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  2. hey i have a problem i just finished mission Recon in Force and i dont have the next mission why can someone help me please ??
  3. Yesterday
  4. hey i have a problem im finishing and the next misson dont show up can someone tell me what to do ? Recon in Force
  5. there are some nice effects in HX5 but I think the missions are that not good, ggz
  6. Some battles with the HX5 mod for the Original Ghost Recon 👍
  7. A remake of a classic: the TGIF patch from Wldlands
  8. Last week
  9. Happy Birthday Rocky and many more.
  10. Do as you feel would be my advice. It seems Ubi are drifting more and more away from the fans who have been the backbone of the community for so long. Just don't say anything that could put you in line for a lawsuit lol.
  11. Happy Birthday Rocky dude!! Hope it's been a good one so far!
  12. Ha, thanks, it's only 25 minutes into the day, so well done and thanks.
  13. Earlier
  14. Today i made a small patch mod, 6 new patches in total, in honour of the men of ODA 525. https://www.nexusmods.com/ghostreconbreakpoint/mods/552
  15. You should be able to email it to me, rocky at ghostrecon.net, thanks!
  16. Well, i wasn't expecting it this soon but it was a slow day at work so i took some time off and spent the afternoon working on the mod. And after fixing some errors (after editing 159 files you can expect some errors ) i can finally say it is done! All the patches you see in the teaser above are now in the game, each with its' own normal map. Rocky: where would you like me to send it? it is a 3,75mb file.
  17. Long shot but does anybody have this mod laying around by chance? Just started playing this absolute classic and went to drop in some old mods and forgot I lost them when my hardrive failed awhile back. Any help tracking this down would be appreciated!
  18. 8 yrs ago Ubisoft created the Star Player Program. I was one of its 600+ members and it flew me around the world to see the development of Wildlands. I even got to see it before the large gaming news corps! As some of you know, I even sat down with GR friends in Paris for breakfast with Yves Guillemot, CEO. This month Ubi shut down the Star Player program though, which makes me think about doing another write up of the experience, with proper behind the scenes nonsense....
  19. I can't recommend it strongly enough. Good story, unequaled character development, diverse open world map, lots of entertaining side quests and a collectors/completionists dream. The only real con was the UI. The PC is ported from the console versions. At times the UI can be a little janky. A small gripe is saving outfits, which I never figured out 100% especially which ones were on my horse. Just giving them identifiable names was not possible. They were listed as Outfit 1 -5. But the game is so good the janky UI is not a dealbreaker.
  20. Very cool - I will play this game one day!!
  21. It's weekend, so time for some fun
  22. Will do! right now i am working on getting everything organized before i can pack all the files. Just trying to decide if i should make one big patch mod or go with a theme again and seperate the patches in several smaller mods. But since i have been unable to find more patch files in the games .forge files, whatever i release next probably will not be compatible with my other mods (will have to reuse the same patches i used in my other mods).
  23. Haha you've really went to town on this. When you are done make sure and send me the new pack so I can update the download entry, thanks.
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