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  1. @ Zeelax, Sorry about the system spec error on the page. As soon as Valve decides to update the page with my submitted changes, the actual system specs will be posted, which can be found here: https://udn.epicgames.com/Three/UE3MinSpecs.html @Led, not sure what you are talking about re PC. The pre order is for PC. We developed on PC first and then ported to Xbox. Or are you talking about PS3? Also not really sure what my weight has to do with anything, but thanks for supporting the game. Thanks all, hope to see you online. Spread the word!
  2. Thanks all. This will be the grand expiriment. We'll see if what I was saying to the publishers for the past decade is true, or if the tacsim community makes me look like an idiot. It's really up to you guys. The more coverage we get, the better. Reach out to the news organizations and let them know, especially the hardcore ones.
  3. Let me know if you are interested in Seattle.
  4. I know that many of you will find this offensive, but I wanted to customize my Beretta to represent the games I have worked on, so I got some custom aluminum grips...and this is what I chose... I tried to just post the pics, but I guess I am not allowed to post the images...so enjoy... http://serellan.typepad.com/my_weblog/2011/04/my-ghost-recon-halo-beretta.html
  5. Thanks for your impressions on the game. I haven't picked up Reach yet but likely eventually will. (All my spare gaming time these days is going towards Starcraft 2 ) Christian "Serellan" Allen (many here remember he previously worked on the GR franchise at Red Storm) was a Lead Designer on Reach so I wonder how much of the more open gameplay in single player was from his input into the game ... I'd say quite a bit. Steve Cotton worked on it as well.
  6. http://www.1up.com/news/ubisoft-details-ghost-recon-predator Hmm....
  7. http://www.npd.com/corpServlet?nextpage=en...tegories_s.html
  8. Just subscribe to NPD and you can get the numbers.
  9. Whelp, I wasn't chosen by the producers for the top 10. Thanks for all the support!
  10. http://serellan.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010...ox-sendoff.html I'll be online around 10PM PST each night.
  11. Yeah, I guess this whole discussion confuses me. IIRC, GRAW had more co-op players on 360 than on PC.
  12. Video in link below http://kotaku.com/5469258/ghost-recon-desi...ons-forsurvivor "Go away bear! Ok he's following me. I'm trying to scare him off. He's right there. BEAR GET OUT HERE! GO!" [Merged with the existing thread on that - Please check before posting] Kotaku's a bit behind the ball compared to GR.net members.
  13. http://kotaku.com/5464818/microsoft-no-mor...-over-xbox-live
  14. If I get on and they let me, I'll give a shout out. I need comments and views!
  15. This is true in most major markets, but not in others. Devs write of whole regions for certain consoles and handhelds because of the pervasiveness of piracy. Same regions already written off for PC piracy as well, but some places, like the Phillipenes, are almost impossible to sell any software.
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