November 2001 Archive


Smak Coop 30 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Smak Clan have released a nine mission coop mod, grab it from our Downloads page.


Pie's News updated 30 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
I noticed a couple of interesting articles over at Pie's recently. First up, it was cool to see Ghost Recon already in the Top Ten sellers list, even though retailers are still shipping out the first batch of orders.

Pie also reported on Mike Schell's progress unlocking Ghost Recon Characters, which opens up a whole new world of modding opportunities. For full and technical details, read Pie's news post from the 29th November. For an explanation of the current state of play regarding Modding GR, check Jester's post in our Mods Forum.


External Error 30 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
No - not another error message, but a clan looking for sign-ups. IPsoldat from External Error also runs a popular IP, which is now listed in our Dedicated Boxout on the right, sometimes it gets a little too popular though, as he discovered to his cost!

"the next day when I got up to go play the darn thing was packed and I couldnt get in!!!"

  Choppy Fix 30 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
MadJackal has been playing around with his virtual memory settings, and reports a noticabe difference in Ghost Recon performance. Read his tip here.

  Top Clan 29 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Browsing over at The Combat Zone I noticed that Allied Forces are sitting high in the Ghost Recon Top 5. If you fancy a pop at that number one slot sign up with TCZ here. If you would rather join Allied Forces, mail them here!


Help Files 29 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
JJ at Ubi Soft support has put together a few additions to the FAQ that might help anyone with issues running Ghost Recon. At the moment you can find them here.


Review 29 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
PC Game Central were impressed with Ghost Recon, 93% impressed to be exact, check it out here.


Walkthroughs 29 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Xezol mailed us about his Ghost Recon Walkthroughs, and I'm glad he did - they are excellent! So far Iron Dragon and Eager Smoke are complete, while work on Stone Bell has already started. These are pictorial walkthroughs which are very easy on the eye, so check them out. If Red Storm games are not the only titles in your games collection, you might want to check out his other walkthroughs like Blue Shift, Max Payne, and he has even started a Return to Castle Wolfenstein page!


Site Stuff 28 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Today I fixed the last bug that was plauging the forums since the server switch, which was a new sign-up issue, so if you haven't already joined our Forums, please feel free to do so now.

Dedicated Servers
If you glance across to the right (down a bit, down a bit, there you go!) you will see we have a new boxout listing IPs for Dedicated GR servers. This is a trial, maintained by Carpetwax, so please send us feedback. Is this a feature you are interested in? Have you tried any of the listed servers - how did you get on? Let me know so I can make improvements, thanks.

Jack Stone, Ghost Sniper?
Is this Jack Stone?!


Reviews 28 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
I noticed a few sites getting all excited about a new Ghost Review, posted at Geek Girl's Guide 2 Games (!), so I checked it out - and the hype is justified. If you haven't checked it out yet, do so now. It had me laughing in the first paragraph with a veiled snipe at GameSpot (on that - check Snickers GameSpot rant today), and the third paragraph means I am off for a game after posting this, it hyped the missions up so good! It's a great read, often taking potshots at the so called "Expert" Reviewers, like this...

'Many of the Experts seem to be distressed there is no "Compete the mission while I grab a beer" tab'

Mind you, maybe he has hit on something there....anyway - read it or miss out!


The Canadians are Coming! 28 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
BajaBravo are working on a Canadian Army combat uniforms mod, if you just can't wait to see it, grab a beta from BajaBravo now! Thanks Storm@war


Tank Map Pack 28 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Bo Jacks has created a 20 mission pack for multiplayer Team Death Match and Normal Death Match, with the emphasis on Tank Busting! Grab this small, non-overwritting mod on our downloads page.


New Server 27 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Okay, we are now transmitting from our new server - courtesy of The Fubra Group. We also have a new header image, thanks to Spray! If you notice any bugs, or broken links please mail me details, thanks!


Happy Birthday! 26 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Ghost is 8 months old this month, and it's my Birthday too! I am feeling a little crazy right now, and might regret this, but what the heck! Send me a Birthday e-mail and tell me where you are in the world! Lets see if we can get a record number of Birthday "cards" in this year!


Dedicated Server IPs 26 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
If you know of any Dedicated Servers that are planned for Ghost Recon, drop us a line with the details. Carpetwax is going to maintain a list of Servers here at, we will keep the list posted right here on the front page for all you hungry gamers!


