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  1. Would love a beta key. I fit all 3 criteria. Let me know if its doable. Thanks
  2. Aren't they referring to true 3D though and not a "virtual" 3d that is actually 2d but appears as 3d through rendering? Are you also referring to playing GR1 in 3d because you had those 3d goggle things way back? Explain a bit more Rocky. BTW ...wassup man. Been a while.Hope all is well.
  3. Cool little article. This is the site of the newspaper I work for. Happy reading! 3D Gaming
  4. I actually posted two PvP missions myself. On for Annihilation and one for Infiltration. Both can be found on ofphq.com *AFZ* SKIRA LIGHTHOUSE - ANNIHILATION *AFZ* SKIRA LIGHTHOUSE NIGHT INFILTRATION
  5. Looks like the online system is up and running correctly now. Will test tonight with the rest of the AFZs. Will post back.
  6. I haven't read everyone's post about the audio, but have you noticed that when you issue a command, have a response from AI or friendly, or Voice Chat with someone on comms, and you are in a building you will hear the response slightly echo as if you are in an empty room? If they are in the same room of course. If you issue a command in a building it will echo as if you are really in there? Cool little touch I like. Try it in the hangars on the first Infiltration map. Also if you are charging a door and have to get in quick, standing up and running, hit your use key as you get to the door and you will kick it in.
  7. I will usually be hosting nightly 14-18 players Annihilation and Infiltration games, sometimes coop campaign and coop single mission. I will post my ip address when I get home tonight. Voice comms on the server are active, but also feel free to join our vent. Check my status on xfire to see when I have a server running.
  8. Anyone seeing similarities here? Seems like this genre is plagued with technical difficulties on release. Codemasters must have stolen Ubisoft's GRAW playbook and forgot to check the final score of the game. Either way...the gameplay itself is really immersive and fun...the "before you get to play the game online" navigation crap is what has got everyone all chapped in the ass.
  9. Did you post this on the official OpFp:Dr forums?
  10. Not to disagree with my fine teammate, but that is not entirely true at all. I have plenty of applications for my Mac that are not simply drag and drop. Some of them are so annoying to transfer over that I have to contact the manufacturer when I want to move to a new machine. Most installers for applications are just that, an installer. Microsoft Office drag and drop? Yup...still needs a code...cough cough.... like that ever stopped anybody, but that is a fault of the software developer, in this casr, Microsoft, not the system.
  11. if you have problems connecting, a simple /reconnect in the console usually helps that. Make sure you have your "Allow Console" on in Game Options. The download rate off of our forums should be over 150 kbps. Not sure why you are getting a slow rate. I restarted the server last night. Give it a try. Post any problems on our forums. We had 10 in there last night. Lots of fun.
  12. Just wanted to drop an invitation to all of you. We are currently running OpenWarefare Mod at our server. What a great mod. We currently have over 80 maps installed to the server, with about 40 in rotation. Downloads are pretty fast. We run mostly S&D (based off of TWL HC Ladder settings), but mix in some Sabotage, Capture the Flag and Assassination. Feel free to drop in anytime and check it out. Links for my map packs can be found here:*AFZ* Custom Server Thread I will also be updating my mappacks soon to reflect the current rotation. Hope to see some of you guys in there.
  13. I fell in love with GR because it was on the Mac. Played if for 3 years straight. Then some Raven Shield and COD United offensive. Mainly because they were the best games Mac OS had to offer. Since then I have built a PC for gaming, mainly because of GRAW, but 99% of what I do (cg) is on my Mac. I know a whole community over at damnr6.com that would be psyched if GR4 was released for Mac. Not all Mac users are as open to building a PC just for gaming as I was. Hell, most of them are afraid to create a boot camp drive in Windows for gaming. Besides the performance is not as smooth as a native PC. I think multi platform personal computer support would be a great idea.
  14. Oh well. Maybe a talented modder can fix that. Either way, I am looking forward to the game. I am going to give it a try.
  15. Cell

