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Lion Game Lion
Posted by Rocky on Friday, May 15 2015

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter developer Bo Andersson launched a game publishing business this month with an off shoot of Starbreeze. With Lion Game Lion, Starbreeze are taking the conventional developer/publisher relationship and kicking it to the kerb, with a new model that helps developers get off to a flying start with their game projects.More at Starbreeze. Reboot
Posted by Rocky on Thursday, March 19 2015

With Rainbow Six Siege on the distant horizon, and Ubisoft ramping up the news updates on their latest game in the Tom Clancy universe, we thought it was time to freshen up the look at our sister site,

We relaunched it yesterday, along with the first in a trilogy of exclusive Raven Shield interviews to co-incide with it's 10 year anniversary. 

So for the latest on Rainbow Six from the longest running fan site, bookmark now!

Mexico Bob Passes Away
Posted by Rocky on Sunday, February 1 2015

I was very saddened to hear that long time Ghost Recon fan, player and modder Mexico Bob has passed away. There is a condolences discussion here.

MexicoBob was a huge part of the Ghost community, always on hand to help members with their GRAW2 modding problems and always a positive force in our discussion forums. Bob's GRAW 2 mods have been downloaded over 25,000 times.

He will be missed so much, our thoughts go out to his family at this time.


Thank you for your commitment to this community MexicoBob, Rest in Peace.

Ghost Recon and Windows 10
Posted by Rocky on Saturday, January 24 2015

Windows 10 is just around the corner and Papa6 has taken an early look to see how Ghost Recon and GRAW run on Microsoft's latest operating system. Read Papa6's Windows 10 Ghost Recon report for the good news.

Gaming with Voice Control
Posted by Rocky on Friday, August 29 2014

Our sister site Ghost Recon Phantoms .net just published a neat tutorial on how to use voice commands to play Ghost Recon Phantoms, but it works equally as well with almost any game!

It's really neat, check out Voice Control Gaming for the details.

Ghost Recon Announcement
Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, August 12 2014

Ubisoft have kicked of their Gamescom promotions with new about Far Cry 4, however it is this banner that will be of interest to Ghost Recon fans.

We'll post more here when Ubisoft send out the Press Release!

Watchdogs Division
Posted by Rocky on Sunday, April 13 2014

Although Ghost Recon Phantoms is hogging the headlines this week thanks to it's succesful release on steam, there are two other Ubi titles getting a lot of airtime at the moment. A recent video showcasing The Division is really getting gamers interested, check out this post from 101459. Additionally we spotted an awesome new Watchdogs movie showing new tech from Nvidia that looks extremely promising, watch it here.

The Division engine showcase video
Posted by Pave_Low on Saturday, December 14 2013

Ubisoft have released an impressive video showcasing the Next-Gen Snowdrop Engine, used in the upcoming Tom Clancy's The Division. Features highlighted in the video are more advanced lighting effects, improved textures & increased player physical interactivity with the environment.

Watch it here on YouTube.

New Division Trailer
Posted by Rocky on Thursday, December 5 2013

Ubisoft are planning on releasing a showcase video in a few days to raise excitement levels over the upcoming release of The Division, the first Tom Clancy title to reach Neg Gen consoles.There's even a teaser trailer for this upcoming teaser trailer, watch it on YouTube.

Free PGO Beta Codes
Posted by Rocky on Saturday, November 9 2013

We've three Panzer General Online codes to give away this week. PGO is Ubisoft's new war strategy game, currently in closed beta. The only way in is by invite, or to win one of the codes we will give away next Friday so you can be playing by next weekend, 16th of November 2013.

We've tried Panzer General Online and it is very slick, read our brief summary and how to win access in our Panzer General Online free draw page. Good luck!

Happy Birthday RSE
Posted by Rocky on Monday, November 4 2013

Red Storm Entertainment are celebrating their 17th birthday today. The studio that brought us Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. Happy Birthday RSE, thanks for what remains even today the ultimate accessible tactical shooter!