SAS, Guns and Tips 26 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
News just in from Silver at Ghost Recon Ops that SnowAngel has completed the SAS Uniform mod, which includes 7 new uniforms and some kit items. Grab it over at GRO.

If Weapons are more your thing check out NMM Gun Works where they have some new images to drool over, including a HK Mk23 "SOCOM" and FN P90, and if I am not mistaken, a cool new website design.

Games Fusion have posted tips on tweaking your graphics settings to optimise game performance. It has some good advice, but runs out of steam just as it is getting started! It's a good starter for anyone looking to squeeze more out of their system though, check it here.


We are moving! 25 Nov. 2001 | Rocky has been a phenomenal success, so much so that we are moving to new servers over the next few days to cope with the massive traffic. Two months ago we were receiving thousands of visitors every week, now we see thousands of visitors every single day of the week!

This does mean that the forums will be affected however; during the transition to the new servers the most recent posts may disappear. Fingers crossed, that should be the only slight inconvenience. Should any difficulties arise, I will keep you up-to-date via our sister site Aggression.


Modding Kit Icons 25 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Jester has provided a Tutorial showing how to make a new kit icon for new weapons. It's a clear step by step process with images, check it out here.


Realism Mod 24 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
=SEALZ= have made some additions to their Ghost Recon mod we posted 2 days ago. It has developed into "The =SEALZ= Squad Realism Mod", and they warn not to expect an easy ride ... "This mod is for REALISM. DO Not.. I repeat DO NOT write me e-mail complaining that the game is too hard now." says =SEALZ=ŧ§WHIP.

Expect to see the following, perhaps controversial, features

  • A M-24 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle with Sound Suppression with 7x scope.
  • A New Multiplayer solider to use in online play.
  • SF Sniper now available in Quick Mission and Single Player
  • All weapons ballistics redone to match real world settings. No longer shoot a man at 100 yards with a pistol and expect a head shot. Sniper rifles have much better accuracy and range.
  • All Weapons for a soldiers class is now available for that soldier. In other words, in single player, A sniper can choose from all sniper equipment instead of "one" primary type.
  • Drastically improved body hit detection. No longer can you shoot a person in the foot with one or two shots and kill them.
  • Body armor.. seems to have been "left out" This has been fixed. A sniper wears little or no armor. A Demo guy wears much more. This has been fixed and now soldiers will have varying degrees of body armor to the chest and helmet areas.

Grab SEALZ 2nd mod on the downloads page.


Voodoo Drivers 24 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Interesting news just in from The_Devil_DSS that there are new directX8 and 8.1 drivers for the Voodoo cards. At this stage I am not sure if they resolve the Ghost Recon Voodoo issues, but if you have a Voodoo card head over to GLSetup and try them out.


DIY Weapons 22 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
DJ at Platoon has posted another great tutorial - this time on how to create weapons in 3D Studio Max. Not everyone has access to 3DSM, but tutorials as good as this are worth checking out anyway!


=Sealz= Mod 22 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
=SEALZ=ŧ§WHIP have mailed in about their first Ghost Recon mod. The tiny 30Kb mod promises a M-24 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle with Sound Suppression with a 7x scope. There is also a new UN Special Forces Sniper to use in online play. Visit =SEALZ= and click on the downloads section.


November Rain 22 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Check out this awesome clan site, Codename November Rain. If you don't have broadband you may have to wait a minute or two for the flash intro - but it is worth it. Not only that, but they have three brand new Ghost Recon missions already!


Specialist Bio's 20 Nov. 2001 | Jester
The best round up of Specialist information has just been posted at There are a couple of images and a lot of info on each Specialist, right down to the length of finger in one case! Check it out.


Voodoo Menu's Fixed 20 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Judging by our mailbag this morning, Riptide's patch for the Voodoo Menu problem works a treat!

"YES, IT WORKED! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You guys are the greatest!" Greg M

Don't thank us though, thank Riptide - the most popular person in the community this week! Read the original article here.


Modding the Reticule 20 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
RAT_SpOoK sent in this tip to assist those having problems with Friendly Fire in Ghost Recon. Modding the colour of the Reticule can make it easier on the eye when recognising friend from foe, here's how you do it.

  • Close Ghost Recon
  • \Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon
  • Open options.xml in Notepad
  • Find <ReticuleIFFColorR>255</ReticuleIFFColorR>
  • There are 3 lines, one each for Red Green and Blue
  • Change the numbers to change the colours

For example 255,0,0 would be Red, which works quite well. For a handy list of colour codes check this page out. [added to FAQ]


Demo Tournament 20 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Ubi Soft are sponsoring a Clan World Network 4x4 Ghost Recon Demo tournament. The competition will be held on Friday 30th November at Ubi Soft Gaming Zone, and prizes are on offer! Read all about it here.


