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Forum Rules last Amended 9th June 2007


IMPORTANT - NEW MEMBERS When you complete your profile information, you must use a valid e-mail account.




[1.0] Introduction

[1.1] I hope you enjoy our forum. To ensure your participation is flame free and enjoyable, please take 1 minute to read these rules.

[1.2] Any posts in breach of forum rules will be deleted, and the offender risks banning.


[2.0] General Posting Guidelines

[2.1] Play fair and enjoy your stay. The forum is here for discussion of Ghost Recon.

[2.2] Try and stay on-topic within a thread, start a new thread if you move onto a new topic. Excessive off-topic discussion within a topical thread will be removed if it detracts from the discussion.

[2.3] This is a moderated forum, do not abuse your membership. Bans may not be reversed, and work on several key identifiers. Please note that bans are effective across ALL forums Administered by Rocky. That includes forums on other sites. Repeat offenders should be aware that in severe causes your ISP will be contacted with details of your actions. Most ISP Terms Of Service take breach of use of other websites Terms and Conditions and Rules as a serious matter. If you feel you have a genuine grievance or there has been a misunderstanding please mail me directly with details.



[3.0] Forum Rules





[4.0] Board Features

[4.1] Take a moment to try out some of the board features; there is a built it messaging system for sending messages to another member, which will be delivered to them on their next visit in a pop-up window, and a personal assistant to help you quickly navigate the threads. There are many other useful features, if you have any questions please message any moderator.



I hope you enjoy the forum, keep it clean and keep it fun.






  • [3.1] Multiple Accounts : Each member is permitted one forum account. If you have reason to require more than one account please check with any member of Staff.


  • [3.2] Threats/Personal attacks : Any posts containing threats or personal or racist attacks will be edited or deleted and the originating account risks banning.


  • [3.3] Flame wars : If you cannot hold a reasoned debate without resorting to Flaming, you are not welcome here.


  • [3.4] Forum Moderators : Abuse directed at Forum Admin or Moderators will not be tolerated and will result in instant account deletion for the offender. Staff members are carefully selected and have my full backing, they give their own free time to dedicate themselves to this site and abuse directed at them will not be tolerated.


  • [3.5] E-mail Address : Sign up with a working e-mail address from your ISP. This is for security reasons. It is not used for any other purpose.


  • [3.6] Rules : Repeated disregard for Forum Rules or Moderator warnings will result in accounts being banned.


  • [3.7] Warez : Links to warez sites or discussion of warez is not permitted. Breach of this rule can lead to legal proceedings against this site, and will not be tolerated. Software cracks that remove the "CD/DVD check" are against the Ubi Soft licensing agreement and are included in this rule - which is strictly enforced. Posts containing CD-keys and links to sites of CD-keys will be deleted.


  • [3.8] Vulgarity Swearing is not permitted, it only degrades the forum and dilutes the debate. Posts of a sexual nature or of inappropriate images are included in this rule.


  • [3.9] Signature Images Please keep these images to a reasonable size, less than 600x120 pixels and preferably below 100Kb in size, and 4 lines in length for text sigs. This is for the benefit of users on a slow connection and to reduce scrolling. Other forums may only show your sig image once per thread, or not allow images at all. We do, but you must follow the guidelines above.


  • [3.10] Spam Do not use our Forums to advertise your business or seek personal gain. People come here to read about Ghost Recon and related topics. The definition of "spam" is down to the forum moderator in the first instance. If you are unsure about making a post, ask via private message or e-mail.


  • [3.11] Cheating Discussion of online cheating is not permitted. It's bad.


  • [3.12] Disruption Disruptive or persistently argumentative behavior will not be tolerated .


  • [3.13] Political Discussions Topics relating to politics are not allowed, they lead to unneccesary problems ie. flaming and chest beating. All posts relating to politics will be deleted.


  • [3.14] Warn Levels Each account has a 5 level warning system associated with it. If this level reaches 100% the account will be immediately suspended. The duration of the suspension will be decided by the site staff. Depending on the severity a permanent ban may be issued.


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