Tom Clancy Dead
Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, October 2 2013

Tom Clancy died Tuesday night in a Baltimore hospital. The 1996 co-founder of Red Storm Entertainment who brought us Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon passed on aged 66. Pay your respects in our forums here.

Takedown: Red Sabre on Steam!
Posted by Rocky on Thursday, August 22 2013

Takedown:Red Sabre just took a massive step towards release with a pre-order page on Steam now activated!

For those of you that have been under a rock for the past few months, Takedown:Red Sabre is the Kickstarter project launched by Christian "Ghost Recon" "Serellan" "Rainbow Six" Allen.

Follow the release of this tactical shooter on the official forums or right here in our own forums! But whatever you do, pre-order Takedown:Red Sabre now!

Tom Clancy's The Division Coming to PC
Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, August 21 2013

Ubisoft have confirmed that Massive Entertainment's new project The Division will be coming to PC.

Why is this of interest to Ghost Recon gamers? For a few reasons; firstly there are apparently more than a few in game assets that look extremely similar to visuals found in Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Secondly, Ubisoft have hinted that The Division will pay homage to other Tom Clancy titles, exactly how remians a mystery at the moment.

Lastly, Ubisoft's respected Future Soldier community manager Antoine Emund is on this project.

The final reason to watch out for The Division is that it looks pretty much awesome. Read more and watch vids in our forums here.

Thanks to 101459 for tipping us off on this development!

The Division PC Petition
Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, July 3 2013

This has been pretty much well advertised and well recieved by the PC community, but if you haven't already heard, Ubisoft's latest Tom Clancy title "The Division" is currently under petition to appear on the PC.

Currently only slated for next gen consoles, PC gamers are rightly grumpy that they are to be excluded from this new Clancy title, that seems to use a fair bit of Future Soldier assets in the gameplay.

The petition has already passed 100,000 signatures, so add your name to the list now and let's have this great looking title on the PC.

If you need more persuasion, The Division is coming to you from Massive Entertainment, the source of the fantastic PC title World in Conflict.

Discuss further in our forums here.

Ubisoft Accounts Compromised
Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, July 2 2013

Ubisoft are advising all account holders to update their password due to and exploit on one of their sites. Read more here and update your password as soon as possible.

Watch Dogs Details Confirmed
Posted by Rocky on Monday, April 29 2013

It's a little quiet on the Ghost Recon scene right now, so time to take a quick look at the latest details for Ubisoft's big launch this winter -  Watch Dogs.

Out today is a new trailer, launch date and platforms confirmed, and some very nice merchandising including in special edition packs.

Watch the trailer and read all about it here.

Steam Sale!
Posted by Rocky on Friday, March 15 2013

Wait, aren't Steam Sales getting kind of, regular? Who cares! This weekend it's a massive Ubisoft sale, and there are some great titles at knockdown prices, get in there.

Ubisoft + Origin
Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, February 19 2013

Ubisoft are expanding their digital game distribution service uPlay with the addition of an impressive selection of additional publishers and developers titles.

Games from Electronic Arts, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and many others can now be purchased through your uPlay account. This means titles such as Arma 2: Complete Collection and Batman: Arkham City™ Game of the Year Edition can now be added to uPlay accounts.

For the next couple of weeks, anyone buying a new game priced at £16.99 or over can select a free game from the following : Driver® San Francisco Deluxe Edition, From Dust, Might & Magic® Heroes® VI Deluxe Edition, Rayman® Origins, The Settlers 7™ Gold Edition or World in Conflict®: Complete Edition.

Read the full press release here.

Takedown: Red Sabre
Posted by Rocky on Saturday, February 16 2013

Ghost Recon fans might be interested to hear news today that  505 Games have partnered with  Christian Allen (creative director of the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon franchise) in the production of his new title Takedown: Red Sabre.

Read more on the official forums at, or in our forums here.

Ghost Recon Anthology Coming Soon
Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, January 15 2013

Ubisoft have put together a collection of Ghost Recon titles to be released to the public later this winter.

The exact contents of this collection have still to be confirmed, more details soon...