New Sites 20 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Pancho mailed in to let us know about his new Ghost Recon site - These guys ran a busy Delta Force site before, looks like we could have another great Ghost Recon resource coming!

Liquid Gaming Zone have opened their doors to Ghost Recon gamers looking for a little competition, so if you simply must play in every Ladder, check 'em out!

Remember that our Ghost Recon Links page is always up to date with the latest Ghost Recon sites.


Oruzhie 20 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Our Mods wizard Jester has released his first Ghost Recon Mod, and anyone familiar with his Rogue Spear mods will not be surprised to hear that it is a Russian weapons mod, here's the content...

  • Four extra Demolitions, Support and Sniper kits
  • Six extra Rifleman kits
  • AKS-74U
  • AK-74
  • AK-47
  • AK-74/GP 25 grenade launcher combo
  • RPK-74
  • SVD (Sniper Rifle, Dragunov)

Read more and grab the Download at Jester's Greywolf.


Voodoo Joy? 20 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Following on from yesterdays article on the menu issue with Voodoo cards, Riptide sent in a fix today!

"I have here a fix for the blurry text in the menus of Ghost Recon that many people are experiencing with older video cards(Voodoo3). What it does is take out one of the two fonts stored in the font texture so that the card can handle the size of the image without it being rescaled. There are two sets of files in the archive. One removes the larger font and uses the smaller one. The other does the inverse of that. I'd suggest using the smaller font since the larger one can make the text too big and it ends up getting chopped off at the end of it's allocated space in the menus.

You can grab the file here, and contact Riptide here, also let us know if the fix worked for you! [added to FAQ]


Voodoo Misery 19 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Unless you have been so busy playing Ghost Recon 24/7 you can't have helped but notice that there are alot of unhappy Voodoo bunnys out there. Voodoo cards are not supported for Ghost Recon, and there are problems as there are no Voodoo drivers for DX8.0. Voodoo 3000 cards can play Ghost Recon, but the menus are unreadable.

There are two schools of thought on this. Camp One says "Step into the light and replace that dusty old card!", and Camp Two says "Hey, there are thousands of us Voodoo owners, why can't we play!"

While it is true Voodoo cards no longer have (official) driver support, and there are more capable, inexpensive cards available, the frustration of being able to actually run the game, but not read the menus, is a very real one.

Anyway, if you are in Camp Two, you have 3 options; post your frustration in the Official Forums, sign the Voodoo petition, or buy a new (64Mb) graphics card!

Before you decide, check out this current thread in the official forums, the first post sums up the situation nicely, and the following million messages are worth a read!


Uniform Mods 19 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Ghost Recon Operations have 2 uniform galleries featuring mods from SnowAngel and Tom MacDonald.

Meanwhile DJ at The Platoon, has written a tutorial for making your own Ghost Recon characters.

  Adverts 17 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
The Ubi Soft advertising campaign gathers pace now as Christmas approaches, we found this ad in PC Zone magazine, who have a pretty cool new website too!


Sound Fix 16 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Red Storm have posted a list of sound issues and fixes in this thread, mainly to do with the "popping" issue. Please make sure you post feedback if you have any success with the suggestions. I have added a summary of that post to our newly updated FAQ, with additonal links for those needing drivers.


Replays and Mods 16 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Ghost have started a Replay section, with a replay for the Demo mission, check it out.

Ghost Recon Operations are making headway with modding Ghost Recon. They have some smart SAS uniforms in development, take a peek.


GR Shack Server 15 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Shack News are taking votes on what game they should be supporting with new servers, and Ghost Recon is in the running, currently in third slot. Cast your vote now, and lets get some Ghost Recon servers on the go!


GR Flash Game 15 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Check out this great GR Sniper Flash game its great, post your scores in our Forums!

The Official GR site also points to a new Angst cartoon strip - which is a Ghost Recon joke today.

The Official Support forum has a Fix for those unhappy sould who are getting a GS4.exe error, you can read it here.


Bill Brown Tracks 14 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
If you read our Forums you may have seen me comment that starting the first mission in Ghost Recon took a little longer than I had anticipated. This was due entirely to the superb Bill Brown music that plays during the mission menu's. Now you can listen to 7 Ghost Recon tracks on the Official Bill Brown Site, where you can download or stream them!


