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  1. Modding Skyrim, or looking for Skyrim mods? If the latter, good luck finding male companion mods or finding mods for female armour that add anything other than prostitute style armour or bikini armour (which apparently provides considerably more damage resistance than heavy plated armour.) Oh right, fan service over realism, now I see. Same issue with Fallout 3. Apparently girls in wastelands are going to be running around naked with so much make-up on they look like Oompa Loompas. Really want to start a female character in these games, but lack of any decent and realistic female armour pr
  2. Empire Total War trainer 8-bit music. Because return to my 8-bit childhood, that's why. Reminds me of that 8-bit music you got with cracked Amiga games. What cracked Amiga games? *cough* And for the record, I don't have Empire Total War. I found that track while searching for trainer/keygen 8-bit music like there used to be on Amiga.
  3. All these people posting on Facebook that it was Christmas eve yesterday, I would never have guessed. But whatever, Merry Christmas. Reminded me of the Skyrim intro, a dragon shows up and starts wreaking havoc. You escape with Ralof and he's like "OMGz0rz! That thing was a dragon!" Really? I thought it was a unicorn.
  4. Hocico - "Dog Eat Dog" (Live in Ekatarinburg, Russia) Normally aggrotech sounds better in German.... That is, unless it's a Mexican band. (Whatever "normal" is)
  5. I can see it now: "Inspired by the WytchDokta." IIRC, I had my blend type on the brush set to either Overlay or Multiply. Can't remember what the Opacity value was. Oh, and caffeine helps too. Especially for that Obsessive Caffeine Disorder (OCD)
  6. FGFC820 - "Ich Bin ein Ausländer" (I am a Foreigner) Cover of a track with the same by Pop Will Eat Itself. From the album Law & Ordnance. You ever felt like a foreigner in your own country? Then this is for you. 20 years after the original was released by PWEI, the track is still relevant.
  7. Centhron - "Draugr" From their album Asgard. Listening while playing Skyrim. Such irony. Best bit is, these guys know how to pronounce "Draugr." Saying it like "drogger" in Skyrim, I'm looking at you (and still falling off the chair laughing each time I hear it pronounced this way.) Okay, I'll get back to my Fallout 3 retextures now and stop annoying you guys....
  8. First off, thanks Led for the heads-up. Yeah, yeah GR.net, long time no see and all that. For my camopack uniforms, I actually used a differently method to apply the texture than those that have been describe here (that's just me, I HAVE to be different.) In fact, I didn't use layers at all. And for good reason. I saw other camo textures simply had the camo layer pasted over the wrinkles layer. Which meant, the whole thing was tiled right over pockets, collars, etc. In real life, this isn't the case. So my OCD (that's Obsessive Computer Disorder) wanted to do something about it. T
  9. Noisuf-X - "Nervouz Beatz (for Maniac Freakz)" :'> Dat acoustic guitar breakdown.
  10. Noisuf-X -"Hit Me Hard" Seems some people are confusing EBM with something else....
  11. CygnosiC - "Mad Desire" (Den Harrow Cover) Cover of Den Harrow's track of the same name, released in 1984. 80's disco and aggrotech fit so well together.
  12. But.... Shepherd is dead. Oh wait, Shepherd died at the start of ME2 aswell (10 minute long unskippable cutscenes FTW) After they refused to fix the hostile AI shoot ONLY at the player thing in the third, I think I'll pass on the next one. DA: Inquisition on the other hand....
  13. What? No-one has kept this thread alive since I've been gone? Let's have something a little slower than what I normally post: aggrotech/EBM. CygnosiC - "Fire and Forget"
  14. Yep I'll suck on more secure and better online service. And while I'm at it, I'll get Elder Scrolls Online and The Witcher 3 just to wind up certain MMO and RPG haters here. Still, in the next generation of consoles, Valve will wipe the floor.
  15. And the CoD: Ghost ending is a copy and paste of the CoD: MW2 ending.
  16. Just for clarification, I was talking about DS3 coop. Anyway, moar pics!
  17. I still don't get why the reverted back to a choice of six companions, when ME2 had a choice of 12. And shame they never fixed that hostile AI shoot ONLY at player and not his/her AI controlled team-mates thing. But whatever, let's see what DA: Inquisition brings. Visceral could also learn a few things about game endings. DS3: Awakened (what seems to be the original game ending) I'm looking at you. That is, if Visceral are still out there. Shortly after the release of Ao2: TDC, they pulled that game page from Facebook, then closed the wall on their DS3 page on Facebook. And suddenly, all w
  18. Worst. Game . Ending. Ever. Seriously, why destroy everything the franchise stood for with the ending of the final installment?
  19. And now The Chaos Engine is on Steam too at a bargain price! That's right, I said 'The Chaos Engine' - the greatest game of all time originally released on Amiga back in '93. It's been slightly updated but is true to the original. Funny that isn't it, when you consider certain other franchise reboots/remakes of old Amiga games were like completely different games compared to the original *cough* Syndicate and Alien Breed *cough*
  20. The soundtrack to your own future personal totalitarian police state: Unexist ft. Satronica - "Burn It All Down" http://youtu.be/ZFBA9bvNq6I
  21. And there is such a thing as 'heat intolerance' which a few of us, like me, possess. Snow and cold temperatures FTW.
  22. "My DLC" CoD: Black Ops 2 diss - Parody of 'Let Her Go' by Passenger
  23. Mainstream gets old before it's released mate. Hence my defecting to the underground back in 2007 (didn't help with society being on my back all the time back then all because I was and still am ill with incurable medical conditions. Society drove me to 'go underground' and they still haven't heard the last of it.) Imil - "The Drum Circle" Got a Witcher vibe too it, what with that female choir style part and all.
  24. j00 wryt lyk dis it takes us 20 minits per sentuns 2 trnsl8 wot j00 wrytd. you forgot no punctuation speech where one sentence is half a page long its characterised by no use of commas or full stops i mean its annoying because its difficult to see where each sentence starts this makes it somewhat difficult to read i dont see what the problem is writing like this i can understand it
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