    Google Game, join in.

    right...this question was asked enough times to warrant an answer? How many characters am I allowed to type into one post? JK ladies... depends where your from the fact that this is a statement and not a question is what makes me laugh
  16. Location and settings have changed. Feel free to drop by and check it out. Stats are recorded and can be viewed via the link in the forums at: http://www.attackforcez.com or direct link at http://www.attackforcez.net/ultrastats/index.php?serverid=1
  17. Currently our gameserver resides at - teamap.nuclearfallout.net or - default port 28960 For any of you who dont know how to connect in the console. Launch COD 4 , open console - the tilde key "~" type: /connect hit enter/return If your ever joining a server and it says this server is for low ping players only...most of the time it is a glitch. Just open the console and type /reconnect Our ventrilo server is nyc-ventrilo.nuclearfallout.net - Port:22870 I also have server stats here:http://www.team-apocolypse.com/ultrastats/....php?serverid=1 and we should soon be tracked at www.cod4tracker.com Most of the time I run stock rules, I don't like Hardcore as much as stock mode anymore. Too easy to get kills and too much camping, but I can change it on the fly if enough people are into it. Modern Rcon is a great server admin tool. 8) See you guys around. Cell
  18. Disclaimer** I am making this post without even having dl'd the patch yet. So almost a year now and GRAW2 has less multiplayer maps than a game that came out 4 months ago (Cod4). Bravo! For me I may check it out, but it (by the looks of the release notes) is too little too late. I am...err.. maybe was a huge Ghost Recon fan/addict, but I am afraid that my interest has faded. Not because the game was complete crap, but the support has been. The content is an appetizer at best. Too many "missing" pieces to list, and it has been covered at nauseum. The new maps are a joke...I have played most of these months ago....who cares if they are so called "official" now. You could have released 4 or 5 of the old maps that are in the DLC for 360 and you would have been praised. I mean ...where is the bundling of Castle Day at least...the map 3ds model was even a public one!!! For me the #1 problem has always been lack of content. THere were some major bugs too, but most of those have been handled, or become accepted. And with the release of GRAW2, its like it was even stripped down more. The MP people weren't happy, the SP & COOP guys weren't happy...more content = less repetitiveness = greater replayability. Ubi...for the future - CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT ----- include some of your older maps as well!!!! I will stick to COD4. I don't say it is a better game...it is just a better franchise...as a franchise now. There are things that are great about it, there are things that are gay about it, but Activision/Infinity Ward now how to deliver. 4 months after release and already at v 1.5 NTM that the support is really there. Modders can mod because of auto dl & install...something GRAW has been missing from the beginning. So you see...they dont have to rush out new maps..or hear "where are the new maps" the community can make and distribute without it being a headache to get players to join. Grin has stuck with the community, and IMO has done what they could...and I don't see the problems with GRAW being GRINS fault...for the most part. I hope you guys make it big...you know how to deliver and listen to the community...I hope you get to publish your own titles as well as develop...without the "man's" handcuffs.
  19. I am going to have to try and meet up in this server. Sounds like loads of fun.
  20. Did you not even play the SP side of the game? Not really. I have gotten through a bunch of missions, but I still have a ways to go.
  21. Honesty is usually the best way to go. Most people feel much better when they know a gift is appreciated and put to use. I personally would rather someone just tell me they aren't into it so I know my time and money spent haven't gone to waste. It is less insulting to have picked out something someone doesn't like than for them to have wasted say...$85 bucks on a dust collector. Let your sis know that you really appreciate the thought that went into the game...probably because you play guitar she figured you would like it...but tell her you would hate for her gift to go to waste sitting and collecting dust. Maybe even go with her when she returns it, and pick out something you will use.
  22. Cell

    What Game Next ?

    Frontlines:Fuel of War Does this look any good?
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