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  1. Hey Roco, Long time, sad to see things have closed down. You did a great job with the can and the site. Not gaming myself anymore. Waiting for something that resembles OGR appears then we'll see... Take care and my best to all former AFZ Great gaming those days, miss it much Peace (AFZ member 2005-2008 or so)
  2. Nice to see the interview. Long live THE GAME
  3. hehe , because in Sweden we are all lawful and excellent car drivers and indicate BEFORE changing lanes ;-) Rather crazy speeds... it's not like parked cars he's passing. Official speed limit that highway is 110 km/h (nearly 70 mph) but in practice most cars he's overtaking do 75-80 mph (busses and trucks are slower). Still they just hear a WWWwosch and he is a small dot in the distance ahead... Of course, don't do this at home Some more stuff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yhGEMWjcJw
  4. Rocky, this is all filmed in Sweden, featuring a Hayabusa Turbo This is the "best" one, The Uppsala run: (a 45-50-minute drive in less than 15 min) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShacMAn_HK8 It is rather nerv wrecking to watch... "enjoy"
  5. Yep, Sup all old farts ;-) (and ROCO) I really find it striking that I even log in and check the good damn forum of a pc game 9 years old... GR had the injury model, open maps, flexibility, re-playability, control of squad, server control incl replays, and several gameplay options. That is probably why a game like GR most likely will never surface again (GB seem never to make it). It is probably a nightmare for business to make a game that a relatively selected crowd of mostly mature gamers are happy with and sticks to for ages.. Sry for being a realist...
  6. Oh man that is so cool, nice pics GR really is THE game in more aspects that fans ever keep saying on these forums... Will there ever be something worthy to be called Ghost Recon again?
  7. Interesting to see if devs go along with the GRAW series (which virtually killed the GR T vs T MP community) or if they manage to recreate the playability and flexibility as it was in GR. PS OFP:DR had the "GR" gameplay feeling but failed miserably on the server interface, friendliness and options. If just they made an "OFP:DR with GR/GRAW sized maps and the friendliness of MP as Modern Warfare" but with SADS, pretty please, this Future Soldier will be an interesting game indeed. Cheers
  8. Sad news I wish good luck to the talents that were working with GRIN Desmond22, Wolfsong etc etc, and that you will find jobs elsewhere (if you haven't already). I was never a complete GRAW series fan and the direction it took, but you guys surely had the dedication and intent to make a good game under the shadow of UBI, and I credit you for that. Tough times for everyone these days.
  9. @ Tinker's list of GR supperiority I just want to add another couple of essential things regarding flexibility, variability and gameplay that have just gone downhill since GR... GR had 4 insertion zones each map for each MP game mode with a random insertion option, meaning that in e.g., T vs T you did not know in advance where your team and the enemy would insert. This added a lot to unique and still unbeaten T vs T gameplay experience due to the variability in the direction of firefights, in the use of covers etc on each map. AW 2 had 2 static insertion zones for each MP gamemode for the maps (which also were rather few) GR had 1) a damage model that made a difference and 2) a short lasting punishment for taking a hit (if not lethal), still superior any post-GR-game. In AW 2 it did not matter how much damage you've taken, you could still aim, sprint etc just as fine as ever Still, the thing is that publishers in this genre seem to want gamers to shelve their game after a few months and move on to the next, so that is why we most likely will never see a new or updated GR. Sorry for being realistic
  10. I thought it was your recording from work Roco...
  11. Isn't it a little bit of double irony to give out Xbox 360 GRAW (Legacy Edition) for a PC [GR] anniversary...or is it just me?
  12. I know I'm late at, but still Led is a great guy and he deserves some attention. Happy B-day Cpl Ledanek! PS LOL yea there were a lot of tanks there..nice parking skills but I guess they don't worry about dents!
  13. Remember? Tomorrow the day has come when we all got deployed in the game where it all begun South Ossetian Autonomous Region April 16, 2008 05:45 Welcome to Tbilisi, gentlemen -- I hope you got some shuteye on the flight from Bragg, because now that we're here we've got a lot of work to do.
  14. Please note this is the Xbox 360 version (RSE) ..not PC, despite sound was awesome in PC version (GJ Desmond22 and other GRIN sound devs)
  15. Ggz Rocky and all others. Sry I had to leave early but, my five-year old got this nasty winter vomiting disease (rather abruptly) Gee, I hate that disease. To split coms would even an improvement. Cheers Peace
  16. Me too! The vU clan http://www.viribusunitis.se/news.php ...is even gonna try ladder this game, first match next week. I know some other old GR clans play it as well: BPR, TuG for example. Search & Destroy gametype mainly. It is fast and intense but there is not much else worth playing these days. Come visit us at v.U. server ip if you want to try some Hardcore S&D (often full but sooner or later you can make it in). We keep the server clean and mature.
  17. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it. History became legend, legend became myth. It became a fireside-story... a favorite character of legend and lived on long after all the true events were forgotten...
  18. If a 3rd GRAW title would appear, which I severely doubt, I would be interested to check it out-Yes. By the way, currently I have completely dropped GRAW 2 for COD4 (mostly hardcore mode), not because it is better gameplay, but there is a fully functional T vs T MP, with map numbers, options, variability, user friendly and functional interface, players etc. The COD4 MP T vs T game and content is more solid than GRAW or GRAW 2 ever came to be after all patching. The damage model in COD 4 (as in the GRAW series) suck, and the game is way too fast for my taste, but I still enjoy it even if I suck badly at this "high-mobility-twitch-and-shoot-game" . Ground Branch looks more promising day by day as there is definitely something missing on the market.
  19. Well played as always Clone, GL in the finals even if my heart is with AFZ
  20. I bet there will be COD4 no respawns servers with decent gameplay. PS the Kill cam was kind of cool And yea...I start severely to doubt we will see anything more for GRAW 2 PC from Ubi
  21. Good luck with future games! Thanks for your efforts with GRAW 1 and 2, even if UBI obviously did not give you enough headroom and time for the MP parts of the game... Cheers! PS. yea... if you, can please lobby with the UBI reps for a final patch and content for GRAW 2. PPS. Desmond22 (if he is still around?) the sound in the GRAW series still ROCKS!
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