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  1. FPV all the way Tinker has said it already. OTS is a real nono in strategical gameplay. In ArmA it works good for vehicles and airplanes but then only when driving through really hard terrain or flying (stil cheaty to me but heck I play those games for the foot soldiers not driving and such). Why not incorporate both and make sure that it is a server side option to force one or the other or give free hand to both. I like options.
  2. Take the original concept (gameplay, moddability, multiplayer, etc.) and up the rest (graphics, options, implement NORG to the best possible way).
  3. Just letting you guys know PXS Charlie is still planning to finish all missions. We are having a very hard time getting together on enough time. We knew it was gonna be difficult but it is biting our behinds(especially me). Hope to hand in some results asap. Good job on all the other teams, gonna be hard! Prae and Toniezz.
  4. SIS, coz it's the best! Good luck finishing school!
  5. For reference: The Sniper Team mod will be released after subscription to the tournament closes (7th of march, if everything works out correctly). Then everybody has a week to get to know the new mod, including new weapons, maps. characters and many more. Around the 14th of march the first tournament mission will (probably) be ready for play. right?
  6. Phoenix Soldiers is gearing up, sniper team Charlie is appointed and ready. Alpha and Bravo are following soon. PXS Charlie: Praetorian Omega Toniezz Btw. Some people can be very persuasive
  7. As long as ANY info about the supposed patch is lacking, time is ticking and GRAW2 is aging older by the day. My thought is that as soon as ANY patch comes out, GRAW2 members are already fed up with the 'no info at all' and moved on. A real shame seeing something with potential and a dedicated community receive a lack of support by UBI. I know some of the PXS members are still into GRAW2 and have fun playing it. But also them are loosing interest and faith (especially faith and frustration is driving them away). For me, it's GR and GR only for gaming (with a SWAT4 night on the side). You just gotta love hardware insufficiencies LOL
  8. Congratulations and good luck in your future game developing Mattias!
  9. Nice one Hammer! I followed the process and am pleased to see they are available now! Good work!
  10. Ouch, too late for me I guess. Thats 3 in the morning. I will see If I can join anyway. Would like to!
  11. On how to beef up framerates se this topic: Frame Rate Tweak I hope you can sort out the problems and enjoy the game as it has done and still those to lots a people. Game On!
  12. I also voted no. Mostly because GRAW2 was promised to deliver that GRAW wasn't. By the time GRIN or any other publisher has cooked up a new GRAW I think Ground Branch is already out. Also the Advanced Warfighter idea doesn't appeal to me. I like strategical, tactical and realistic gameplay, mostly coop. The ingredients GRAW2 lacks is a showcase of a cook that doesn't listen to constructive critisism he had on his earlier menu. But as often I am eager to be proven wrong. A GR redux as someone mentioned before is probably the best bet UBI can do for a new GR game. Though I don't think a redux is enough anymore with all the new games comming out. For me the redux must have a lot of new 'real life' features to.
  13. Would be a waste if this is dogged for ever. Hope Biro or someone else finds the fun to complete it. Nice things this mod!
  14. ^^ lol, looks great Tinker. I, an utter noob in 3D modelling and texturing find it a nice explanation by SF but can't help you there I am affraid. Good luck!
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