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  1. Yeh the steam version should run fine. What error were you getting?
  2. I was watching a youtube video about W11, quite a lot of bad press because of the system requirements for Windows 11.
  3. Hi You have to block the road using cars and wait for the enemy to arrive. First go to Sector 1 Bivouac Drive the car from the Wild Mystery to the West of the Bivouac Drive to the road which is parallel to coast on the East Park the car sideways halfway across the road (one set of tires on the tire tracks) Do the same using the other car found here to block the road. Now just find a good cover spot and wait. When two enemy cars arrive, activate the technique and start shooting. Hallo Sie müssen die Straße mit Autos blockieren
  4. Looking good!!
  5. Thanks for this. As soon as I can resolve some issues with the GR downloads system I will add this fix to the downloads.
  6. What does this mean for modding GR?
  7. Awesome news, congratulations on this latest release. I will add it to the download section shortly.
  8. Rocky

    OGR Daily

    If you are vacationing in certain countries, I am afraid your access to this site may have been restricted for security reasons. Please message me so I can make sure you are not inconvenienced by this again.
  9. Rocky

    OGR Daily

    Hear Hear! Congrats Wombat, I don't know what we would do without you around here keeping us right and being an absolute encyclopaedia of Ghost Recon knowledge!
  10. If you have installed the mod and have launched it as per the readme file you should not experience the described issue. Which mission is this and I can try to replicate. Please also confirm which mods are listed in the options screen and in which order.
  11. The HU readme has good instructions for launching the mod that can identify issues such as this.
  12. What mission did you load exactly to get the issues in those screenshots -I'll see if I can replicate.
  13. Looks like a mod conflict, what does your mods list look like ingame?
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