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  2. A star is added to a cib to symbolize participating in a second war. No oak clusters. Army commendation medal orders list how many missions you have participated in. Also there is a V device that was never in the game.
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  4. I an sure I didnt fail login maybe due to multiple login in mobile . Not sure why but it still doesn't allow me on my mobile . Yeah I patched centcom fully with tinker extra missions.Yesterday we didnt play much .So didnt finish any mission yesterday
  5. Last week
  6. Maybe locked out because of failed login on mobile. Most sites only allow so many failed logins(usually incorrect password) before locked out for a period of time. Centcom has two patches on the Centcom download page that fix several missions. I am wondering if your server has the corrected mission files. Centcom download page
  7. Nice wombat , I am completely wrong about centcom missions . They are really very tough now . Wow the way missions are scripted even with 40 enemies it is very tough . They are very well placed in positions . The maps in centcom are very well textured I rate them best maps of GR . We appreciate centcom team for making those great maps . Our progress so far . centcom mission stats, so far:- (updated 28 feb) c01 - completed c02 - c03 - completed c04 - completed c05 - mission didnt end c06 - completed c07 - mission didnt end c08 - completed c09 - completed c10 -
  8. We played Mig 26 Ver2 and 29 Ver2 today. Neither crashed but the hidden teams need to be out of sight than teleported to their position when triggered to be shown. I'll try to do that this week.
  9. Male (RAV) complete compatible Items array also tinkered with adding some short beards to the dudes, I think it makes them look slightly more battleworn
  10. Hello. Soon I will post here a new plugin for reading rsb files for 2021 3ds max. The plugin will be created by 3ds max developers upon my request to TP. Maybe someone will come in handy here, too.
  11. I am glad that they are keeping GR going . Yesterday we started centcom mod . I can say it got best maps in GR although missions are bit easy . We finished C01 ,C03,C04 missions . Lots of people showed interest towards some PvP . So today 27 Feb gmt 2pm Join us at eisenhauer server ip . Mods - desert siege , island thunder PvP is fun only when more people so join us. All are welcome .
  12. Added alpha squad tournament to the list . I will be back to GR tomorrow
  13. Earlier
  14. Converted these 14 Alpha Squad tournament missions to work with only DS, IT patched to 1.4 Get them here. Contains a readme and is set up as a mod but the mission files can be placed in other mod's mission folder. It was a matter of using kits, actors and vehicles from the original game and expansions. In game the name of the missions begin with AS.
  15. Try Game ranger https://www.gameranger.com/ Both of you should have gameranger installed . You can use other things like himachi etc If you guys playing vanilla or with some mods here is link to server list
  16. How can I set up a multiplayer server for me and 1 other friend to play on without port forwarding (if possible) for free?
  17. So I reinstalled the mod thinking there might be an issue with that, no such luck. In fact, after experimentation, I have come to the realisation that even the 'regular' missions don't seem to work. So out of curiosity I decided to try unmounting Heroes Unleashed to see if they function without Heroes Unleashed activated — only I have come to a little problem. My Ghost Recon is now categorically refusing to launch without HU, I had to download a mod manager to reactivate HU for it to launch, otherwise it just wouldn't budge. Haven't tried to start the PC yet, will do that in a second.
  18. If you have installed the mod and have launched it as per the readme file you should not experience the described issue. Which mission is this and I can try to replicate. Please also confirm which mods are listed in the options screen and in which order.
  19. I am not certain but in most cases having both expansion packs(Desert Siege and Island Thunder) patched to 1.4 is helpful if not required. Does it crash for every mission or only one?
  20. I just perused through the readme, and I found no real answer to 'game crashes solely when I'm trying to play the new missions when I go to the character screen', could you be more precise? Thank you.
  21. Thank you wombat . I have sent link in our discord server , Hope they finishes left out missions in migryder festival . As I will be away for next 4 days I am little worried that Our GR Campaign will be Alive till then .
  22. The HU readme has good instructions for launching the mod that can identify issues such as this.
  23. Hello! Sorry to bother everyone, but I have a question. I don't have any mod manager of any sort or special launcher. I installed Heroes Unleashed and the main campaign seemed to contain only two actual custom missions (against rebels), but that wasn't so much a bother. However when I tried to play one of the two-hundred-fifty custom missions, I selected Mission, pressed continue — and the game just crashes to desktop. Is there some way to fix this? Thank you!
  24. Corrected Mig Missions for Hidden Shadows Contains a short readme and changelog. Disregard the 9MS mission as it is for Team NH. MG27-knight owls.mis: No corrections necessary for hidden actors. Check ike.log if it crashes again. I am leaving it up to you if you want to rename the .mis file or the mission name that appears ingame. Cheers
  25. Good luck with the sub contracting!
  26. Fix for a21 here Hidden actors are made invincible and when shown they are made vulnerable. The zone to set demo is now larger for the comms. It was so small it was hard to trigger. You will have to rename the mission file and mission name to your liking. Delete previous version and the mission name includes ver2 in it. I'll have a look at the rest you have listed.
  27. We finally completed Migryder Festival . Such a great mod . Today almost 10 players joined . This weekend some of us played for 30 hours Best Multiplayer coop mod for GR . a01 - red snow - completed, 14 th feb.a02 - knight time - completed, 15 th feb.a03 - road gang - completed, 16 th feb.a04 - knight fork - completed, 14 th feb,a05 - embassy bus - completed, 16 th feb,a06 - knight tight - completed, 15 th feb,a07 - steel snake - completed, 17 th feb.a08 - knight hawks - completed, 17 th feb.a09 - snipe hunt - completed, 17 th feb.a10 - knight cruse - completed, 19 th feb.
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