GameSpy GR Tourny 14 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
UGC have organised the first Ghost Recon Tournament on GameSpy, for Saturday at 7EST, 4pm Pacific, 12am GMT. This is a 3v3 competition playing the GR Demo - read UGCs news here, and get signed up, or simply send your team name and leader's GameSpy name here right now!

Ladder FAQ
The Combat Zone have produced an excellent Ladder FAQ which will be of interest to anyone playing, or thinking about playing in a Ghost Recon Ladder.

  Heavy Weapons Mod 14 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Fancy attaching a M203 to the SAW, or SVD? Well you can with this tiny Weapons Mod from Paul, which is entirely unrealistic - but a heap of fun!


Reviews 14 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Gamespot have bucked the trend of awarding Ghost Recon a superlative review, and awarded it a mediocre 7.3 - which they class as "good", even though their readers award it a more encouraging 8.4. That 8.4 figure will probably rise dramatically as people who have actually seen the game cast their vote - people like you!

Although the Review sums up with "Ghost Recon has some real strengths" they failed to detail any of those strengths, and instead focus entirely on negative points, in a pretty unconvincing manner - especially if you have seen the game! A strange review indeed.

Redressing the balance PC Gamer today called ’Ghost Recon ‘The Best Tactical Shooter EVER!’ adding, ‘Spectacular sound, great mission variety, intense gameplay. Overall, a brilliant piece of work.‘

The IGN Review went even further saying ‘Simply put: do not miss out on this one’ adding, ‘the game is highly polished, marvelously fun and unexpectedly believable.'

  Who Is That? 14 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
If you have been playing Ghost Recon, and think you recognise that sultry female voice during Mission Briefings, wonder no more! You have probably heard her before exercising her voice talents in Mech Warrior II, so now you know!

  The Best Ever! 13 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
The media have gone Ghost Recon Crazy! PC Gamer have their review all lined up to hit the newstands later this month, with Ghost Recon emblazoned across the full cover. "The Best Tactical Shooter EVER", click the image and check it out!

It's Zero Hour! 13 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Ghost Recon started shipping today in the USA, read the Official Press Release here, and Amazon are holding their 10% off price so grab it quick! Lots of news and views around the Ghost Recon scene worthy of checking out....

  • KGN German Review Translated
  • Unlock all the Specialists at Avault
  • Make your own GR mods with IGOR at GR-R
  • Huge Review at GR-R
  • Highs and Lows - post your GR thoughts
  • Ghost Recon Demo downloaded 200,000 times!

  UGC Ladder Live 12 Nov. 2001 | Smoky
UGC have activated their Ghost Recon ladders and gamers may start matching on Ubi and Gamespy, using the demo version. The rules are here go get some!


Resource and Mod 12 Nov. 2001 | Smoky
GhostResource have just opened their doors with a cool new dot info domain name, check them out.

New Kit Mod
Iznotmi has released his first Ghost Recon Mod. It allows the use of 15 new weapons, 15 new kits and 3 new weapon categories for multiplayer game!

  Game of the Year? 12 Nov. 2001 | Smoky
Before Ghost Recon even hits the store shelves it is already being boosted by Game of the Year whispers. This time it is GameSpy, who are just back from San Francisco where they mixed with Ubi Soft and Red Storm representatives, and enjoyed some hands-on with Ghost Recon. Gamespy were impressed, and you can read why here.

  Modding Ghost Recon 11 Nov. 2001 | Jester
Rogue Spear modder Mike Schell has already cracked the new .rsb format (RSE's proprietary bitmap format - a must for making new skins, retexturing maps, etc.) and is working on a conversion tool for aspiring Ghost Recon mod-makers. We'll post more news as it comes to light.

  High and Low 11 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Xian Saint has started an interesting thread in the forums, giving gamers the chance to air their favourite and least favourite parts of the Ghost Recon demo, check it out.


Interview 11 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Electric Playground have spoken with Darren Chukitis (Producer), Jonathan R. Peedin (Director of Art), John Sonedecker (Lead Level Designer) and Brian Upton (Chief Game Designer). Check it out and read why the games Art Director ended up being the subject for Motion Capture moves!


Demo Review 9 Nov. 2001 | Rocky staffer Daywanderer has penned our first review of Ghost Recon, based on the Demo. Daywanderer isn't only a RS veteran he is a hardcore gamer. He's played a full range of games from The Secret of Monkey Island to Red Faction, so when Day says "It simply rocks" you just know this game is special, check it out.


