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  1. "Bohemia wants to get early feedback on the game to assure a smooth release. That’s deeply reassuring. An Arma 3 “Community Alpha” will release sometime after E3 in June to facilitate this" http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/02/23/arma-3-community-alpha/ Could ARMA 3 be something that could satisfy our TacSim urges? Personally, I was not a fan of ARMA 1 and 2 (no fun in LAN coop), but I am hoping for ARMA 3. Brgds Mike
  2. Dear all, I have never said this before in public, but I hate Ubisoft with every fiber in my body. They have taken my favourite games franchises and either turned them into crap or killed them completely, or both! They are continously peeing up and down the "Tom Clancy" and "Ghost Recon" names, putting out lousy game after lousy game. Its only a matter of time before they put out "Tom Clancy's Animated Erotic Ghost Recon Chess", "LEGO Ghost Recon Future Soldier" and "Tom Clancy's Zodiac Racing Game". I simply cannot believe the reaction I see here to what seems to be another lousy run and gun game only because it bears the name "Tom Clancy" and "Ghost Recon". Dont you see they are pulling your leg once again and laughing you right in the face? I mean, from the trailer alone it seems clear that it has nothing to do with the Ghost Recon that we all love. Please dont make the same mistake that we all have done over and over again by getting even the slightes hopes up only to be let down again big time. We should have learned it by now. Someone once said that you can fool all of the Ghost Recon community some of the time and some of the Ghost Recon community all the time, but you cannot fool all of the Ghost Recon community all the time! "Our development teams are dedicated to making Ghost Recon Online a truly unique, top-quality online title." Ubisoft, you make me sick. Time to cut the umbilical cord, Ubisoft. You're on your own. --SNIP!--
  3. Even better. The RSE people should join up with the former Infinity Ward people AND Mr. Sonedecker. Would that be the best constallation ever in the history of gaming Mike
  4. Thanks all for your suggestions We are downloading Frostbite and P2 right now EDIT: We will surely try out the other suggested mods also. Mike
  5. Hi, I have been playing GRAW1, GRAW2, SWAT4, Ravenshield and GR+DS+IT (with the HX Dragon weapons mod, i believe its called) in LAN COOP with 3 mates once a week for many years. We have been through all the GR and addon campaigns a couple of times now and are ready for something new If you were to reinstall and start playing GR all over again from scratch, which mods (weapons, skins) and LAN COOP Expansion pack/Campaign/Mission mods would you recommend for a great time? Thanks for your input. Mike
  6. UBI, this is as wrong as it can be If you think that we (the PC community) will buy more of your games by punishing us with completely ridiculous DRM, I think you are underestimating our intelligence badly. You really dont have a very good business model, if a cracked version of your game provides more value than the version you want people to pay for. You need to turn this upside down and provide people with a lot more added value by buying the game as opposed to acquiring it illegally. For instance, the added value could be nicely printed discs, a comprehensive manual, a special strategy guide, a large map of the game, posters etc. etc. Use your creative imagination for crying out loud, instead of just being more and more destructive Its not us that are killing PC gaming and making revenues drop... Its you, with stupid things like this!
  7. Cloaking Device.......? Makes perfect sense in: "Tom Clancy presents: Ghost Recon - Alien vs Predator" "Based on the critically acclaimed big screen blockbuster hit movie series."
  8. Thanks for clearing that up, rahnman. I'll try DL'ing some Campaigns instead. Just wondering why all of these missions were created as "LAN server" coop multiplayer maps and not as coop campaign maps. Does people like not being able to custom pick your weapons but being limited to fixed kits? Mike
  9. Yeh it does. Yes, but you cant sort the files by rating, only by Name, Download and Added. Mike
  10. Hi all, I just downloaded the coop_bogie_pollux_v2.bundle and put it in the Custom_Levels folder. I start up GRAW2, pick "Multiplayer", "LAN Only", "Create Server" and "LAN Campaign Server" as I normally do when playing LAN COOP missions. However, only the GRAW2 standard missions are shown in the Levels window. Am I doing something wrong? The maps do show up in "LAN Server", but isn't that normal multiplayer mode? Thanks. Mike
  11. Thanks a lot Ares, that was just the kind of specific answer I was looking for Sounds like there will be hours and hours of co-op fun with those missions. Mike
  12. Thanks for your reply. My problem is that there is like hundreds of custom missions for both GRAW1 and 2, and as the download section does not feature ratings, I was hoping for some input as to which were the best ones. Mike
  13. Dear all, My mates and I get together once a week to play LAN CO-OP. Over the last few years, we have played through the GRAW1 and GRAW2 campaigns 2 times each We are just finishing GRAW2 for the second time and are wondering what to do next. I think we should play some of the many GRAW2 CO-OP Missions and Campaigns that are hosted on this site. Could you point us to some of the best ones to start with? Thanks. Mike
  14. That would be great as I really want to give this game a try Mike
  15. No, crouch walking and sideways strafing are ok, its walking (which is semi-running) and sprinting that is giving me a headache. Literally Mike
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