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  1. Michael Jackson Counters Piracy With Vuvuzela. I won't say anything else, but,,,
  2. The web is abuzz over this episode and I even sent letters to my representatives in Congress about this along with the TSA. When the agents and managers start making up their own rules and look to exact revenge for being reported for not following the TSAs own rules, then there is a problem. I hope those involved are disciplined one way or another.
  3. Hey, Mickey Mouse boots. I have worn them before. They do a fairly good job of keeping the feet warm.
  4. No, we are not talking about the odd bit of friendly fire or TKs that happen amongst friends as they play together, we are talking about those who purposely join a server just to create havoc amongst those who are trying to enjoy a game. I remember one time where I shot Sart on purpose, not as a way to create havoc or be an ass, but to get him to settle down (he loved MGs big time) and he got the point. I know we all have seen or heard of those idiots who go out of their way to be an ass and grief a server (this includes using cheats) and I do not see how anyone can enjoy themselves playing that way.
  5. I will say it all depends on who you play with. We always had good times, without griefers as it was a semi private server, mine. Sure, I posted the IP here at GR.net, and it could be read by anyone along with anyone using GameSpy Arcade, but no one from GS seemed to join really. Now and again, we had the occasionally had TKs, but it was amongst friends and not by any unknowns. I also think that griefers move on to more popular games after a time. I played on a server last year where there were no TKs and everyone seemed to get along.
  6. Why not just send a package to permanently crash the HDD of the server hosting said site?
  7. As I have just recently been subjected to this, I can tell ya, I am not happy about it. I not only had to go through the full body scanner, I had to be patted down also. Now if it is a one or the other (if you choose to opt out of the scanner), then why did I have to be subjected to both? I felt like I was a prisoner honestly. The only crime I was committing was trying to get to a job so I can earn a living. News reports have shown that it is a random selection of people to be selected to go through the scanner as there are not enough scanners to go around. When you are selecting a random group to go through, you enter the reasonable suspicion/probable cause realm and to do searches under such assumptions, you need to have reasonable suspicion in order to do such a search. No one I have seen subjected to either has acted in any way to cause suspicion. My question is, after I pay $132 to TSA to get a TWIC card after a thorough background check, will I still have to be subjected to said searches? I prove who I am with an official US passport no matter if I fly domestically or internationally.
  8. I will stick with my Red Wings. They have a good sole that have lots of grip. They seem to work pretty good in snow (tested them out in Canada).
  9. U.S. Government Blocks Domain Names, ICANN Censors Roughly 80 Sites. You ask, and it is being worked on though as soon as sites are blocked, new ones go up.
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