Dedicated Server Details 24 May 2001 | Rocky
G. Stelmack RSE clears up some questions about the workings of the proposed Dedicated Server for Ghost Recon "Also, keep in mind, that while we are including dedicated servers, you will still be able to just host a game like you did in Rogue or Rainbow 6. The inclusion of dedicated servers does not mean we will not include a more traditional hosting system." Good news!

Forums Fixed 29 May 2001 | Rocky
After 6 hours work I think I have repaired the Forums, after our Host managed to break them. Some posts have not made it back, however the majority should be active again.

Forum users are aware that moderation is used frequently to control posting. There is a good reason for this; Red Storm are eager for feedback and ideas for Ghost Recon, and RSE staff read our forum. Please try and be concise, and title your posts accurately to reflect the content. This means less work for us moderators, and more chance for your opinions and ideas to be heard where it counts - by the game developer, Red Storm.

  Site updates 23 May 2001 | Rocky
Recently added sections include a links page and new forums. If you have any requests send me mail or use the feedback form.

Poll Results 19 May 2001 | Rocky
Now that we have some solid info on Ghost Recon it is interesting to look at the 200 or so votes that were cast on our GR wish list Poll. The one thing that gamers who voted wanted to see more than anything else was Dedicated Servers - and we now know that is indeed on the cards! The other interesting item was AI. Voters wanted to see more intelligent and challenging adversaries. On that front I found this interesting quote from Gary Stelmack when discussing graphics detailing "I personally would rather see a more complex and intricate AI". If that comment has had any influence on Ghost Recon at all that poll-wish could be coming true to!

  Ghost Recon Official Details 18 May 2001 | Jester
At last Ubi Soft have released a detailed Ghost Recon description. The most interesting point to note that there is no mention of an X-Box release at all! The PC version is slated for a Q4 2001 release. The other point to note is Brian Upton's comments directed squarely at Rainbow Six Veterans. "We think that even the most battle-hardened Rainbow Six veteran is going to be excited by where Ghost Recon is taking the tactical shooter genre." For the full official press release check Recon Report 05.05.01.

Unleash the Player in You 17 May 2001 | Rocky
Ubisoft's E3 Booth is now live, and boasting a new "unleash the power in you" moto to promote its new line of games, with Ghost Recon leading the way. Ubisoft's web page at E3 is now live and has a couple of short paragraphs about Ghost Recon and R6:Black Thorn.

  Exclusive New Info 27 April 2001 | Rocky
Don't ask me how I acquired this info - but it is genuine new detail on Ghost Recon ahead of the official launch
"War has begun on Russian soil and threatens to encompass the globe. Lead an elite infantry team through a series of military missions around the
world, ranging from covert actions to search-and-rescue operations, to all-out firefights in this first-person squad-based action game." At last we can anticipate the type of missions "The Ghosts" will face in Ghost Recon. Shortly, we will reveal some of the actual levels and maps that are included!

More GR Movies 23 May 2001 |Rocky
VAX3C over at Rogue Spear Retreat has posted in our Forums about another, shorter clip he has of Ghost Recon. Dial-up users may like to dowload this new short clip rather than the larger Ghost Recon Movie which runs to 19 minutes. Both movies are at his E3 Ghost Recon page.

  Movie 19 May 2001 | magicmycote
See Ghost Recon for yourself!

Gamepro Preview Ghost Recon 9th April 2001 | Rocky
IDG magazines have scooped the very first news and pictures.

  E3 Goes Live 17 May 2001| Rocky
Ubisoft will be showing of Ghost Recon in a matter of hours at E3 later today. Keep checking the Ubisoft E3 page to see GhostRecon details as the are revealed, and get a look at the Ubisoft stand with the E3 webcam.

GR Graphics 19 May 2001 | Rocky
Ghost Recon reportedly uses over 600 motion captured effects. Considering that Rogue Spear used around 400 , we are definitely in for a graphical treat. Exactly what new animation RSE have included is not known at this time, but I wouldn't be surprised to see captures include all new death animations, new postures such as kneeling and prone, recaptured movements such as walking, running and shuffling - but we will have to wait to see!

  Preview Article "inaccurate" 11th April 2001 | Rocky
Community fears laid to rest as Gamepro preview errors come to light


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