July 2001 Archive

Image Week 31 July 2001 | Jester

Ubi Soft have stepped up Ghost Recon promotions this week with no less than 18 new screenshots! There were 8 new screens posted in our gallery yesterday (also at simhq), 5 exclusives at Gamespot, and 5 exclusives at IGN. Credit to RSR and Blue's News for tracking down those sites!

Brand New Images 30 July 2001 | Jester

Want to see more of Ghost Recon? Here's your chance. We have just received eight brand new screenshots from UbiSoft. They include multiple shots of Russian troops with different uniforms/loadouts. They also include some interesting new scenes, such as a bridge and an office interior shot.

Gallery Additions 30 July 2001 | Rocky

The R6italia screenshots have been added to our gallery (thanks Ross) and there will be more added later this week. After that Jester's report will be added, which takes a close look at each image in order to extract as much new information as we can.

New Video Action July 2001 | Rocky

PC Gameplay magazine has released brand new video footage of Ghost Recon in action to European gamers! The footage was shot at E3 and although quite short is of qood quality. It starts with a third person view of one of the Ghosts taking up a prone position under a bush. Taking aim he wastes no time in despatching the unsuspecting enemy crouched behind a wall of sandbags. The magazine also has 2 pages of images, although they are the same shots first shown by Dutch site Tactical Games.

Italy Screenshots Updated 28 July 2001 | Rocky

Thanks to Ross in our Forums, we found some great new Ghost Recon images, at R6Italia. There are six all new images - including a first look at night vision in action! Update : Ross has now added 4 art images, 3 of which have never been seen before.

Wargamer Preview 24 July 2001 | Rocky

Wargamer have a new 4 page Ghost Recon preview that includes 12 all new images!

LW systems 23 July 2001 | Rocky

For those of you who just can't get info information on Land Warrior systems, you might want to check out Pacific Consultants. Pacific Consultants won the contract from the US Army to develop the Computer, the Radio, and the Software for Land Warrior Version 0.6. There are no less than 12 excellent pdf documents available for download from the Land Warrior section. Thanks to 105 for this excellent source of information.

Another Preview 22 July 2001 | Rocky

Games domain now have a Ghost Recon preview which brings the preview count to twelve. This preview is a bit short on news and a bit short on laughs, in fact it's just a bit short. However in the interests of bringing you absolutely everything there is on Ghost Recon we present Games Domain does Ghost Recon.

The War of the Future 22 July 2001 | Rocky
CNN has put together a cool interactive feature on how the US Army is preparing for Urban Combat situations. There are gallery and interactive sections while the main story also carries some nice video footage. Thanks to Six for sending the link in.
Ghost Recon FAQ 22 July 2001 | Rocky
Our mailbox has been straining recently under the weight of Ghost Recon questions, so it is with some relief that I have eventually finished the first Ghost Recon FAQ. All of the most commonly asked questions are answered, and as more details come to light the FAQ will of course be updated.
H&D Comment 20 July 2001 | Rocky
I noticed a Hidden and Dangerous site comment on Ghost Recon, check it out half way down this page.
Operations Goes Live 20 July 2001 | Rocky
The Ghost Recon community expanded today as Ghost Recon Operations opened. GR Ops shows promise, but hey with a UK webmaster what do you expect :o) Content will be handled by Outsider who has previously worked on PlanetXbox and PlanetPS2.
Pie's Tactics Preview 19 July 2001 | Rocky
Chris "Pie4Foo" Abele has produced a one page report on his visit to the RSE offices to see Ghost Recon. Despite the previously reported power failure, Pie has come away with some interesting new information and covers the new HBS system, supported operating systems and the mod system, read the full report for details.
Dutch Preview 18 July 2001 | Rocky
Als je nederlands kunt lezen, ga dan hier naartoe voor een preview en een paar nieuwe Ghost Recon screenshots. If you can't read dutch thats an invite to go check out a new Ghost Recon Preview at a Dutch Website. Our in-house translator's have already checked the full review and report that the content is pretty much the same as previously covered in our Preview Pane on the right. The report does include the new batch of images that were released recently. Thanks to Nilz and Paul for their lingual skilz!
Meet a Stelmack! 18 July 2001 | Rocky
Greg Stelmack [Ghost Recon Engineer] has spare tickets to a Cobras game this coming Friday, and they are on offer to anyone signed up at the RSE Forums! I have no idea what or who the Cobras are - but you can check them out here!
Squatter 17 July 2001 | Rocky
Ghost Recon domain for sale! Cyber squatter's move in on Ghost Recon domains as they percieve value and a fast buck riding on Red Storms latest title. A practice to be congratulated or frowned upon? Make your point.
New Recon Art 16 July 2001 | Rocky
Tactical Games have scooped an exclusive Ghost Recon Art image. Assuming an American date format, it is a sketch from November last year, and depicts two buildings, I am not sure if this is the infamous "pistol whipping" farmhouse scene though.
PC Gamer (UK) 13 July 2001 | Rocky
"Britain's best selling PC games magazine" carries a 2 page Ghost Recon article in the August issue. Presented are 15 screenshots and news on why Ghost Recon has PC Gamer "salivating like ... blood-hungry cyber soldiers".

