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Gamespot Preview 2 29 June 2001 | Rocky
Gamespot have produced their second preview on Ghost Recon. This time its a four page in depth preview with 26 images - 10 of which have never been seen before.

"...it's clear that the development team's attention to detail is likely to produce one of the most compelling games of the year." say Gamespot.

It's when comments like that start coming out of the RSE design Offices that you can be sure Ghost Recon really is going to hit the mark. In fairness there is not alot new in this preview for Ghost Recon fans who have been keeping up with the news. However it is a good read, check it out and learn about a surprise visitor to E3 who has been helping RSE out, and just how much money has been put behind this project!


Ubi Soft Updates 29 June 2001 | Rocky
Sharp eyed RSE Forum members have noticed that Ubi Soft have added Black Thorn and Ghost Recon to the list of Red Storm games on their website. There is a single page about each title with a few descriptive paragraphs. The Ghost Recon page confirms a December launch and support for win95/98/Me. The Black Thorn page lists key features and new box art for the standalone Rogue Spear title.


IGN visit RSE 28 June 2001 | Rocky
IGN have posted an entertaining report by Steve Butts on a visit the made to the RSE offices to check on Ghost Recon progress. There is some great new information in the report, which has been added to our GR-Synopsis, and 15 brand new images.

IGN report that 16 levels are planned for release, 13 are already complete, or near completion. Missions range from rescuing downed pilots to destroying, or defending, bridges. Some alpha titles include Eager Smoke and Gold Mountain.

Team play during missions is to be rewarded, lone wolfs will not be encouraged :o)

Discussions regarding uniforms has already started on our forums, so it was interesting to read that RSE is looking at ways to add dynamic effects such as mud to clothing.. "In other words, if you character lies down in the mud, when he gets up, he will be covered in mud."

Another forum discussion just posted yesterday refers to damage location, and this too is being addressed by Ghost Recon designers; wounds will be location specific with corresponding limitations.

As far as release dates, IGN reports that the Ghost Recon Team are actually ahead of schedule, however December is still being touted as the release date.

  Screen Shots 27 June 2001 | Rocky
I am pleased to announce that we at last have the official Ghost Recon images on site. As well as the ten press pack shots we also have the images from CVG, check them out here.
  Soldier of the Future 26 June 2001 | Rocky
An interesting article about how new technology is being used to design the Soldier of the Future has been mailed in by SIX.
The ABCNews piece describes the Landwarrior system and the OICW, both of which Ghost Recon feature. See the full article at ABCNews.
  3rd Person View 26 June 2001 | Rocky
Some clarification from RSE's John Sondecker on the situation with 3rd person view. Some folks were confused to hear it will not be in Ghost Recon, after it being on show at the E3 demo booth, John clears it up "Right now 3rd person is just to help us show off character movements in demos and such. There won't be a 3rd person view available to the player in the action phase of the game. There will, however, be some 3rd person cameras available in cinematic areas and replays. " Our 3rd person discussion is continued here.
  Arms - M4 24 June 2001 | Rocky
The M4 has been added to the Arms section with a Report from Jester "... the M4 provides the individual soldier operating in close quarters the capability to engage targets at extended range with accurate, lethal fire". Check the images and read more here.
  Referrers 24 June 2001 | Rocky
At slow times like these I turn to the site statistics for amusement; I thought I'd share this one with you. Having "Ghost" in your title leads all sorts to our Ghost Recon fan site - one search engine sent this request to us today "ghost pictures that are real". Sensible request - I mean who want to look at fake ones, right?
  New Design 22 June 2001 | Rocky
Welcome to the all new (!) Ghost Recon.net. There are still a few inconsistencies and incomplete sections, but I hope you find it an improvement. Hopefully by the time Ghost Recon is released I can get everything set up so we can concentrate purely on bringing you the very best in Ghost Recon news and content. Thanks go out to LofD, Jester, Daywanderer, Stefan and SOTO Mac for their help.
  Release Date 20 June 2001 | Rocky
Ghost Recon was slated for a December 2001 release and John Sonedecker has posted "Remember, RSE has always hit our release dates. There is no need to doubt us now. :-) ". However more than one online games store has indicated an October release! Check out EBGames.com and Gamestop.com for details and remember Chips & Bits also have it on pre-order.
  Ghillie Suits 20 June 2001 | Rocky
SOTOMac noticed what may be an indication that Ghillie Suits may be included in Ghost Recon in this design sketch for Ghost Recon. Check out our discussion for more information, links and thoughts on Ghillie suits.
  Message Board Chat 20 June 2001 | Rocky
I stumbled on this thread discussing Ghost Recon. It's a few weeks old, but the Pie's Tactics comment made me laugh :o)
  CVG Interview and Images 15 June 2001 | RSR
Brian Upton's interview over at Computer and Video Games has both new information and new images. Looking past the Tom Clancy typo and minor contradictions, CVG reveal that there will be no tank driving, a new spawning feature for mplayer games and confirm a December release! The player spawning is a new concept to R6 vets - will it be welcomed or not - add your views.
  Mod Capability 13 June 2001 | Rocky
The exact nature of what can and cannot be modded in Ghost Recon is still shruded in mystery. However Gary Stelmack did volunteer the following quote in the RSE forums "Well, I cannot comment too heavily ..., but look to be able to change things at least as much as in RS/UO (map geometry I cannot comment on). " Our modding discussion can be found here
  Enemy AI 11 June 2001 | Rocky
Dumb enemy actions or inaction, have been the subject of many gamers grumbles right through the full Rainbow Six Series. While we all hope for a more intelligent and smart adversary in Ghost Recon, I found this comment from Brian Upton with at least a hint of positive moves in that direction; Talking about enemy attempts to sneak up on the player he warns "If the enemy soldier is with a group of buddies, he'll lay down some suppression fire in your direction while his buddies try to out flank you". Sounds cool, and has already started an enemy AI discussion on our forums, check it out.
  X-Box Euro Launch 11 June 2001 | Rocky
Hot and unconfirmed news that Microsoft may launch the X-Box in Europe on March 15th next year. If the early indication of a Ghost Recon X-Box version holds any water, we may just see PC v X-Box Ghost Recon on-line battles for next summer!
  GR Focus Group Wanted! 9 June 2001 | Jester
Red Storm have announced proposals for a Ghost Recon "Focus Group" and are looking for volunteers. The Focus Group Test will take place from the 18th-22nd of June, although volunteers do not have to attend for the full five days. The deadline for e-mail only applications is 5pm EDT on the 13th of June. You can read follow-up information at RSE's Forums, or email your questions directly to RSE at gr-focus@redstorm.com Discussion is open at our forums too.
  Bill Brown Soundtrack 4 June 2001 | RSR
Muse's Muse have interviewed Bill Brown, known to R6 gamers for the excellent music he produced for the series. In the final paragraph Bill reveals he is currently working on the Ghost Recon soundtrack! Bill's own website proudly displays a R6 logo on his front page, and there are plenty of Rainbow Six media downloads inside.
  Delta Force Opinion 1 June 2001 | Rocky
When you read die hard fans of another game complimenting Ghost Recon you just know we are in for a good thing! I found this comment on a Delta force forum "Ghost Recon looks kick ass and sorry to say but blows away DF". Check out the full thread here.


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