NMM GR Mod II 9 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Nishi Has released his second small patch for the Ghost Recon demo, which opens up 14 new weapons to play with.


Developer Chat 9 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Red Storm are having another Chat session - this time in German. On Tuesday the 13th German fans will get have one hour to interrogate the RSE team, if you missed out on the US chat look out that German dictionary and join in the fun.


GR buzz around the web 7 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
M3diaonline have posted a review of the Ghost recon Demo, closing comments include ...

"this game could be a must-have"

... which pretty well sums up most reviews so far. Infact 3DAction Planet have just posted their Christmas Wish List, and what is topping their letter to Santa? You guessed it Ghost Recon!

IGN have reportedly awarded Ghost Recon 93% in their review - if you subscribe to their Insider service you can read it here.


Editor 7 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
IGOR was mentioned in the Official Ghost Recon FAQ a while back, but there were no details, and the subject was classed Top Secret. We managed to find out back then, that it was infact an Editor for Ghost Recon, which allowed limited modding capabilities. Well now Ghost Recon Retreat have the scoop on this tool, Snicker and his team will be putting it through its paces and delivering a report on what exactly it can, and cannot do. Oh, and they have a piccie to - go see.


Thanks! 7 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
I just wanted to take time out to thank all our visitors who have pre-ordered Ghost Recon using the link from this page. At a time when many websites are struggling to stay afloat, your support has gone a long way to covering the costs of running Remember that any other products purchased from Amazon using our link also helps us, so start that Christmas shopping now!

The Ghost Recon release date for the USA is November 13th, and in the UK - 23rd November. It's going to be a Christmas bestseller, so get your Pre-Order in now!


Demo Buzz 7 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Here's the Community Buzz on the Demo!

  • "my favourite is the AI - really good these bad guys!" Angelus Warlord, Germany.
  • "WOW at the graphics" The Platoon
  • "another title I will be dashing out to the shops for" Snype, Jolt.
  • "I find myself getting killed because I keep looking at the awesome details" Xian Saint,

There are also many comments complementing Red Storm on the game code - which is running great even on low-spec machines! Read more feedback, and add your own - in our Forums.


GR Demo Mod 7 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
As we exclusively revealed recently Rogue Spear modder Nishi had announced he was going to focus on modding Ghost Recon. Well, he wasted no time, with the Demo still being downloaded around the world, Nishi of NMM Gun Works has already produced the first GR mod! If you want to see how these weapons look in Ghost Recon - MP5, MP5SD, AK47, AK74, AK74+GP25 40mm GL, RPK, DRAGUNOV, L96A1, M1911A1, then head over to File Planet and download their totally unofficial patch!


Demo Technical Issues 7 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Here's a summary of current technical issues with the Demo.

  • Menu screens - text unreadable. This is being reported by Voodoo users. Ghost Recon does not support V3 or V5 cards.
  • Grdemo has caused an error in GRDEMO.EXE. Grdemo will now close. Change the display on your desktop to 16-bit [control panel>settings]
  • Jerky movement on crosshairs when aiming at long distance. This could be a Mouse Smoothing issue, no fix at this time.
  • 1:48 crash. Demo crashes/freezes shortly after mission launch. No fix at this time.
  • Check your FPS. Check this post.

If you are having any difficulties running the Demo please check the Official Support Forums.


Jolt 7 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Jolt, Europe's largest and most popular independent online gaming network, has opened a Ghost Recon section and are looking for GR Admins. They also have an extensive review of the Demo, check it out.


Demo Downloading 6 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
The download panel on the right details download locations that are serving the demo. Ubi Soft have partnered with Gigex for the Official download; Gigex bypasses windows normal download procedure and offers a resumeable download should the transfer fail at any point. In order to begin the download be ready to supply your date of birth and e-mail address. Now go grab that Demo and enjoy the next generation of combatsim!


Toolkit and Cheats 6 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Snicker has released his Ghost Recon Toolkit which features the ability to join, create, and check the status of a server. The Toolkit is still in development, so check back at GR Retreat for updates.

Ghost Recon Retreat also have a list of cheat codes for the demo for those of you who need a little extra help, and Jester has noticed some curious content in the demo Mods folder - chickens and squirrels! Be sure to let us know if your primary starts firing some unusual projectiles!

Finally The Platoon have posted their first impressions of the Demo, along with some cool screenshots.