Yahoo Group 12 July 2001 | Rocky
Forum regular Wraith has started a Yahoo group for Ghost Recon. I don't know much about the Yahoo Groups but there seems to be a lot of options to make the group run smoothly. If you need another outlet for your Ghost Recon musings you can sign up here.


Pie Goes to RSE 12 July 2001 | Rocky
Jester tells me that Pie of Pie's Tactics has just recieved an invite from Red Storm! That lucky guy is actually going to get to see Ghost Recon at close quaters and quiz the developers face to face. If you have any questions that have not already been answered in our synopsis, or Pie's summary make sure you send it to Pie, who will take the best queries to RSE HQ on Monday!


Ghost Recon Retreat 10 July 2001 | Rocky
VaxC3 over at RS Retreat has just uploaded his design for the new Retreat site for Ghost Recon. He's looking for suggestions and feedback so check out the design and offer your constructive criticism! I have added the site to our Fan sites page.


Ghost Recon Release Date 10 July 2001 | Rocky
The last informaion from Ubi Soft indicated a December Launch, interesting to see The Adrenaline Vault list both Ghost Recon and Rogue Spear Black Thorn as November releases.

M249 SAW 9 July 2001 | Rocky
A detailed description, images and specification sheet for the M249 SAW has been added to the Arms section.
M82 Sniper Rifle 8 July 2001 | Rocky
A detailed description, images and specification sheet for the M82A1 has been added to the Arms section.

Modding Ghost Recon 4 July 2001 | Rocky
Red Storm have announced that Ghost Recon will ship with a mission editor similar to the Rogue Spear Editor. That means no map editor, and some unhappy bunnies in the mod community. But does it make a difference? Does it matter to the success of a game if it has full mod support? Does it matter to majority of games or is it purely a fringe interest. Read our new report and draw your own conclusions, then join the discussion and make your opinion known.


More Previews 4 July 2001 | Rocky
Games Mania were at E3 and have posted their first impressions of Ghost Recon, concentrating on comparisons with the R6 series. Gamedex have opened a Ghost Recon section, including a forum.


Ubi Soft Community 1 July 2001 | Rocky
Ubi Soft is gearing up for a brand new community, which will include Ghost Recon. For a quick look at how Ubi Soft Germany produced their on-line games community check out the community link on this page. I would guess that the new dot com community will include a similar forum and perhaps a Fan section similar to the OFP community.


HIND Mi-24 1 July 2001 | Rocky
The first air support recon file is complete. SOTO Mac has completed a report on the HIND Mi-24 attack helicopter with comprehensive stats, description and images. You might not be flying one of these babys in Ghost Recon, but check out the support you can expect "... carries the improved Phalanga-P Anti-Tank Missile complex, incorporating a Raduga-F ( Rainbow-F ) Semi-automatic guiding system"



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