December 2001 Archive


New Tourny 31 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
GR Gamers has just launched and is looking for Ghost Recon clans to sign up for their 4 on 4 Tournament. This is a 16 team competition, so don't delay, sign up now and be the first to hold top-spot at GR Gamers!

  Staff Heroes Mod 31 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Spray. We are releasing details today on the Ghost Staff Heroes mod. This mod, put together by Firestar, features 8 staff members represented in Ghost Recon with modded characters and skins. From new faces to new armpatches and logo's, this mod is a showcase for what can be done to customise your team of Ghosts!

The mod will be available for download shortly, in the meantime check out some screenshots here.


RSB Tool 30 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Thanks to Ryan for mailing us about another RSB tool for Ghost Recon Modders. This 42Kb tool by Bruce A.Lewis is a little different from other convertors in that it allows use of alpha channels.

"I modified the program to convert those files to TGA (True Vision Targa) format that preserves alpha channels. I also modified it to be able to deal with the various texel formats."

For more details check Bruce's Ghost Recon news post of the 30th Dec.


Cold War Review 29 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Pie has personally reviewed Bo Jack's New Cold War Mod, and awarded it a score of 67/100. While the score seems a little harsh considering the speed with which New Cold War hit the scene, there are some fair comments in the review. New Cold War has racked up well over 8000 downloads which is fantastic incentive for modders to produce quality mods, which as the weeks and months go by, will gradually appear on the scene.


Reviews 28 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Barry's World (the site that refuses to go under) have posted their impressions of Ghost Recon. Another review posted this month was over at Gamezilla, I wonder if they gave IGSWhiteout any credit for using his "Red Square" screenshot!


Flash Tool 28 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Mike Schell has posted his new Muzzle Flash - Brass Ejection Utility in the Mods forum. Grab it from his post, or the mods list over on the right of this page. This tool will aid modders when adjusting or defining the position of a weapon's muzzle flash and brass ejection points.


Forum 1000 28 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Our forums welcomed their 1000th member today! The interest in our forums has been fantastic, from technical tips, to images of upcoming mods, they have proved to be a great source of information. I have been holding back one of the TCC prize packs as a gift for the 1000th member - so congrats to "Codedog", your gift is set aside for you!


Interview 28 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Gamers Pulse have published interview with Darren Chukitus of RSE. It's a little light on content, and seems a little out of date, buy hey - it's an excuse to check out a site you've never heard of before!


Merry Christmas 24 Dec. 2001 | Rocky would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year! We'll be getting off to a terrific start to the new year with some exclusive and exciting new mods here at, and as always we will be bringing you the most up-to-date and regular Ghost Recon news anywhere!

Be good, and be safe.



Tom Clancy Confidential 24 Dec. 2001 | Rocky

As an early Christmas present we are launching our Tom Clancy Confidential competition today. We have six exclusive packs up for grabs, all you have to do is answer 4 easy multiple choice questions!

Full details of the contents of the pack can be found here, and the questions are here. Closing date is Friday 25th of January 2002 - Good Luck!


Shredded 24 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Shred Company have given Ghost Recon an impressive 95% in their new Review. Check it here.


Play Rogue Spear Style 24 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
In Rogue Spear it was possible to complete missions without actually taking part yourself. By setting a careful plan of action, each team would move out and follow your pre-set orders, hopefully to the point of successfully completing the mission. In Ghost Recon the player has to directly control one character at all times, or do they?

Use of the F2 key has been discussed around the community already, but Mr Mofo has posted a neat idea in our forums.

"You can even win the whole mission without physically controlling anything except the command map!"

You can read how to do it with a couple of key strokes right here. So, who is going to be first to command the Ghosts through a full campaign using tactics alone?


Navy Seals 23 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
We are starting to see some real quality weapons models coming out for Ghost Recon now. Piccolo has just given us a sneak peak at Navy Seals which should have around 22-25 new weapons, many of which with new reticules, sounds, and there own models. You can see the quality of his work by checking our forums here.


GR Essentials 23 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Soul has released his GR Essentials utility. This is his renamed and redesigned GR Toolkit.

Download Now

There are a host of features included to make launching, playing and joining Ghost Recon games easier. Some nice touches include reticule colour options, a threat sensor switch, sound and graphic settings, and a key mapper.