Demo Confirmed 5 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Read the Official announcement here.

Ubi Soft are supplying Official download sites with the Ghost Recon Demo right now! It weighs in at an impressive 75Mb and is being distributed as I type, to several locations. Downloads are authorised to begin at 8am PST / 11am EST on Tuesday, so do not try the links before then.

The panel on the right will be kept bang up to date with download locations, as they appear, and as they fall over!


Camping License 4 Nov. 2001 | Eskimo
OMGCheat have a stern warning for all would-be Ghost Recon Campers. It's a little bit "out-there", but while you're there vote the R6 series as "game of the last five years" in the poll!


The Making of Ghost Recon 4 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Part Two of our report on the Special Disk included with Black Thorn is now up. It completes our look at the nine movies on the disk that stretch to a total of 423Mb of footage! Our final part will detail the other media included on the disk, tomorrow.


91% 4 Nov. 2001 | SOTO Dirk
The first Review of Ghost Recon is online - and they rated it an impressive 91%. Dig out your Pocket German book though - it's a huge German Review. We will have a translated summary online soon, until then checkout the tremendous new screenshots!


The Making of Ghost Recon 3 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Just for all you hungry Ghost Recon fans who do not have access to this superb disk, check out our first part of a 3 section report. In todays summary we look at what is discussed in four of the movies, including interviews with John Sonedecker and Brian Upton. Alot of people are saying this disk is worth the purchase price for BT alone, and I do not disagree with that! If you are thinking about buying Black Thorn, read this summary to see why you MUST!

Thanks to Donan for the following brief summary on this Ghost Recon disk that is shipping with BlackThorn

  • Behind the Scenes video and interviews
  • Exclusive gamplay footage
  • Screenshots and concept art of levels, characters, and weapons.
  • Special features including exclusive tips on the first mission
  • winning MP tactics.
  • Over 450Mb of Ghost Recon info!

Ghost Recon Equipment 3 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
All credit to Ross at R6Italia who has been working like a bear to bring us more Ghost Recon exclusives. Today he has a presentation of the equipment available, including brand new images. The four kit items difer for each of the specialtys, Assault, Support, Snipers and Demolition, find out what each of them can carry on this page.


Updated Italy Shots 2 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Ross at R6Italia has updated his latest report with some sweet new pics. Click the "Successiva" button to click through to the new cool Weapon pages!


Ghost Recon Rebate! 2 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
That's right, £5 off the UK price of Ghost Recon - if you buy Black Thorn! Donald from Delta Force Command has the scoop on the UK Black Thorn

"It comes in a DVD Case, with a manual and an offer for £5 refund if you buy Ghost Recon."

Hopefully that redresses the balance a little for UK gamers who are paying a premium price for Black Thorn!


New Interview 1 Nov. 2001 | Blues News
MGON have an interesting Interview up today with Darren Chukitus, Ghost Recon Producer. Darren reveals more on the level of enemy AI and tactics, and there is an 11 picture gallery.

New Images 1 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Eight new images are on display at PC Games Portal. For those that don't speak German but lust after every last piece of Ghost recon news, remember you can translate pages like this German one using Babel.


Ghost Recon Demo 1 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
The Ghost Recon Demo is nearly upon us! Get prepared and tune up your net connection - not just for the download, but to play it! Yep that's right, the demo is a multiplayer map, and it will not be included in the retail version, but can be played with it. Expect to see confirmation of this on the official site very soon, together with a list of download sites that will be mirroring the mod on either the 6th or 7th of November. Thanks Dominik for pointing out the German Ubi Soft site's news on this!


Ghost Weapons Mods 1 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
NMM Gun Works are responsible for the extremely popular Rogue Spear weapons mod NMM. Nishi has announced his intention to start modding for Ghost Recon when it is released, excellent!


Specialisti 1 Nov. 2001 | Rocky
Thanks to Ross for mailing us about his all new Ghost Recon Specialist page at R6Italia. All the hard stats on the best of the Ghosts, plus new images are right here!

As a side note here's how they introduced the article

"Infatti mentre i morti viventi barcollano ubriachi per le strade delle città, ho aggiunto la prima parte della scheda dedicata agli armamenti e alle tute di Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon"

Which babel translated to....

"In fact while the living dead men stagger drunk for the roads of the cities, I have added first part of the card dedicated to the armaments and to the coverallses of Tom Clancy' s: Ghost Recon."

Sounds like a Halloween reference!



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