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  1. Right on glad its helping a bit. I'll do a command map video at a later date. As I get around to it. For now here is 2 more. Full weapon modeling and UV Mapping. I'll be doing the texture one as soon as I kick this cold. All stuffed up at the moment.
  2. Its more or less a hobby. Plus its nice to preserve some of the info. Answer it a bit more at the end of the video.
  3. Thanks Rocky. I'll be doing more as I get around to it. Eventually levels too. Have to brush back up on it myself.
  4. A Blender crash course. All the most common tools I use.
  5. Remade one of the videos real quick and a youtube channel for it. I'll leave them up this time if I do more.
  6. Deleting the DLL file worked for me. yay.
  7. You got it all going? Your exporting weapons now?
  8. Going from blender to virtual machine to 3dsm5 was kind of a night mare so I pulled them down. How on earth you got 3dsm running is beyond me. I can't even get gr running anymore.
  9. Follow up on a few of these. Let me start with a basic work flow for learning Focus on getting a map rigged and setup. Dont worry about textures and art. Just get it into the game and able to run around in it. The level builder pdf can be pretty confusing but it has the answers for most of it. Trial and error through it. Its the best way to learn but not the easiest. Follow along with other tutorials already here on gr.net Maps break down into a few things. Room groups, sherman levels, and portals. Once you understand these you have the foundation you need to conti
  10. I will get around to it at some point. Maps can be a big lengthy process. GR modding videos will happen just not sure when. Lot of big changes here on my side. Work and life gets in the way.
  11. Hey Wombat. Did you edit out your video? Im okay with others posting videos here too.
  12. NEW UPLOADS Kit Restriction Editing Replacing Main Menu Backgrounds That is awesome Rocky. Thanks for sharing it. I found a little time to make two more today. More in the future. Also I have quite a few Blender tutorials uploaded on a different you tube account. You can check them out here.
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