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  2. Just started playing it with my new Oculus Quest 2, fantastic milsim, nothing else to say really. Definitely buy a gunstock for improved aiming, but otherwise, very immersive. Anyone playing it?
  3. Good on ya Mark. That is some serious game play.
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  5. Unlikely to ever be achieved again, by any human being, including myself. At Insertion, 114 enemies with 41 enemy fireteams. I never thought I would make it further than even a quarter of the map. Over half of the enemy forces equipped with AT4 primaries. I expected Doom, and rightfully so. It was well that I had my IT Specialist squad, well equipped. Still, I thought I was dead meat. Anyway, a ton shooting & scooting. Full use of the MM1, OICW, and the Sensors. Unfortunately Jack Stone took a rocket to the forehead before firing a shot. So, all the time, I was ready and not ready to die....Mostly wanting to get as many of them, and as far as I could. You don't know how many times I've been spawning in and getting ed up, right off the bat. Going into the Jaguar Maze, I wasn't expecting much different. You know when you have an active waypoint, and your squad member following gets stuck on a corner? (only happens with a pair, not 3) Well, it turns out that you can actively use this "bug", to split your squads. I've been using it for the past few years. I lost the 2 on Charlie near the beginning. Then went through the Maze for the rest of the map with my squads split. Finishing this map with 6 Ghosts on SP (without respawns), would have been impossible otherwise. Here's how it works. You stop at a corner and go Advance at all Costs, then put a waypoint somewhere, you run around the corner or boulder until the guy behind gets stuck. But, most often, you switch to the guy and run him backwards (because they are generally decent about avoiding getting stuck when they're close to you). You can watch the map while you're running to see when/if the other team member stops. (I moved Page up/down to Y & U keys, to be able to switch with ease.) The key is, when you want to switch from that squad, you have to put them on Hold, so they don't go for the waypoint. When you switch back to them from another squad, you have to put them on Advance at all Costs again, because the waypoint order will be removed if you advance while you're still on Hold. Squad splitting is such a game changer, it's hard to describe. To be able to have one Ghost on point, you can count on more stealth, and take more risks when it comes to Reconnaissance. Dying in single file is far superior to doing it in pairs! haha
  6. I know nada about 3DSM but I found the linked on my hard drive if it is any value. GR3dsChars.zip I also have three versions of this qob2char.zip which may be totally unrelated. And there is always the chance ApexMods has them somewhere in Heroes Unleashed.
  7. Hi peeps!! I have a VM with 3dsm5 loaded up and ready for shenanigans, but I'm having some trouble importing and exporting ghost recon .chr files Original tutorials made reference to a CHR import plugin for 3dsm 5 however I can't seem to locate this Does anyone have the plugin and a full process they can share?? Love ya! ❀️ Zee
  8. Last week
  9. Nigel Tunney gets headshot and goes on to get 8 more kills.
  10. With that card you should be able to run Wildlands and it will still look stunning at 1920x1080. Anything higher than that might struggle. You might need to tweak a few settings, but that's normal PC gaming ;o)
  11. Earlier
  12. I remember back when the game was released, everyone kept saying how the game was unoptimized and they can't get solid 60 FPS, and everyone was hovering around 50-72 FPS range, especially the folk who had a GTX 1070 or 1080. Now, in 2022, I'm wondering if the game optimization is still the same and if it's possible to get 60+ FPS on Medium-High settings without having a high-end PC today? I have GTX 980 Ti, and i5 4670k @stock speeds, would I be able to run the game at a steady 60 FPS @1440p? I was hoping Nvidia would have released one of their handy graphics guides for this game where they do in-depth testing for each graphics settings so I can figure out which settings to enable/disable, and which ones are unoptimized that users can safely disable/lower them to improve performance. Unfortunately, since they didn't do that, does anyone know of a decent breakdown of the performance of each setting? The only professional guide/breakdown that I found was on the ASUS ROG forums and it seems to focus only on 4K resolution and with modern GPUs.
  13. Nice seeing somebody still playing and enjoy this mod, made with hearts by Streinger, Janie42, Cobaka and myself.
  14. Yep, here you go.... https://www.mediafire.com/file/xaile0x640kr4md/Armenia_patch12.zip/file Thanks Wombat for the alert.
  15. good evening, the link related to patch 1.2 of that pearl of mod "Armenia SCARred" does not work. Can anyone please post a valid link for this patch?
  16. Hi Thales! Yep Woody was great. If I lost a mod or needed to find an old one I could always rely on Woodys. Thanks for your work there!
  17. Woody2000 is still online! πŸ˜„ I was a global moderator there helping woody in the good old days haha. I have great memories of Sunraa at ghostaholic.com too, helped me and lightspeed when developing Sniper Team mod at their forums. And of course the best source of all, gr.net and Rocky that have kept GR mod scene alive for decades. 😎
  18. Happy New Year! May 2022 be better for us all!
  19. Hi Ruin, thanks for stopping by, good to know you are still circulating!
  20. It’s really been 20 years? My how time has flown. Thanks to you, Rocky, for keeping the site alive and for making this community what it was to begin with. It impacted many of us more than you realize. Two decades later and I still yearn for another GR. Nothing has been like it since - as a game or a community. 🍺
  21. Its from a mod called Iron Tiger by =DRAG= Mods, but I don't think it was ever released. I'll have a search around my archives.
  22. Laser sights like this? You can see them a couple of times in this movie you can download here. It's really low quality, but you can see them a couple of times.
  23. I wish it were possible but I am 99.9% certain the GR engine does not support lasers of any type as seen in games such as Arma 3 etc.
  24. I don't suppose Heroes Unleashed has any NVG IR Laser or any Lasers in general, or if this mod would even be capable of having Lasers? A lot of tactical games these days are getting IR Lasers and/or Lasers in general (Insurgency, Ground Branch, etc) so it would be super cool to see it in Ghost Recon 2001 in Heroes Unleashed if possible.
  25. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope Santa brought you all lots of Ubisoft NFTs! πŸ˜‡ All the best folks!
  26. Merry Christmas to my old friends at GR.net. Hope things are good with all of you.
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