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  1. Thanks guys, another year rolls in!
  2. Great! What's motivated you to get back into this?
  3. Haha When things are running smoothly, it's fine. When crap like major hacker issues come along, its a different story.
  4. Before Teamspeak it was Roger Wilco for Rainbow Six mplayer! Now though it is Discord that has taken over game comms.
  5. I think the enemy down was removed for realism, because in the field I would not imagine that you always get such a message, and it forces you to be continually on alert until you get eyes on the body. I feel like the compass thing is mentioned in the mod readme document but I am not 100%, take a look. Best of luck in your travels.
  6. I'm busy updating large sections of the site and came across this. https://www.ghostrecon.net/html/pcgamer-gr-01.htm This was back when PC Gamer ran an article on all the GR mods. Some interesting bits of info here - for example, the first use of helicopters in GR is mentioned.
  7. Sounds good Die7, looking forward to checking it out.
  8. How have I missed this?!! This is amazing work! I can probably help with that, is there anyway you can get those files to me and I will shrink them for you? If not I can send you instructions. The downloads section is offline at the moment but when I get it back online this mod will definately be the first new entry and I will also be publicising this on twitter etc etc. Amazing work. Let me know what you want to do with the big avi.
  9. Do you get that error when looking at this exact page for example? Can you see the small padlock just before where it says "ghostrecon.net/forums" in the chrome address bar at the top left?
  10. Don't know how I missed this - trying it out....
  11. I was thinking about Jack57's missions only yesterday - fantastic missions.
  12. Hi I have uploaded this for you, download it HERE.
  13. I will be redirecting the mod download pages to the following crowdfunding page to try and secure a PHP programmer to help bring the download service back online. https://www.ghostrecon.net/ghost-recon-mods/
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