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  1. The statements I made were based on public information and to the best of my knowledge were true at the time I made them, and were not "speculative" in nature. If you guys have "inside information," then I guess you should pat yourselves on the back and chuckle at the ignorance of us peeons. I never said it was doomed to failure. I never said they would not overcome those obstacles. Even more publicized titles have run into problems that may mean they never get published, so yes, it is common in the industry. I don't see how my comments are disrespectful or trolling. If I'm wrong, so be it. But the comments I made were based on public information, accurate, and not intended to be disrespectful. Jesus Christ, the guy's got an uphill battle. What's wrong with acknowledging that? If he succeeds, all the more kudos to him & his crew. Edit: Please read in a calm disposition, as that is how it was composed.
  2. Are you referencing GB? If so, please back that up? I'm curious as to where you get your information?They have not been able to find a publisher. They have not been able to find an investor. They have not been able to come up with the $$$ to license the engine. They need outside funding. That's not to say that GB will never see "the light of day," but it might not if they can't resolve these issues.
  3. You stated in another thread that perhaps Ubi made some changes after the final version of the patch left Grin's office. Is that possible?
  4. Did you search for an RPG or TOW that you could pick up? I seem to remember reading that they had a fix that made sure items like those were spawning correctly. I haven't had a chance to play the map since I'm at work so I'll leave it up to you fellas to check for now.I did not find any. Perhaps they're well hidden, because they don't appear to be in plain view.
  5. I noticed that as well. You have 2 kits with the new shotgun, though!
  6. I have a feeling there is no point in starting a thread about bugs.
  7. I think GRAW 2 is a great game in spite of UBI, but I doubt I'll return to the MP side because it's dominated by TDM players (I prefer RvA, but those servers are mostly empty), and there are only (at most) 2 new TDM maps. The patch auto-downloads. When people refer to "autodonwload" they are in general referring to d/l'ing custom MP maps. There is no autodownload functionality in that sense, which contributed largely to the death of the MP side of the game.
  8. Well, the first post in this thread has a partial list of adds & fixes, although it is mostly incorrect. ######ing incredible, ain't it? For not beeing any public post from UBI or GRIN it doesnt matter what the first post says. .wiking /ex.grin Good point. Let's see... Here is the original post: And this is from UBI's ghostrecon.COM: Huh. Whaddaya know! They're exactly the same. And...wait a minute...the official GRAW 2 site links to the exact same list!
  9. Well, the first post in this thread has a partial list of adds & fixes, although it is mostly incorrect. ######ing incredible, ain't it?
  10. Just checked. Patch not available yet.
  11. There is a recent thread in here somewhere, but it is a mod he is working on...not official content...it works for SP & MP, but without auto-download yada yada yada.... Here is that thread: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...=48775&st=0
  12. It's a primary. And who says it's mainly for MP? No one. I'll enjoy trying it out in SP. But, I fail to see it's utility in MP.
  13. I just checked the server list. Right now online there are: 108 people playing TDM 22 people playing Coop 3 people playing HH (3 servers w/ 1 person each, not sure how much fun that is) So, the 22 coop players (17% of the people playing) get 2 new maps, and the TDM crowd, the largest percentage of players, get ZERO? Is the shotgun considered a secondary, or primary? If it's a primary weapon, when the heck could anyone even use that in an MP setting? No.THANK GOD!
  14. Replying to your topic's subtitle, the patched will be released in a matter of seconds. Sure, it may be up to 2,592,000 seconds (or more), but it's still seconds.
  15. I can't believe my good fortune! I was going to reference this yesterday, but I could not find the source! Anyway, based on the underscored portion, I'm going to guess our DLC (not a "patch") will consist of at most a picture of a huge boner with "###### YOU" scrawled across it.
  16. it is posted: "More Guns" free DLC Yeah, that's the 360 DLC. I was referring to the PC patch, as this is the PC forum.
  17. Standard draw distance, or did you mod it out farther? I also read here somewhere that the bullets "disappeared" after 150m so the server didn't have to track them (MP side).
  18. And the contents of the free patch is??? Anyone? Anyone???
  19. Eh, I wouldn't get worked up if we weren't repeatedly told that the patch would be released "soon." But, I see your point, and it is well taken.
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