Christmas Mod 23 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
We added two mods to the database today, a Christmas mod and a Shotgun Mod. Firestar's Christmas mod makes every mission a snowy one and Ravenmouth's Shotgun mod adds a Benelli M3 Tactical shotgun to the Ghosts arsenal. This is a taster for Ravenmouth's soon to be released Weapon mod, images can be found in our forums. The background image you can see here is the Steyr Aug which will feature is Ravenmouth's Mod.


Clan Ladder App 23 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Sk_illed mailed in details of an extraordinary tool that boasts far to many features to even summarise here! He has just added screenshots, you have to check this out.


Combat Zone Clans 22 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
In a nice move toward recognition for Clans who have proved themselves on the battleground, The Combat Zone is providing free promotion. In return for ranking in their top five, clans will be awarded the chance to promote themselves with a full sized banner!


Weapon Requests 22 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Is there a weapon you wish was in Ghost Recon? If there is get over to our Mod Forum fast, Raven is taking suggestions right now for his upcomng weapons mod. He has also posted some rather tasty images of the mod so far!


More Patch Info.22 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Greg Stelmack RSE has posted some more details about the soon to be released Ghost Recon patch. If you have ever noticed that the IFF reticule sometimes fails to identify members of the Ghost team, rejoice as this is rectified in the patch. Furthermore, there are additional enhancements to the IFF system that can be set to show names of all the Ghost operatives, at all times. A nice touch is that on multiplayer this setting can be set independently by the client if preferable to the host setting. Many gamers have found identifying friendly forces less than instinctive, so these enhancement will be very welcome!

There was also a quick comment for Voodoo owners with font problems. Apparently some of the fonts have been reworked and might improve the Voodoo display, the card remains unsupported however.


Ghost Recon Patch! 21 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Sean McCann of Ubi Soft has posted details of Ghost Recon's first patch. This is superb, as the timing of patches is always a speculative subject. Here's a quick edited summary, you can check the full details over at here.

  • Release date : Jan 2002
  • Additional selectable IFF options
  • Binoculars zoom enhanced
  • AI improvements
  • New sound options and bug fixing
  • Multiplayer, many bugs squashed and enhancements added
  • Dedicated Server improvements

There is also a hint that Red Storm are already thinking ahead to a second patch which will feature items they didn't have time to implement in the January patch. Notably a Log File feature for recording some in-game statistics.


Have Your Say! 20 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
PC Gamer have given Ghost Recon a lot of good coverage over the past few months, and now they want to hear from us, the fans. Drop them a quick e-mail right now noting your favourite aspect of the game. Whether it is the missions, the multiplayer, the specialists, the weapons or the great fan sites (heh). Let them know and there is a good chance you'll see your name in print! Of course, tell 'em who sent ya!


TAW Pack 20 Dec. 2001 | Jester
TAW Weapons Power Pack Vol-1 is out! Grab it here to sample eight new weapons, modded to "enhanced tactical power". You can check the weapon list here.


News in Brief 20 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
A quick round up of current news

  • is undergoing a number of improvements over the next few weeks, including another drive to improve the downloads section - don't miss it, a competition you don't want to miss, and news of one or two exclusive and remarkable mods!
  • Official Ghost Recon Mission pack for next year!
  • GR-R have news on a remarkable de-fog mod
  • GR Miss-Match have a really nice wallpaper by Kabes, and a sales top ten that shows Bob the Builder can whoop The Ghosts!
  • Platoon have posted a full script of the RSE developers chat that was held today which confirms a Mission Pack for March 2002, and some interesting patch upgrades.
  • Ghost Resource are the latest site to gain official Ubi Soft backing for a tournament, they are a pretty organised bunch over there - expect some cool prizes!


Damage Model 20 Dec. 2001 | Daywanderer
Ghost Recon's damage model has been hailed either as an improvement over Rogue Spear, or a huge disappointment, depending on who's opinion you listen to. Greg Stelmack RSE, demystifies the way Ghost Recon calculates character injuries with this detailed explanation!

Ghost Recon does not model "death" per se, but rather "combat ineffective". And the odds are pretty good that with most rounds in the game a solid hit to the leg, hand, or foot would do severe damage. Maybe not a kill, but enough to take you out of the fight. And there are spots in the leg especially where a hit can easily kill. If you do research into this you'll find it's not an exact science; anecdotal evidence points to wide ranges of wound effects where people take severe effects from what would be considered "minor" wounds or walk away from wounds that most would have considered fatal.

