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  1. Wow, you got 5 minutes of gameplay? I wish, I'm yet to crack 60 seconds I reckon. I bought the game during the current Steam sale and have exactly the same issues you've had since starting this topic. I'm also using a Nvidia GTX 570. I've had issues with most DX11 games and this card but can usually find a work around but nothing yet for GR:FS. Will post again if I do have any luck.
  2. Hey Led, we had a similar issue at work recently and it was a driver issue - Windows 8 installed the network adapter driver via windows update so I got the latest driver from the manufacturers website instead and it worked ok. This worked for us on both a Dell laptop & a Toshiba laptop using Windows 8. Good luck!
  3. So you have been hiding away working on this thales? Amazing effort and it explains why we haven't seen many of your super high res screenshots of other games you play for a while
  4. No worries - this project, like other great GR Mods, is breathing new life into an old favourite!
  5. Fantastic work ZeeAlex, your screens look amazing :'>
  6. Sad to say that for me there is no replay value in SP. As the guys say above the missions are quite linear. There is a little bit of choice as to how you get somewhere on some maps but most times you just follow the corridor while you play "baddie whack-a-mole" Breaching rooms etc... are all scripted or slow-mo events so there is no tension as you enter a room. You cannot give your AI buddies any orders other than to tag an enemy for them to shoot. They fight pretty well as do the enemy AI. Customising weapons was ok but as usual it's funny that a Special Forces Team has to unlock a grenade launcher before they can use it in a mission. The story and characters are also very forgettable, makes me long for the days of Scott Mitchell and his cheezy dialogue. (I did enjoy both GRAW's on PC & 360 even though they weren't OGR btw) For me there was none of the elements that make a game a Ghost Recon game. I felt like I was at playing a 3rd person CoD at times and Mass Effect or Gears of War at others. Thats' my thoughts on SP only, I haven't played MP or Co-Op which I suspect is where Ubi will be hoping this game gets its legs from.
  7. I may get in trouble for this, but some have been playing a beta for a while now. No more will be said about this though. You forgot to do this:
  8. Yeah, I'm in Perth Australia and Satruday is 3/4 finished But if it's a huge announcement, I suppose I can wait until Sunday
  9. It will be interesting to see if they do a retail version as well, like Arma/VBS.
  10. Down - Stone The Crow (Acoustic Version) A very cool version of a great song: (Edit: fixed embedded link)
  11. Yeah, the jump between Arma and Arma2 was amazing, I'm looking forward to Arma3 big time. This patch looks good. I'd have to say BIS are a good developer, their interaction with the community and regular releasing of beta patches for all to try is fantastic.
  12. I know it doesn't really mean anything but I saw this at EB Games this week:
  13. That happens to me all the time I used to play so much that when I was walking down the street I'm sure I could still see the reticule, like it was burned into my eyes...
  14. Last week I picked up the retail PC version of MoH for $30, much better than I was expecting, although for a lot of the SP campaign I just felt like a bystander while the AI did a lot of the work. Hopefully any sequel they do builds on the good start they made here. Oh, and you forgot to mention you can select the rate of fire for your weapons so there's 3 cool features most games don't have these days Back on topic, there's some good deals on Steam today, Assassins Creed Collection, Men of War Collection.... but I think I did my budget on the weekend with purchasing of Hearts of Iron II Complete & Hearts of Iron III and Fallout New Vegas DLC. So many games, so little time!
  15. Looks awesome as usual, can't wait to have a play on this one Caves is one of my fave maps, nice, simple, open and deadly if you decide to run through a clearing. Aw, who am I kidding, they're all my faves. With all the Mods released for GR recently and those upcoming, our Man Rocky may have to release another DVD volume for the GR Mod collection
  16. I think it was just a joke from Epic when Bulletstorm was about to be released. I played it and gameplay is about as long as the video linked in Tinkers post I'm sure it wasn't an 8Gig download though because I wouldn't waste that much quota on a joke
  17. Mitch Hedberg was excellent, this is one of the first of his jokes I heard and I still love it now: "I like an escalator because an escalator can never break, it can only become stairs. There would never be an escalator temporarily out of order sign, only an escalator temporarily stairs. Sorry for the convenience."
  18. Hey Tinker, I really liked Mass Effect 2, not a more heavy RPG like the first one (which I also think is ace). It's More of a action/story driven RPG with less focus on tonnes of gear. Highly recommended for something different, gameplay is pretty fun and it's a great looking game. Parts of the story are a bit meh, but a lot of the smaller quests are very cool. Buy it now
  19. Definitely Mechcommander or Mechwarrior, but #1 on my list would have to be Deus Ex GR is a given
  20. I hope there's no skid marks on that road! I really enjoyed NFS: Most Wanted but the last couple didn't really float my boat, although I only went as far as the demo for Pro Street so I don't know it it got any better.
  21. Ihsahn - Unhealer from the new album "angL" Second solo album from Emperor frontman Ihsahn... Nice and heavy. Interview here.
  22. Well, I'm at my house working on the renovations and I've left all my CDs at my girlfriends house... But I found an old box of tapes tucked away in the wardrobe Huey Lewis and the News - Walking On A Thin Line from the album Sports Probably follow it up with Bon Jovi - New Jersey (don't hit me, it's a great album )
  23. Hi Mig - Yeah, I love DCD, one of my all time faves. The first album I heard was Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun, just awesome! For anyone who's interested, the DCD self titled album is a pretty good first album. Bit 80's style goth/postpunkish perhaps, with a hint of what their future sound would become... Following albums are even better and gradually move away from the goth/postpunkish sound, some sound classical/neoclassical with plenty of Eastern influence and the last studio album they recorded, Spiritchaser, was very tribal. Music for all occasions. The female vocalist, Lisa Gerrard, has gone on to feature on many soundtracks since DCD disbanded including The Gladiator, Black Hawk Down (1 track) and Tears of the Sun, not to mention her solo albums and other collaborations. Very impressive stuff. Ages ago, I bought a limited edition boxset retrospective 3 CD & 1 DVD set. The DVD is a full live show and it is amazing to watch them pull off their set live, just amazing. I can't recommend them highly enough Right now, listening to: Christopher Franke - Parliament Of Dreams Pt 1 from the Babylon 5 Suite.
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