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    • So true, main woman character in Terminator 6 and Ellen Ripley, can't even compare them, first one is so synthetic, made by some agitated mind who never met a girl or women, just like that and Ripley, she is just natural and dangerous. Just like any other women on Earth ) It is political and dark 😉 and always was
    • Hey Alex, I know CoD MW 2019 used photogrammetry for most of their characters, and I think EA/DICE have used this workflow for battlefield in some capacity for some time (since BF3 I think) Ghost Recon Wildlands and Ghost Recon Breakpoint used Marvelous Designer and Zbrush similar to my workflow on the their characters. I think El Sueno and Cole Walker's face was photogrammatrized though. Ubisoft also used Houdini (a procedural 3D modelling program) for the game's level design. There are a couple of things which still do start from scratch, mainly weapons these days, as even props and level objects can be photogrammatrized. There are also most definitely games which do their characters manually.   for sure! I'm not a woman who considers herself a "feminist" (maybe an aspiring feminist-by-example) but I have been increasingly bothered by female portrayal in media. I've always loved the (90's) disney Mulan story, Terminator 2, Alien, and Miss Congeniality(lol) and I think a lot of that is because those movies had female characters who busted their butts for something bigger than themselves. They weren't written as guys with female genitalia - they had struggles relating to their femininity, and overcame them. In Gracie Hart's example, she was literally trying to be a guy with female genitalia, and it kept backfiring for her, that was her arc, getting in touch with her feminity and seeing that it can be advantageous even in a male dominated career field. These days it starts and stops with the character being a guy with female genitalia, there is no arc they stay abrasive and stuck up. I could go on a rant about different aspects of "culture" and why we need to change the definition of femininity here but I'm not going to, because it gets very political and very dark, very fast. I think one of the reasons why Burke has caught my eye since childhood (other than... other things 😳) is because she most likely worked her butt off to get where she was, but had the time of her life and she was a respected and valued member of the team - she didn't work against the guys, she worked with them, sure she has her rebellious streak, but it manifested quite realistically. Diaz was actually the GR2 gal that got my eye first as she was a little more relatable to me but to me she had the personality of a wooden plank - especially when put up alongside Burke who excudes personality whenever she speaks (Jeanie Elias did a really great job). She's also gone from being a ###### hot shot and a bit of a nerd with a lot of wanderlust (her original iteration) to a woman who joined the military to 'prove she can do a man's job' or something - when at that point, she was by no means the first woman in the Ghosts.    So it does make me a bit conflicted - there's a part of me that really wants her to come back in a newer game, but there's a part of me that wants her to just remain untouched and in limbo, save for a mention, for fear her character will be butchered and turned into something she never represented. Manon Batiste seems like a great character honestly, she's caught my eye a couple of times I'll admit, but unfortunately I've not played Medal of Honor games (save for Airborne, I know, sacrilegious) But she definitely does seem like a character who would be a refreshing change of pace for gameplay as the protagonist. I think the next part of the pepe silvia rant will be exploring Burke's relationships and interactions with other characters, perhaps GR1 characters too as the timelines intersect. There'll also be another "rant" coming up in the distant future, probably another few months or so.  
    • I... LOVE IT! Pepe Silva references and all! I get to this from a totally different direction: I went down to maintenance and there's no Janitorial Office! Or, more on topic, I've been revolted by the portrayal of women (and girls) in games for a long time, where too often women (and girls) are portrayed as 'porno toy filth thing', some 'token extra', or more recently as seminal ESG satisfying, over the top, 'monster-masculine' thing that makes Sylvester Stallone look delicate, sensitive, intelligent and even pretty by comparison -- you don't have to look far in Ubisoft games to see all of these really disturbing portrayals of women. Realistic, heroic, aspirational portrayals of women in games, as they are, in the real world, especially those that aspire to and work extra-hard to get to jobs that have typically been a male only opportunity, are few and far between. In the case of the genre we all love here, women portrayed as military professionals has been especially scant, but that's also becoming the case for men too -- as military professionalism has left the building of game design almost in entire. One of my favorites, and the first female portrayal in a game that I fell in love with -- in the sense of how I would rather see women portrayed in this kind of game, or if I ever had a little girl this is what I'd want her to see, was Manon Batiste in Medal of Honor: she's tough, smart, attractive, charming, witty, and most importantly -- competent. You don't know if Manon likes girls or boys, and you don't need to, you do know she's a great character, admirable, actually historically accurate in many ways, and in many ways could be regarded as the French female James Bond for women with an added bit more realism. Elea Oberon, the voice actor that DreamWorks hired was excellent, she's feminine, tough and exudes real confidence -- not over-the-top bravado as we get in so many games today from both male and female characters. Love your lore story Zeealex! I generally don't read character or story detail in games too deeply, but yours, got me intrigued to find out more about Manon Batiste than I previously knew, I'm glad I did, and what a nice surprise to find the background they've written for this woman is just exactly the sort of thing you'd think it might be if you were going to write it yourself, if you wanted to create a realistic, heroic, aspirational female character.
    • shakes the cobwebs off the bones... may have to install something..... awesome.......  
    • @Zeealex You made like some promo art poster treyarch/dice aaa game stuff So, can you tell based on your experience is it typical workflow for industry (photogrammetry or other automation processes, marmoset and other tools) or there are some old fashioned guys and girls who creates everything by their hands, pen/mouse starting with splines, cubes, whatever?
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