos when I'm working. I don't know if nature trail walks are as entertaining for many since there is no hustle and bustle of a city, but the most exciting areas should definitely get some extra play time. Maybe do some time lapsing.
  4. I subscribed for sure. I was looking at the Utah video. I watch travel vlogs sometimes. It's the same deal basically.
  5. I think a few people over the years have tried, pretty sure at least one of the original devs still comes through gr.net now and again. Ubisoft owns it all so there won't be much help there. Can't give away what you don't own.
  6. Would be cool if they posted in the forums
  7. Hey an old thread how about that. A bit of a change since some of these posts got started. Still messing around with things, mostly coming up with idea for scifi stuff. Tossing roughs into ue5 because you know, We can now. Why not. Just trying to get a feel for a big project that I might pitch later on. More then likely not but I'l be tossing some stuff on an asset store sooner then later. When things start getting finished. UE5 RunAround
  8. Im not doing it right now. Working on other things.
  9. The bones Drust uses are the same I sent to Zee (I think). You can grab them here. *edit* I went ahead and uploaded most everything else I have. Feel free to post any cached/archived tutorials so I can save them. I might convert them over to pdf later. Anything helps even without files. Especially the missing helicopter and boat rigging ones. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ds3rovslt9b97yr/AAD14jcj63r93Sb2pvattZYra?dl=0
  10. This won't be going into game I just wanted to speed run with some of the assets I've made for mods. A lot of it was built as well. Around 11 hours of time put into this. Barely a corner of a map. Imagine a few more highly motivated people working together though.
  11. Yeah even though I've done all this in the past, I still have to relearn it a lot of times, couple years ago I started saving the tools and taking notes just so I myself wouldn't forget it all. Apex actually helped me do some of that. I guess we lost a few of the example assets from RSE too which hurts a little bit. Not sure If I'll be able to remember the exact rig and tags for certain things. HX mod might have a few things I need to look at as well. I think it had a few max files in it.
  12. I'll get to them at some point maybe. I've been way to occupied trying to get something else going outside of modding. I really want to setup a laptop with all the modding stuff on it so I can just pull it out when I need a break from unity or unreal. I have my old dual core Crysis machine which would probably work too.
  13. Yes max5 for rig and export. No videos I know of, there might be a pdf or html tutorial somewhere here on gr.net. I'll do one eventually but no idea when.
  14. If you are doing modeling and texturing you can use anything else and bring it into max later. For rigging and exporting you have to use max5 until someone finds a way to update exporters somehow.
  15. Looks like its going good to me. As far as max5 goes, thats why I always try to do as much as possible outside of it.
  16. Its one of my channels. YouTube isn't a job though. Going through a tutorial any faster, in any meaningful way, usually requires prep, a script, and video editing after. I don't have time for all that. 1 take to upload is all I do so the info is at least out there. Way to much other stuff I'm working on. That stuff probably won't be seen for a bit. Pipeline, Pre-production at the moment. My main channel if you want to take a look. They even get thumbnails lol. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIBKjxrP7MHnWUG7H2aKPDw/videos
  17. Some tips on character modeling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mleg8BARdyY
  18. All of the Southpaw stuff is yours? I've been listening to a lot of house, lo-fi, cyber punk type stuff and Dusk Nebula is pretty dang good Para.
  19. Cookie cutter games for profit over exploration of gameplay. Might as well use a template.
  20. Not at the moment SKIP. Been busy working on an environment for a company. The little free time I get I've been doing blender tutorials which you can check out here. PzThree - YouTube
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