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  1. It's actually worse than that, they didn't ask Delta Force members for their thoughts about Frontline at all - they went ahead with this gametype without engaging with anyone in the GR community. Your posts are perfect English, don't worry!
  2. The Frontline closed beta has been delayed, the effects of the backlash are taking effect already.
  3. Wow you really enjoying those mods huh? 😂 Youre best hope is that JohnTC02 turns up he’s the GRAW genius.
  4. A game like Frontline at anytime is a bad news day for "Ghost Recon", but to announce it as part of 20th Anniversary celebrations was such a howler...
  5. This is what bewilders me, I have been vocally banging that drum for years, I even delivered that message right to the devs when I sat in the same room as them in Paris. You only have to read a handful of comments deep into any Ghost Recon YouTube video these days and you will see the same sentiment over and over.
  6. Yeh, Wildlands developed into a great game that was true to many of the franchise roots.
  7. When Ubisoft tossed out Ghost Recon Frontline yesterday and had the nerve to include it as part of the Ghost Recon 20th anniversary celebrations, I just couldn't take it anymore. https://www.ghostrecon.net/frontline/ghost-recon-frontline/
  8. Weird, it downloads fine for me when I click it. Here's a link to mediafire for this file https://www.mediafire.com/file/lo589b4twq7q3o7/m01_caves_OneDay_v1_no_death_animation.zip/file
  9. Here you go m01_caves_OneDay_v1.zip
  10. Sorry, I did not get a copy of this or I would help out.
  11. Hi You can drop those two files into the Ghost Recon main folder, that's all you need to do.
  12. I never got around to completing P2 - I need to do this!
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