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  1. I want coyote tan as well! CIRAS vests look so cool in tan. Black is so... 1991! lol
  2. I had a thread like this a few weeks ago and basically the conclusion was "We aren't gonna change the game, so stop asking" Rather stupid, I think. Of course the support class is suppose to be a suppressive role, by laying down massive amounts of fire. In real life, people stay down when a M249 is firing their way. However, in a VG, they pop up anyway because it's not their real life on the line, and take a few hits and headshot the MG gunner.
  3. I don't care how poor you are thats just rock bottom.You can make 6 dollars MINIMUM wage for working an hour. Milk is what, $2.50 for a gallon? I am working and going to college at the same time, paying for myself and even I'm not that money saving. In fact, I just saved up enough money for a new TV
  4. lol the music on the patcher is like from them cracked games you download off warez websites.
  5. Uh, yeah, actually this happens a lot. I thought it was pretty neat.
  6. Its not possible to co-op without voip, thus the only solution is rambo time on pub servers.
  7. I asked for this in a previous thread for the LMGs, and none of the devs gave a response. I think they think it's too much work.
  8. I totally agree with you. All the advancements in GRAW2 MP was in the pvp sector. The co-op acually got downgraded from GRAW. And all the pleas of "please add free weapon selection in co-op" have been ignored again and again. Funny how their new brainchild RvA pvp mode is not so popular however, due to lack of voice comms and teamwork. GRIn shouldnt have ditched co-op. There are man players like me who spend much more time killing bots thatn humans.
  9. I have seen this problem too. I used to play with a clan mate in campagin co-op all the time and after 1.03, he cant see my server no more.
  10. One thing I dont understand is, why are the mex gun positions on the US side looking towards the mexican side? Shouldnt they be facing the other way, into texas?
  11. I was disappointed in the fact that clearly when most co-op hosters had the same problem, GRIN blew it off as our fault for not having maintained computers. Well, I can tell you this, my computer is fine. The patch is the problem.
  12. I can confirm that I cannot host a co-op campaign(curiously I can host missions 1,2,7). I get the same error as all the other guys. I think only a small portion of players have acually tried hosting co-op campaign, and thats why there's only so little people reporting the error. I'm sure there are tons of other players that can;t host and don't know it yet because they haven't tried. And Wolfsong, I never said the patch fragged my HD. I said it is absurd for a patch to require a re installation and a HD defrag to work properly.
  13. Wow, I didn't know patches these days entail uninstalling and defragging the HD to work properly.
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