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  1. Well, there is one (or maybe a few, don't know really) mod that makes the Saxons playable. You can find it here.
  2. No worries here. Swedish sales figures 2007: Platform/Numbers/Share Nintendo DS / 435 672 / 5,7% Gameboy Advance / 56 916 / 0,7% PSP / 218 085 / 2,8% Gamecube / 9 695 / 0,1% Wii / 360 371 / 4,7% Playstation 2 / 1 726 103 / 22,5% Playstation 3 / 395 022 / 5,1% Xbox / 83 474 / 1,1% Xbox 360 / 728 757 / 9,5% PC / 3 660 734 / 47,7% As you can see, almost 50% of all games sold in Swedin 2007 where PC games. Surprisingly, the Xbox360 sold less than 10%. Anyway, I'm pretty sure Sweden isn't the only PC gaming country left.
  3. It's more realistic than Age of Empires, that's for sure. You'll control armies up to 2-2500 men and they are divided into 20 units. Soldiers will die if they get hit, but they can take some hits depending on the situation. Ex. Heavy cavalry will die in one hit by spearmen, but can sometimes take a few more hits from archers (since they wear heavy armor). It's quite realistic, but the AI is nothing to cheer about. But since you're new to the Total War games then maybe you don't mind that much. You should try the demo. That will give you an idea of how the gameplay work and so on. The are tons of mods for the previous Total War title, Rome Total War. One of the most famous mods is Rome Total Realism, which basically changes the whole game. M2TW is based on the same engine as Rome and like Rome it has a map editor. There are mod tools and other stuff that you can find here. Again, try the demo
  4. They tested the new 9600GT in the lates PC Gamer SWE and apparently it's not as good as the 8800GT anyway. The difference in frames per seconds is about 5 less than the 8800GT in Crysis, 25 in Company of Heroes, and about 10 in Colin McRae Dirt. In conclusion, it is: + Generally fast + Quiet - Not much cheaper than 8800GT (Swedish prices though)
  5. Yay! I love Steam I use it daily and it's very comfortable to play games without discs, and it's nice that you don't have to manually download patches. It's a better version of Xfire, and it's free (unlike Windows Live). I'm thinking of selling my retail copies of Civilization IV and Medieval II Total War and then download them on Steam. I like it that much.
  6. I guess this post is pointless since this is based on Swedish prices, but the 8800GT 512MB is said to be more worth its price than the GTS or GTX. The GTS has slightly better cooling though, or maybe it has a quiter fan.
  7. Developed by Massive Entertainment, the creators of World in Conflict, which is also a quite neat RTS (not as good as CoH though imo). You could also try Civilization IV which is a turned based strategy game. Download the demo and try it! Or, you could try Evil Genius, were you build a secret evil lair and protect it from the agents of justice while you try to compleate missions to take over the world.
  8. If EA would buy Take 2, wouldn't that mean the end of the NHL and NBA 2K series?
  9. If it's tactics you want, then Medieval II Total War could be something. No resource gathering (on the battlefield) only war between armies of about 2500 men each. The AI is quite bad however, so even if you play at the higher dificulty level you can win pretty easily. But if your new to RTS games then maybe that doesn't bother you
  10. Kind of like Win 98 to XP then Remmber Red Alert? That didn't work in XP for a while. I think they fixed it with a patch though, but I had a motorbike game that required Win 98 or NT, and they never fixed that with a new version for XP. It's always like this when new operationg systems are released. At first there will be some compability problems, but I bet the more popular games will be compatible with Vista sooner or later. Btw, I still got XP on my comp.
  11. A trailer has been released. Video It's quite funny too
  12. The game still have a few major flaws. The British Stuart light tank is rubbish against axis light vesicles. It's damage or accuracy has to be increased if it's going to do any good IMO. Right now the British has nothing to counter the Puma. Piat-squads can't get near it because they get killed in two bursts. The Stuart light tank do hardly any damage so if you are up against two pumas with one Stuart, then you're basically doomed. If you're up against a Puma with an upgraded gun then you're definitely doomed Another fix should be the British AT gun. It's not crucial, but I would like to be able to actually aim the damn thing. Right now it shoot at the nearest target. So if a halftrack is closer to it than a Tiger, it will shoot at the halftrack... and that's annoying since the Tiger is obviously a greater threat. I pay 25 fuel for it, and loosing my ability to aim and move it is not worth the increased range IMO. Let me aim, please!
  13. Kind of like Steam then. Everything is registered on your gamertag and you can access all those things from any computer with an internet connection. Since you basically get the same features with a free Steam-account that you get with an expensive Live-account, I don't understand the point of Windows Live. Xbox Live I get since you can't get Steam on Xbox, but Windows Live just shows how greedy they are at MS. A bit OT, sorry.
  14. It's been known for quite some time now that consoles are more popular than PC:s in America, but the last time I checked the PC is still the #1 platform in Europe... or is it Sweden
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