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  1. I suggest using a text editor with XML syntax highlighting, like Notepad++. It helps you avoid a lot of small mistakes by simply seeing that there are matching tags and is the highlighting breaks, doesn't show the right colors on parts you know are correct, you know you've done something wrong. Even better is to use an editor that actually tells you where there is an error and why, like Eclipse.
  2. Ops... Re-reading it I should have added car once more in that sentence. Car is the only practical way to get up into the Highlands as it's quite far to walk from Inverness to Durness. We took the train back down from Inverness to Edinburgh after we returned the car. I think I've been there. We also drove about 5-10 min east of Durness to another beach right after passing a heritage site.
  3. So... almost a year ago now. Wow... time flies. I must say that the honeymoon in Scotland was great. So great that we stayed there for two weeks and never got to Ireland (but we will go there next time ). There is so much history in Scotland and we started with a few days in Edinburgh followed by a couple around the lowlands, past Striling, Loch Lomond and Dornie on our way to Isle of Skye, beautiful place. After a day on the island it was back past Loch Ness and up to Inverness. This is where we had planed to move on to Ireland, but instead we continued up into the Highlands and ended up
  4. Still, I'm mostly an SP player these days. But maybe.
  5. Interesting. That was back when I was at art school and didn't check any forums for a while. Looks like he was talking to Raven some, maybe he know something... being an old GR hacker himself.
  6. I doubt I'll get it as I rarely play FPS on my consoles, but PSN ID: WolfsongSwe
  7. Well... Maybe having this file uncompressed to compare to the compressed version can help you out. You got a link to the pictures Nemon posted? I haven't seen any of the work he did on this.
  8. Interesting. Things are moving along with the vehicles I see. Maybe you can get the Apache working better by fixing the script for it. It was cut early on so this is one of those files that are not used in the actual game. Apache.dsf
  9. Thank to Rocky and all the members at GR.net for the message I received during my wedding dinner last Saturday when the big day finally arrived. It really got peoples attention with the "19,000 members part". Probably the last time I put on my mess dress (which I can still use as I'm retired from the Air Force due to cutbacks in 2002), but there couldn't have been a better occasion to do it. It was a magical day which we will always remember... Tomorrow we are off on our honeymoon. Starting of with a flight to Edinburgh and a week or so in Scotland, including backpacking around the H
  10. That is strange as I guess it's used in the original game... can't remember but it sounds like part of the crash site level.
  11. I posted about a company called Whiteout, founded by old GRIN people in this topic: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=54731 But today they went official with their homepage as well so I'll bring them up again. http://www.hellowhiteout.com/blog/
  12. I think Lexsis was referring to GR1 and not GRAW1 though.
  13. Well... as you can see in the output, you have scaling transforms on your meshes, which is not allowed. You have to reset them.
  14. Just follow the instructions for the Max 8 plug-in but put the files int he Max 9 folder instead. I think it's in plug-ins but I'm not sure as I'm a Maya user mostly and it's been a while since I worked with Max. Don't worry about the shader files, those are not needed.
  15. It's too bad I wasn't involved in the same things on GRAW2 that I was on the other games I worked on at Grin... If I had I could have helped out a lot more.
  16. Exporter plug-in only works with 3DS Max 8 (not 2008 or 2011) There is a plug-in for 3DS Max 9 as well, now found in the extra utils I put together here: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=55251&pid=561737&st=0&#entry561737 These are the versions of 3DS Max used to develop the game. Because of that there are no exporters compiled for later version of 3DS Max that work with the version of the engine on which GRAW2 is built. After GRAW2 much of the Diesel engine was essentially rebuilt with new script language, new data structure and new tools.
  17. The reason for this is probably that the dsf/dxe files are the actual gameplay script. They define the entire game. With those file anyone could use the engine and create their own game. The only reason you should need such a file is to create a vehicle that has a different behavior than any that are in the original game.
  18. I've put together a few things that could help GRAW2 modding a bit. Nothing fancy, but it could help figure things out more to create similar units with different visuals. Tools: - Diesel Exporter for 3DS Max 9 - FX Shaders for 3DS Max to preview landscape shading - Particle Editor (unsure if you can use this with editor visualization, but it can be used to edit the XML files stand alone) Example Files: * These files are included to show examples of how setups are done, because of that only the lowest LOD step is included. * All files are for 3DS Max 9 or higher. - Character:
  19. The only big titles Avalanche Studios have put out so far are Just Cause 1 & 2. So 3rd person action is a good guess. They also did The Hunter but I think that is now part of the company they have started to handle online games.
  20. New contract! Overall it looks like a couple of ex-grin people are moving back to Sweden this fall. The industry has turned around for us again here and developers are expanding once more.
  21. Been a bit busy again, signed a new contract, planing my wedding and so on. But I'll get on packing some stuff up soonish...
  22. DXE compiles automatically when bundling like the XMB files. There is no decompiler for them. Sorry. I do have the old particle editor we used for GRAW2, but I'm not sure you can use it with the retail version of the editor. I'll have to test it some. I can probably dig up some source file for some vehicles... could be interesting as ti would allow modifications to that type of vechile, like more pickups and tanks. It will not allow variations like more or less passagers and such as that will probably cause a crash due it all being script connected dummies. Right in the middle of some
  23. Old XML syntax which I never worked much with but here goes... Looking at your physics body, it has the root point as the body root. That is not animated I guess (as it shouldn't be) but it controls where the physics body is located and so the collision doesn't move with the graphics. So the answer is that you need another physics body, where the animated object is the root of the body and it should not be static template as then the body is locked down by the engine. I don't have GRAW2 around atm so I can't check what it should be but I would guess... default maybe if I remember the old
  24. Thanks. No, Czech is not one of them. Just Swedish and English. Passable in Norwegian I guess as it's close to Swedish..
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