Ghost Recon : Left Behind
Posted by Rocky on Sunday, January 13 2013

Ghost Recon : Left Behind is a stick animation tribute to Ghost Recon. Not too sure where the zombies and hand to hand combat fits in, but check it out anyway.

Ghost Recon Movie Planned
Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, January 1 2013

Everyone will recall the live action short movie that Ubisoft presented to publicise the launch of Ghost Recon Future Soldier. It seems, spurred on by that success, that Ubisoft have plans for a full scale motion picture based on the Ghost Recon franchise. Read more at the LA Times.

Ubisoft to Bail out THQ?
Posted by Rocky on Thursday, December 27 2012

According to a UK source, Ubisoft are interested in the THQ situation following on from the recent bankruptcy revalation at the popular games developer.

Watch the news here.

Merry Christmas Ghosts!
Posted by Rocky on Monday, December 24 2012

Merry Christmas to Ghost Recon fans everywhere from all the team here at, your crazy and loyal unofficial Ghost Recon resource.

The Ghost Recon Online dev team (above) have posted their own video Christmas Greetings to fans, check it out, includes out-takes.

Ghost Recon Franchise Sale
Posted by Rocky on Saturday, December 22 2012

Steam have a massive sale on various publishers games, including a fantastic offer on Tom Clancy titles.

Ghost Recon Sale

This Steam Winter sale means that you can purchase 19 Tom Clancy games at a discount of 31%. Many of these games were already at great prices anyway, so this discount makes it a no brainer if you don't have the majority of these games already. Merry Christmas PC Gamers, it's an early bonus thanks to Steam.

Time to Give
Posted by Rocky on Saturday, December 1 2012

It's almost Christmas, the season of giving. With that in mind we have a charity opportunity for you to check out if you want to get into the spirit of the season of goodwill - The Humble THQ Bundle.

Humble Bundles are a way of buying Steam games but donating a portion of the purchase price to charity. This months bundle is a THQ bundle that contains 7 top rated games, including one of my personal favourites, the Company of Heroes series. You choose how much you want to pay for all seven games, and what portion goes to charity. The average purchase price so far is a ridiculious $6!

Do the right thing, double that and put half to charity, what a deal!

On the subject of Steam, have you seen the Big Picture yet? Play steam on your massive telly, from the couch - we tried it out, see here!

Ubisoft Survey Time!
Posted by Rocky on Friday, September 21 2012

Ubisoft are running two pretty good surveys right now, so here's your chance to feedback on Ubisoft's performance!

The first survey is a short forum feedback survey that only takes 2 minutes to complete.  Ubisoft recently switched forum platforms and are keen to know users opinions. You can take the Ubisoft forum survey here

The other survey is a longer 15 minute survey polling player feedback for Ghost Recon Future Solider. After an initial hiccup, we found the survey to be one of the most indepth game feedback surveys we have seen, so this is your chance to let Ubisoft know exactly what you liked and what you would like to see changed in the Ghost Recon franchise. Because the survey is quite detailed, participants will recieve free uPlay points for taking part. Watch your email box for this Future Soldier survey that is being sent directly from Ubisoft to uPlay account holders. 

Armenia to Blame for PC Piracy
Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, August 22 2012

At Gamescon this week Ubisoft revisited the PC Piracy topic, but with a new twist. To justify the invasive DRM measures that have set the gaming community alight over the past year or two, Ubisoft are blaming the piracy rates in Armenia.

Continue reading to see why Armeia is to blame for the DRM in Ubisoft's PC games, and why we have Armenia to thank for Free to Play games such as Ghost Recon Online.

Massive Ubisoft Sale
Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, August 15 2012

In a massive four day event, Ubisoft are launching a huge UK PC game sale through Uplay that even rivals some of the great weekend sales at Steam.

Every day for the next 4 days one game will be available for download for £1 only. Other titles will be on offer for up to 75% off.

The £1 titles include HAWX2, From Dust, Silent Hunter 5 and Driver. Don't miss out on this huge sale, visit Ubi Uplay Store here daily.


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