The combat model generates a chance for each hit to be an incapacitation vs. a wound. There is always a base 10% chance for an incapacitation no matter where you hit. An actor in the game can take (1+stamina) wounds before going down (i.e. a 2 stamina goes down on the third wound). In multiplayer, all players in the game get their attributes from the multiplayer actor files. The base versions that ship have 1's for all attributes. This means that in multiplayer players can only take 2 hits anywhere before going out. Note that overpenetration is modelled. This means that if you shoot an arm or leg at the proper angle, you can generate multiple wounds if it penetrates through to the other leg, arm, chest, or other body part. And if you aren't happy with most of these odds, most of it is moddable (not the base 10% for incapacitation, but the "kill energy" of each round, the multipliers used for each body part, and the stamina values for the actors in the game can all be tweaked to match how you want it to play).


Tools Updated 19 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Those of you who have been using Firestar's Ghost Recon tools might like to go and grab his latest updates. Modding tool Kit Matrix is now at version 2.03 and boasts a new GR launcher button, and a fixed version checker so you always have the latest Kit Matrix! The Mod Manager now has a handy Threat Sensor switch so you can switch it off for total realism, play blind against the bad guys!


Voice Comms 19 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
If you haven't yet tried out Voice Comms software with Ghost Recon, now is your chance. Our latest report takes a look at Teamspeak, one of the latest in a small batch of Voice Comms software. Read Daywanderer's report here.


Riot in Belgrade 19 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
wH- bEnDeR has released his third mission Riot in Belgrade, and it sounds like a cracker.

"This is my third mission, Riot in Belgrade, and is definately my best so far. It took a long time for me to put everyone in position in order to beat my own mission! The scripting ran without a hitch and, after some refining, the enemy and friendly AI worked exactly as I had hoped"

It sounds an atmospheric mod too, with a great soundtrack, and Inspired by the movies "Rules of Engagement" and "Black Hawk Down". Try it out and post feedback in our Mods forum! Please note this mod does not install to the mods folder, and overwrites the music.xml file.


Downloads 18 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Our Downloads section has received a slight reorganisation. Included in the new layout you can find our recommended mods and repackaged wallpaper downloads that include 2 brand new wallpapers - one by J.Brooks, and one by Daywanderer, grab them here.


Upcoming Mods 18 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
News reaches us of some exciting new mods that are on the horizon. One that we can tell you about is a new venture by Rodion, famed for his Rogue Spear mods. In a Pie's Tactics forum Rodion leaks some interesting details, including new weapons and character models. "New models" will sound particularly intriguing if you are familiar with Rodion's previous work entitled Naughty Nurses from Neverland!


Toolkit Update 17 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Soul's popular GR Toolkit has just reached V2.1, with the following enhancements: modify reticule color, check server status, launch dedicated server function, and a built in up-to-date dedicated server list. Grab it here.


Crossbow for GR 17 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
There are a couple of modders working on a Crossbow for the Ghosts, but it looks like Clan <> have managed to be first - with their new Civilian War mod. As well as the crossbow, the mod boasts 12 new guns, 1 new uniform, and a few new speech sounds. Grab it from our Mods Listing on the right.


Matrix 16 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Firestar has his Ghost Recon Mod site up and running with no less than 5 mods available, including the latest Version of his Kit Matrix, check Matrix out here.


Realistic Poll 16 Dec. 2001 | Spray
Real Life Gaming has a new poll, "What the most realistic shooter?". Operation Flashpoint, Infiltration and Ghost Recon are currently in the top 3 - go place your vote now!


PS Plug Ins 15 Dec. 2001 | Jester
Red Storm have announced the possibility of releasing RSB Photoshop plug-ins in the future. At the official forums Joe Sauder RSE has said that such a release is "likely", which would allow easy modding of textures, skins, and graphics, in general, for GR with PSP or PS.


New Mods Poll 15 Dec. 2001 | Jester
The huge success of modded missions for Ghost Recon made me wonder what type of mod interested gamers most. Head over to our latest Poll, and vote for more Missions, Weapons, Uniforms or even Total Conversions!


