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  Motion Capture II 30 Aug 2001 | Rocky

Like motion capture? Like this! Click on the "View Our Reel" box for a stunning 3 minute portfolio of what Modern Uprising Studios can do! Oh, and did I mention - this is the team that produced Ghost Recon character animation!

  Wallpaper 29 Aug 2001 | Rocky

We have 4 new desktop wallpapers available for download this week thanks to Xian Saint, Daywanderer and LofD.

  Motion Capture 29 Aug 2001 | Jester

Those who have seen Ghost Recon first hand, or even if you saw the video's that were sneaked out of E3, one thing has impressed everyone, the new motion capture animation. By all accounts the fluidity of movement of graphic quality has moved on significantly since Rogue Spear. When Red Storm went looking for a motion capture studio for Rogue Spear they awarded the work to House of Moves, my guess is these guys are also working on Ghost Recon. Check out their site to see other interesting projects they have worked on, and download some of the movie clips!
updated here

  Ubi Soft at ECTS 29 Aug 2001 | Jester

Ubi Soft have listed all their titles on show at ECTS next week, including Ghost Recon.

  Hands on Preview 29 Aug 2001 | Jester

At last Red Storm have actually allowed previewers the chance to get a true "hands on" Ghost Recon experience. GameSpot have been lucky enough to put Ghost Recon through it's paces, and have come up with a terrific 4 page report, with some excellent new images.

There are some fantastic new details revealed in the report, and Jester has summarised them for those of you with short attention spans :o) Also remember that we keep our GR-S page updated with all the information that has ever been released about Ghost Recon sourced from Previews, Official Ubi Soft Statements and RSE Forums.

  Affiliates 29 Aug 2001 | Rocky

I have added a new section to the links on the right for Affiliates. Quality community sites will be available with a single click, and we kick off with The Rumble. Around since 1998 The Rumble now aims to be the net's premier tactical gaming ladder, and they are taking Ghost Recon sign-ups now!

  Early Release Confirmed 26 Aug 2001 | Rocky

Ubi Soft have now officially set Ghost Recon for a 20th November 2001 release! It gives us less time to complete RS : Black Thorn which is due on October the 9th, but who's complaining!

  Ghost Recon Ladder 26 Aug 2001 | Rocky

The Combat Zone mailed us today that they are taking Clan sign-ups in advance of Ghost Recon's November/December release. Sign up now if you think you've got what it takes!

We have opened a Clan and Ladder Forum here at Ghost as there is already alot of interest in building Ghost Recon clans.

  Ghost Recon at ECTS 24 Aug 2001 | Rocky

ECTS is billed as Europe's premier interactive entertainment expo. What that means is the entire European interactive entertainment industry gathers to show off their latest and greatest productions. Ubi Soft will have a stand, and Ghost Recon will be on show to the trade and media - and GHOSTRECON.NET!

That's right, we will be present at ECTS and already have a slot booked to see Ghost Recon - in the flesh - a full 3 months before the official release date! Needless to say we will be pulling out all the stops to bring you as much detail and news as we can possibly extract from the Ghost Recon team. Ghost will be attending on the 3rd of September and will be working overtime to bring you the ECTS Report as soon as we possibly can that very same week.

  PC Gameplay Day 4 24 Aug 2001 | Rocky

PC Gameplay end their week long Ghost Recon Series with a long 26 question interview with Brian Upton, Ghost Recon's Chief Designer. Check out this great interview, and see why PC Gameplay reckon Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon should be called Brian Upton's Ghost Recon!

Day 4 Interview | Ghost Recon Week

  Release Date 24 Aug 2001 | Rocky

It's looking more and more like Ghost Recon might ship a little earlier than previously thought. Recent RSE Interviews have hinted at a November launch, and now Avault's Release Date listing shows Ghost Recon in November.

  PC Gameplay Day 3 23 Aug 2001 | Rocky

PC Gameplay continue their week long Ghost Recon Series with a long 18 question interview with game Associate Producer Robbie Edwards. PC Gameplay are bringing us some great new information with these interviews, gaining long and detailed answers from the Ghost Recon team. Todays interview reveals more details on the plot, locations, RPG character building, threat indicator, camera shake.

Some details are also revealed "There's a bird that sits on a post and when you walk by if flies off". I know what you guys are thinking - read the full interview to find out!

Day 3 Interview | Ghost Recon Week

  New Screens 22 Aug 2001 | Rocky

Gamepro have 9 new screens on show at their new short preview.

  New Fan Site 22 Aug 2001 | Rocky

The launched this week, there are a lot of "coming soon" dead-ends, but it is shaping up nicely with the News, Forums and About sections all up and running.

