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  2. @Rocky I believe that this kind of posture will further weaken Ubisoft, reducing its credibility (if it still has any with the Ghost Recon community). I've been going through some youtube channels (famous and not so famous) and it seems that the opinion is unanimous: GR Frontline (as announced) is a freak and it was a huge mistake by the company! Wake up Ubisoft, there is still time to resolve this error! Aranha
  3. It's actually worse than that, they didn't ask Delta Force members for their thoughts about Frontline at all - they went ahead with this gametype without engaging with anyone in the GR community. Your posts are perfect English, don't worry!
  4. So nothing changed at Ubi. Guys, you might want to check Zero Hour instead. Nice to be home again btw. Ultimate website!
  5. Today I was reading about the issue of DELTA COMPANY, and it seems that there is a lot of criticism of this program, because in addition to not selecting people who are really part of the "Ghost Recon community", Ubisoft simply did not listen to the comments of the community itself. I think they should schedule a new meeting with us, tell the fans that they messed up and that they are developing a new GR, in the mold of the classic games we love so much! How about a GR in the Middle East in a "fictional country" (to avoid any problems, as there was with Bolivia) . Let's go ahead!
  6. Last week
  7. Maybe they should add a first-person mode to Breakpoint. That's like the one thing I can takeaway as a positive from the Frontline reveal. Ubisoft has access to a wide variety of high-quality assets.
  8. That's right, @Rocky ! It seems that they accused the blow received by the community (I think it was almost unanimous!). Now they need to move to release (or at least demonstrate that they want to release) something that respects the legacy of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon franchise! In the contemporary world, to think that social networks don't make "noise"... are completely wrong! I also think they made an effort to improve Breakpoint (which in the end really improved a lot), but now they need to take a clear shot and release a NEW game, tactical and respectful of the franchise!
  9. The Frontline closed beta has been delayed, the effects of the backlash are taking effect already.
  10. Yeah, not a great showing for the 20th anniversary of the franchise. I wouldn't declare it the death knell of the series, however. It's pretty clearly a project developed by one of Ubisoft's B-teams, given the liberal reuse of Breakpoint assets (with little in the way of modification!). I imagine we'll see a proper mainline title down the line. As to whether the next main entry will be worthy of the title of Ghost Recon... well... we'll have to see. Despite how oversaturated the genre is, Ubisoft's greatest strength is in creating open world shooters. It's one of the things I'd actually s
  11. last weekend we had a great event 15-16 players had fun
  12. Hey all hope you are keeping well, been a while since I was on here. Sorry but my main game on here was GR:AW2 which I made all the mods for, I have played GR:AW but never modded it. It's been quite a few years since I've played or modded these games so I have forgotten how it all works. Sorry I can't help you but I hope you find a solution to your problem πŸ‘
  13. Wow you really enjoying those mods huh? πŸ˜‚ Youre best hope is that JohnTC02 turns up he’s the GRAW genius.
  14. Hi, There appears to be a limit to how many custom maps I can access in the drop down in GRAW1, less than 40 even though I have over 50 custom levels and there's no way to scroll through them: Does anyone know how I can increase this limit, if it's a config option somewhere, or if there's a mod somewhere for doing this? Thanks.
  15. Yeah I don't really understand this. If they make a good game it will literally print money, even if they make a good game and add all kinds of MTX to it, it would still sell well and fans would likely still be happy and it would make them big money. I don't see their plan here, it seems very misguided.
  16. I always watch my own replays rather than share them, so having the mods shouldn't be a problem. Out of curiosity, I copy pasted my existing replays until I had over 1200 and it looks like I can view them all in-game so that's pretty cool. There's a high limit for replays if there is one.
  17. 1. I have not heard of such a limit. 2. I'm guessing, but no limit. The tricky part about replays is what mods were being used when the replay was made. Playing a replay requires the same mods being activated.
  18. What I don't understand (sincerely) is how Ubisoft hasn't realized what fans really want is good old Ghost Recon. It could be a "GRAW3", a "GRFS2" or even a "GRWildland 2", but not this Frontline crap! Does the company's marketing department not see the repercussions of fans? That talk of "listening to the fans" doesn't seem to be reality, doesn't it? I didn't see any video congratulating the company for Frontline on the web. Either they wake up, or they should forfeit the right to use "Tom Clancy's" in their games! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=200vmkeeXrk&lis
  19. I noticed that there's exactly 300 missions available to play in Heroes Unleashed. I have a couple questions: 1) Is there 300 missions because there is a hard limit of 300 missions in Ghost Recon 2001? 2) Is there a limit to how many replays you can save? I like to save replays every single mission success which adds up quickly when playing this game, so I hope I don't hit the maximum number of replays one day.
  20. Honestly agreed completely. At least Wildlands wasn't always-online only, and then at least Breakpoint was still remotely decent but... going the route of making it another battle royale is such a horrible mistake. It's sad to see what this series has become. The best of Ghost Recon is definitely behind us.
  21. Tried a few above level 60 and even above 100. Still CTD I thought it was odd that it mentioned the campaign save in the ike but most of the tech stuff goes above my head anyway! I'll try reinstalling when I can face it lol, for now I'll just keep at the campaigns. Cheers again for all the help suggestions, I'll let you know if I make any progress!
  22. A game like Frontline at anytime is a bad news day for "Ghost Recon", but to announce it as part of 20th Anniversary celebrations was such a howler...
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