RSE in Humour Shocker 15 Dec. 2001 | Daywanderer
Have you ever thought games programmers lack a sense of humour? After hearing this I don't think that's a criticism that could be levelled at Red Storm! Browse to the following file in your Ghost Recon folder and check it out mods/origmiss/sounds/m_voice_1/tm1_objective_all2.wav


Congrats to Bo Jacks 14 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Just a quick Congratulations to Bo Jacks, his New Cold War campaign mod just made 1001 downloads - in under 24 hours! Well done Bo!


Modding Skins 14 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Bajabravo has posted a neat tutorial on modding Ghost Recon skins - check it out here.


GR Re-mix 14 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Robin Har has created a great Ghost Recon mp3, grab it here.


Ubi Soft on Target 14 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Ubi Soft have published financial results for the first half of the 2001-2002 financial year:

Ubi Soft remains confident that it can meet its sales target of between 350 and 365 million euros, with a net margin of between 4% and 5%.

For those of you that like number crunching you can check out the report here.


New Cold War 13 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
In positively the last news post for the day (!) Bo Jacks has launched his brand new Ghost Recon campaign New Cold War which includes 10 new weapons, 15 new missions, plus a bonus 16th mission, plus the Tank Pack mod! Also note these modded maps can be played online as well as in single player. Update - we only put this mod up a few hours ago - already 300+ downloads!


GR Toolkit 13 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Looking for a quick way to fire up and join Ghost Recon games? Look no further than Steve Rad's Ghost Recon Toolkit, grab it here.


Ubi Sponsor Tourney 13 Dec. 2001 | Rocky are sponsoring a Ghost Recon Tournament to be organised by Delta Force Headshot scheduled for January the 5th. It's a 64 man competition, more details will be released on their Ghost Recon page nearer the time - including the prizes!


The Realities of Friendly Fire 13 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Pie's Tactics have a neat article on the problems some people are having with Team Kills in Ghost Recon. The article strecthes to three pages, if you are a scanner not a reader, skip right to this page which has a cool image gallery of all the uniforms.


Mods 13 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
You guys just love playing with IGOR huh? The mods are coming in thick and fast, we can hardly keep up! If you have a small mod to submit feel free to e-mail it to us, if your mod is hosted somewhere on the web use the submit link next to our mods list in the right hand column, or just e-mail us a link to the mod! Here are some of the latest additions you can find in the mods list.

  • At All Cost - Hardcore Mission for Tough Guys.
  • Elite 1.0b - All models have full kit access - and more!
  • SWOT Afghanistan - New mission for Map 3
  • Airbase Day - Turns the Airbase mission into a daytime

Elsewhere, NMM Gunworks have a new weapons mod available, check it out.


Mods List 12 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
In partnership with @war we are proud to announce a powerful new feature - Latest Mods. This powerful list can be found in the second boxout on the right, and is automatically updated with the latest Ghost Recon mods. Clicking the code in the left hand column will display a brief description of the file, while clicking on the filename will start the download! There is also a submit button for submitting your own mods for addition to the database. Big thanks to Akira@war for all his work on this!

Warez Crackdown
Crime doesn't pay, we all know that right? There's a whole bunch of warez dudes know that now too!

The D-Spot
I never paid much attention to games reviews before Ghost Recon came along - now I can see why. Inaccuracies and an obvious lack of play testing being two of the major flaws that can turn a readable review into a waste of a webpage. And so, to Daywanderer's weekly article, The D-Spot. This week - a highly scoring Ghost Recon review that gets it wrong, wrong, wrong, apart from the score - which bizarrely, was quite good!


SOB Complete GR 12 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
The Meatman has sent in this file that packs a fair punch for its size! SOB Complete boasts the following content -

  • Adds All secondary items for all soldier classes.
  • Adds all terrorist weapons
  • Provides some new weapon bitmaps in the selection screen
  • Adds many new "Kit Restriction" options for the host in Multi-player.
    • original GR kits only
    • no secondary automatic weapons
    • primary weapon and grenades only
    • pistols and frags only
    • no sensors etc etc etc!

Meatman has a webpage up here, but it's only temporary!


Bonk's Ghost Recon Mix 11 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Here's a cool track from Bonk featuring some Ghost Recon samples, and a groovy beat, check it out.