  PC Gameplay Day 2 22 Aug 2001 | Rocky

PC Gameplay continue their week long Ghost Recon Series with a large 17 question Darren Chukitus interview. Questions cover Landwarrior, Ghillie suits, character classes sounds and graphics. The level of detail in the graphics sounds awesome, Darren explains for example that when in the water "... you're going to see ripples coming off your character".

Talking about online play Darren explains some of the exciting multiplayer games that will be available, including having AI play with you against an online opponent! Also, for the first time the question of a European launch was specifically asked, check this great interview to see when Europe will see Ghost Recon.

Day 2 Interview | Ghost Recon Week


  HomeLan Interview 21 Aug 2001 | Hambone

Brian Upton granted HomeLan an interview this week - it's a 16 question and answer session with at least one new piece of news, and it's about the x-box "We're definitely not going to let the PC and XBox players play together" so that rules out cross platform gaming that had been hinted at during the Alpha stage. Check out the full interview here for more details including a shock revelation about the dedicated server.

  New Ghost Recon Series 21 Aug 2001 | Rocky

PC Gameplay have started a week long series of reports looking at Ghost Recon - in depth! They have kick started with a 13 question interview with Steve Reid, Red Storm's Vice President of Product Development. It's an interesting interview, that once and for all clarifies the "Tom Clancy" branding, and even look at comparisons with Operation Flashpoint.

PC Gameplay visited the Red Storm offices last week and plan on revealing a new interview every day of this week, and some never seen before screenshots. Bookmark this page now and check back for some fresh Ghost Recon information daily!

  Hands On! 19 Aug 2001 | Rocky

Tactical Games have been lucky enough to get a hands on look at Ghost Recon! They are happy to report that the screenshots do not do the game justice and indeed the graphics looks fantastic - "The graphical engine is unbelievable". They were also impressed with intelligence shown by the enemy and the superb sound effects. At the time of posting this news, Tactical Games did not have any details on their website, but keep an eye out for it soon, and hope they post it in English as well as Dutch!

  Ghost Recon Wallpaper 16 Aug 2001 | Rocky

Thanks to some very tasty artwork from LofD we are proud as punch to release the first ever Ghost Recon wallpaper.

This is how the wallpaper looks on my desktop, sized to allow icons around the edges.

It's a nice, high quality image and comes in 5 sizes depending on your screen resolution. Collect your wallpaper from our Downloads page, which also has instructions if you are not sure how to change your windows wallpaper.

  GD 2nd Look 15 Aug 2001 | Paul

Games Domain have had another look at Ghost Recon and posted a second preview. There are thirteen screenshots, some of which are marked as exclusive. The Games Domain team were impressed by the graphics, and the realism - read the full report here.

  Who are you? 12 Aug 2001 | Rocky

I thought it might be interesting to see just who is anticipating Ghost Recon 4 months ahead of release. Are you a Rainbow Six veteran or have you come from a Delta Force background? Take part in our newly designed poll and lets see what gamers are being drawn to Ghost Recon.

  Upton Interview *updated again!*10 Aug 2001 | Rocky

IGN posted an interesting interview with Brian Upton recently. The next day it disappeared of public access and became part of their subscription service - i.e. you had to pay to see it.

Obviously for Ubi Soft this was bad news - they want maximum exposure for Ghost Recon, not privileged access! Not surprising then that the report is back on public access IGN! The page of eleven questions and answers revealing new information on AI, the game engine and the RPG element, can now be viewed here.

Feel free to comment on pay-per-view subscription news sites in our Forums, would you have paid?

  IGN Preview Updated 7 August 2001 | Saint

IGN have updated their Ghost Recon Preview with six brand new never seen before images. One features a Silent Hill type hospital scene, and another features a swamp. The Preview text has also been updated so give it a scan for some new details.

  MGON Preview 7 August 2001 | Saint

Outsider noticed that the MGON team took their first look at Ghost Recon recently, check their preview here.

  Ghost Goes Beta 7 August 2001 | Saint

Brian Upton has revealed to Gamespot that Ghost Recon enters Beta phase next week. In Gamespot's updated preview we also hear the December launch confirmed, and a few more interesting details!

  Red Storm Updates 2 August 2001 | Rocky

It's great to see Red Storm have started updating their dot com with regular news again - especially when they are linking to us here at Ghost!

  New Ubi Soft site 1 August 2001 | Rocky

Fed up waiting for Ubi Soft to launch the Official Ghost Recon website? You could do worse than check out Ubi Soft's newest gaming site, IL-2 Sturmovik. IGN called IL-2 the Best PC Simulation Game of E3 2001, check out the new site to see why, and what might look like in the near future.

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