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GRAW2 Spotting for GRIN

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Man that is a sweet monitor. Mine's puney compared to most of em today. I've had mine for like 6 years now and it's still serving me well. Just a 17" gateway monitor. Everything other than my speakers, keyboard, and monitor are new though. But that monitor makes me drool. I'm guessing he has a Physx card since that looks like Ageia Island.

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Thks, is the way GR was meant to be played. I even can smell the freshness of the jungle and the salty breeze of the sea.


Is it an LCD HD TV?

What resolution are u playing in?

Is it a Sony Bravia x series? Sweeeeeeet :thumbsup:

Its a Sony XBR2 46".

I have it at 1280x720 but tonight I'm going full HD 1920 x 1080. My friend is letting his 7900GTO I'm going to set it up in SLI. I cant wait to see all the bells and whistles.


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I'm just a paintballer/hiker, WhiteKnight . So I never have that much gear on. The most I have on is boots, ACUs(which are lightweight), shemagh or other headwear(boonie, patrol cap, recon wrap, or paintball mask) and an ACU backpack with a 2 qt canteen in it. And the paintball gun which is really light. Of course I have a base layer shirt under my ACU shirt. It wicks the sweat away! LOL Anyways, I'm gonna head out. Peace.

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Me thinks it would be smarter to hike in brighter colors just in case you end up somewhere you can't get out of and needed to be found. Stuff that makes you blend in could allow you to die in place should there be an accident.

Still, for the GRIN poster, it doesn't really matter.

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Yeah I hear what you're saying White Knight. Usually we just hike in the woods near my house. We know em like the back of our hand and have even hiked em at night. But we bring our cell phones just in case and he has a gps. Anyways, I'm gonna end it at that and try to get things back on topic so this doesn't end up in the off topic forums. Wonder when GRIN's gonna be finished with their poster.

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One of the airsoft guys found it on Ebay. I was light armoured recce in the CDN armed forces reserve, little jeep 7.62 GPMG so sneaky was the rule. That's how I play airsoft too, buddy figured the patch suited me :), ordered one and handed it over. Has sat right on on my BDU arm, ever since.

you can get one here :

Ebay site

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Yes, I'm one of the lucky ones.

BTW, All the things required to work on GR games > Large Image

DUDE!!! Forgot to point out the box for GR1 on the shelf. :snipe:

SAD FACT. GR1 isn't required.

Sorry OT I know.

"Welcome to Tbilisi, gentlemen."


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If they were handing out awards for best pic, I'd say Whistle won it. Looks like he's a real Soldier/Marine/Sailor/Airman with the helmet and Multicam. As I stated before I have all my gear for paintballing and hiking in the woods nearby. I don't have a helmet though. Just have a boonie, recon wrap, and patrol cap all in ACU. I have 3 pairs of boots. Desert boots from Ranger Joes, an extremely cheap pair of jungle boots from Soldier City(Work great though) and I'm waiting for my Merrell Sawtooth boots soon. But yeah I'd have to say Whistle won the contest for best pic. Nice gloves by the way. I have all black Mechanix gloves. Those look like Hatch.

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