Weapon Realism Mod 11 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Droopy has sent in an interesting weapons mod - that claims to put another degree of realism into Ghost Recon's weapon characteristics -

  • corrected zoom M16, M4, OICW, M24 ,M82 , Ak74 etc.)
  • power of the weapons according to the calibre(9mm subsonic mp5sd m9sd, 5.56 M249 etc.) length of barrel ,speed of the bullet at the muzzle.
  • range of weapons
  • weights of weapons and magazines
  • accuracy standing crouch and prone especially in the sniper weapons.
  • recoil of the guns
  • reload times (bolt action,semiautomatic sniper rifles)
  • damage taken differs from one body area to another

Those are abbreviated statistics, please check the mods Readme for more detailed information. Download the Droopy Realism Mod here.


Polls 11 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
After extended down time our Polls are back in action! There are four brand new voting booths where you can check out the most common graphics and sound set-ups, favourite game type, and a modding Poll - what are you waiting for? Go vote!


Beautiful 10 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Rodion, of Rogue Spear modding fame, has created some of the best Ghost Recon wallpapers we have seen to date - if you like this sort of thing! Head over to The Platoon and check out one of the Specialists as you have never seen her before.


Ghost Recon Special Edition 9 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Exclusive news today - "Ghost Recon - Special Edition"! This is hot off the press and unconfirmed, but it looks like this special package is going to contain not only the Official Guide but also the infamous Making of Ghost Recon CD, that was bundled with some copies of Black Thorn! As soon as we hear more, you'll know about it! In the meantime you can whet your appetite by reading our special report on that special disk.


Weapons 9 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Like guns? Check this "Favourite Assault Rifle" thread out, plenty of images - why not post your own fave?


UGC GR Tourney 9 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
The next UGC Ghost Recon tourney is to take place on Saturday, 15th December at 5pm Eastern in the GameSpy Ghost Recon lobby. This tournament will be a 16 team 3 vs 3 where the winner will be placed at rank 1 on the ladder and receive a free URL. Sign up here.


Matrix and Characters 9 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Our in-house programming whiz GAK_Firestar ~* has been working flat out to bring us two cracking files. First up is Version 2.0 of The Kit Matrix, which allows selection of hidden weapons, custom kit icons and custom weapons, all through an easy interface.

Secondly, his brand new mod is the Ghost Recon All Multiplayer Characters Mod which allows users to select any of the specialists in a LAN/Internet multiplayer games!

You can grab both files from the download section at GAK Online.


Official Game Guide 8 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Prima Guides seem to have lost out for the latest Red Storm game, as it is Versus Books that have Ghost Recon The Official Guide. Check it out for

  • Tactical military strategies for every mission
  • How to rescue and recruit special hidden characters.
  • 20 Detailed maps in full scale 400mx400m that reveal objectives, power-ups and enemies
  • Multiplayer tips
  • Real world comparison to the ultra realistic weapons, technology, and gameplay.

Uhm, did that say "power-ups"?!


Santa Store 8 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Santa is gearing up for Christmas and was just delivered by the Ghosts on their Sea King! It's not too late to get yourself into gear either - so check out our new Store and complete your Red Storm collection of games, and support at the same time!


New Missions 8 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Lead Head has sent in a mystery mission called Clear Skies which has objectives other than just killing all the enemy. It has been tested for Single and Multiplayer Coop play, and includes Recruit, Veteran and Elite levels of play.

-wH- bEnDeR from WH Squad has sent in Collect Call which is a sequel to his earlier Breakthrough mod. Once installed access the "Collect Call" mission, by clicking the "Quick Mission" option in the game.


Ghost Recon Prizes 8 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Munkey at The Platoon has managed to pin Ubi Soft down for some excellent Ghost Recon prizes. The prize list has just been updated so put on your Fan Boy hat, head over to Platoon and answer those easy peasy questions!


Gamerz 8 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Phunk has just launched his new Ghost Recon site and it's looking good, visit Gamerz and check it out.


Crossbow 7 Dec. 2001 | Jester
Cappertain has almost finished work on his Crossbow for Ghost Recon. Realising a crossbow without an arrow would be a little lame, the mod will include a flying arrow with realistic aerodynamics, and a new arrow firing sound! Check out the screenshot here.


Eurogamer do Ghost Recon 7 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Read Eurogamers review of Ghost Recon or, for those who have read enough reviews, here is a summary quote... or two...

"The atmosphere and action (when there is any) is superlative - 8/10"

"...and the netcode itself is exemplary"

I think they liked it.


