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  1. The Secure Dawn mission in the Kazakhstan marsh made me think of the OGR map Swamp. Lots of good times! No Raven Strike for PC? Bummer.
  2. Eurogamer hands on. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2010-11-23-operation-flashpoint-red-river-hands-on
  3. Fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!
  4. So that brings up the question, is your ping useful for predicting the "quality" of your experience when playing on a server? If not, then what would be a better gauge to use?
  5. It's interesting that this thread has generated more comments than the IE8 thread.
  6. Are you opening the file with Notepad or a web browser? You need to open the file with with Notepad or some other text editor.
  7. Do you mean using more than one pitcure as your desktop background?
  8. Well I'm glad to hear it's not just me, but I fell bad for Rocky, but he's right. Two years of solid hosting deserves tolerating a couple weeks of minor probs.
  9. Over the past couple of weeks I've had a few periods where I haven't been able to access gr.net. I'll get 404/web site not found errors. The last period was Sunday (Aug 17) around 8:00 pm central USA time (GMT +6). It lasts for at least a couple of hours and once it lasted for a couple of days. Has anyone else had this problem?
  10. Wow, no seperate physics processor required? Awesome!
  11. Having a paid Gamespy account will not give you better pings for GRAW servers.
  12. DP, don't know why I didn't ask this to start with, did you get the missing NTLDR error booting from the "new" HDD? If so, then that is expected until you get Windows installed on it. (It's funny how obvious things jump out at you when you come back to a problem after taking a break from it.)
  13. Sounds like you made progress with the jumpers in the HDD. Well done. Ahhh, missing NTLDR, I've had that one myself. It's an error that has several possible causes. There's a nice compilation of information about it on this page at tech-recipes.com. (Link fixed.) Sorry your question about reformatting the HDD wasn't addressed. It shouldn't make a difference if you reformat the HDD. It surely won't cure the NTLDR error (it will definitely be missing if you format the HDD. ) I do suggest that you put the CD first in the boot order. If that doesn't work, then making it 1st, 2nd, and 3rd won't make any difference. I understand that you have done a fresh install of XP before, but did you do it by booting from the XP CD or did you put in the XP CD or otherwise start running the XP CD after Windows was already running? During the course of this thread have you ever actually booted from the CD? What I'm getting at is this, perhaps your CD drive and/or the XP CD are not being recognized as "bootable" by the BIOS. Check out this Google Answers thread for great tips on troubleshooting problems with booting from a CD. Hang in there, we'll get it worked out! (I think .)
  14. Ahhh, well that answers the question. If you've been using this HDD in your system, and it was showing up then your BIOS recognizes it. I'm back to thinking you've yet to hit the right combination of hard drive jumper settings and boot order in BIOS. However, the inability to access your BIOS with the "new" HDD is perplexing. Like I said you should be able to get in the BIOS with no HDD installed. In all your trials, have you ever successfully booted from your XP install disk and made it to the point where you could install Windows?
  15. The very first information that pops up on your screen when you power on should be the BIOS info. It should tell you the brand, e.g., Award, AMI, etc. It should also report the version number and its date. A BIOS upgrade may be in order.
  16. Man, don't format-away all of those songs. Get those copied to another disk before you do anything. Not all hard drives use the same jumper settings for master/slave/cable select determination so go by the diagram on the hard drive in question. That's very weird. You should be able to access BIOS on boot up with out a hard drive installed at all. It sounds like you have, but I just want to make sure... Have you tried it with all of your other hard drives removed from the system except for the one on which you want to install Windows? Honestly, I just think you've somehow missed the right combination of hard drive jumper settings and boot order in BIOS. Also, given the age of your computer, your BIOS might not recognize the new hard drive.
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