Win Ghost Recon 5 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
While Australia is busy removing Ghost Recon from the shelves to reclassify it, IGN are giving it away! CR6 at RSR noticed this bizarre give away where a copy of Ghost Recon or Black Thorn can be yours for the price of a witty e-mail! Yep, all those mad guys at IGN ask is that you justify your prize in an e-mail!


Pulled from Shelves? 5 Dec. 2001 | Daywanderer
Apparently Ghost Recon, in the middle of the Christmas rush, has been pulled from some game store shelves in Australia! Pie reveals all with some links to further reading over at the Official Forums.

It seems the Official Forums are down right now, luckily I managed to grab the info first!

"There are reports coming out of Australia today that Ubi Soft's Ghost Recon (as well as other games) have been pulled from game store shelves by the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC). The games will be pulled for "reclassification" by the OFLC. Ghost Recon, I think, is rated "Mature" in Australia. This will probably affect Christmas sales of the title.

Aussie Gamers Viewpoint | local newspaper report"

This info comes courtesy of Pie.


Ghost Recon Goodies 4 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Ubi Soft have some new toys for Ghost Recon fans in the run up to Christmas, including a camo hat complete with Ghost Recon dog tags! There are also squishy grenades doing the rounds, and a special package that I plan on exposing later this week!

This special "Confidential" package will be up for grabs in a competition that will run for a week, and will be open to everybody, with a special section for everybody that mailed me a Birthday e-mail last week!


Virus Warning 4 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
We don't usually post Virus warnings here, but there are a couple of high risk e-mail Virus doing the rounds. The most recent one is particularly nasty, and has already infected at least one USA police department that I know of - it is known as the Pentagone, Goner or Gone Virus. Read about it here and take precautions.

The other virus is BadTrans, detailed here.

Remember, never open a suspect e-mail attachment. Some of these virus will actually look like they come from a known contact, learn to recognise a Virus signature and use up to date protection.


Wallpapers'n Stuff 4 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
~Super sent in 4 cool wallpapers this week, you'll find them on our Downloads page, along with a couple of smart new Calendar images from Xian Saint.

Check out the Flash movie from Carpetwax over at The Swamp, things are shaping up well over there!

Ghost Recon Kit Matrix v1.10
The Matrix is now updated to version 1.10, click here to see the improvements, and grab the file.


Breakthrough 4Dec. 2001 | Rocky
-wH- bEnDeR from WH Squad has mailed in his Breakthrough mod, which transforms the feel of GR from a "behind the lines covert ops" to a more traditional infantry/armor experience. Grab it from our Downloads page.


KIT MATRIX v1.00 3 Dec. 2001 | Rocky

GAK_Firestar ~* has created Kit Matrix which enables you to make your own fun kit files for single player Ghost Recon.

The program runs in a small window with a drop down box for both the Primary Slot and Secondary slot. Within each menu you can select any item, yes any item! You can carry primary weapons in both slots if you wish, or even equip fun items such as Coke cans and PDAs, just for fun.

Once the selection is complete, pick your own filename so as not to overwrite any files and save to the directory identified in the included readme file, easy.

I don't care if that IS the real deal, get your Rifle Mister!


FAQ Updated 3 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
Our FAQ has been updated with some modding questions, and a section on Walkthroughs, bringing the total to over 30 questions and answers. There is also a form that can be used if you would like to make any suggestions!


Dedi Servers Again 1 Dec. 2001 | Carpetwax
As you can see, the dedicated servers list is growing quickly. However, we've had some e-mails saying that some were not up. I apologize for this, but I usually check them every weekend. Please keep in mind this list is still preliminary and we hope to turn it into a really great resource in the future.

In terms of "real-time" server stats, The Combat Zone has just introduced an automated Dedicated Server Listing. The database is empty at the moment, but bookmark the page, or head along there now and add your own dedicated server!


Dedicated Servers updated 1 Dec. 2001 | Rocky
If you are interested in Dedicated Servers there are a couple of interesting conversations regarding Ghost Recon Servers, including some great tips on running a stable server. Check out this thread at GR-R, and this one at The Rumble.

Shane's GR Goodies
Looking for some new weapons to equip the Ghosts with, or maybe some new uniforms? Grab this 6Mb file, which according to Shane Mods, is "a damn good mod", but then he would say that wouldn't he!



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