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Thanks for your interest in donating to Ghost Running a website that gets thousands of visitors every day is expensive. Below I'll answer some questions you might have about donating to, as many people are unaware of the costs involved.

Hopefully you will agree the service we work hard to provide is worth a few dollars to keep us online.

Everyone that donates will have their Forum membership upgraded to Supporter

with the following benefits.

  • Access to the Supporters forum where
    • some mods are released ahead of public releases
    • downloads are available off the server instead of queueing at Fileplanet.
    • web storage space
    • share, upload and download your own images and files.
  • Special forum features
    • Posting Polls
    • Delete your own posts
    • Open and close your discussions
    • and a neat badge :o)
    • Double the PM storage - 100 messages
  • File Manager
    • 2Mb of web storage space
  • Blog
    • Your own personal blog accessed directly from the forums!
  • Competition Chances
    • In prize draw competitions the Supporters are put in a seperate draw doubling or even tripling their chances of winning.

How much to contribute? If only 1% of our visitors contributed just $5 a month, we could probably afford our own download server! Every regular donation helps, no matter how small, thanks. We get donations from $5 to $50 and it all helps!

Donate Now - Keep Us Online

Why should you donate?
Running busy websites is an expensive business. At we secured some unique sponsorship which brought our costs right down, but there are still bills to be paid for supplying you with this site to enjoy.

I pay those bills out of my own pocket, so you can enjoy the services we offer. Some of those services are detailed on the right, we work hard to make each one a quality feature for you to enjoy.

Thousands of people enjoy our unique content every day, and my mailbag sees regular praise and thanks for If you enjoy our content please remember it is not free, I pay the bills so you can enjoy the content.

Consider making a small regular contribution so that I can cover the costs and we can stay online, providing you with quality Ghost Recon features.

This is an honor system, if it works I will not have to consider the alternatives outlined below.

I am introducing this honor system now because, believe it or not, people have asked for it. Some visitors recognise the hard work we put in, and have asked to contribute - which is great. Please support us and keep us online.

Why does it cost money?
When a site gets a handful of visitors a day, it can be run for very little, but when thousands of people use a website the amount of data transfer from the server to visitor's PCs is enormous. It is that amount of data transfer that ISPs use to calculate the charge to website owners. Because we are so popular, we have a lot of data transfer - and the charges are high for high transfer websites.

Don't the adverts cover the cost?
Banner adverts like the one you see on the news page used to cover the cost years ago, but in todays net economy they have very little effect. If you want to help, please do click when you see a new advert - if more people did we would not need a donation page!

What are the alternatives?
Some sites use a subscription model - you don't get in unless you pay. I don't want to do that - we have a great community, and a subscription model flies in the face ofa free community.

Other sites use many adverts, including pop-ups, pop-unders or huge full screen flash ads, instead of the occasional small ads you see here. The flash ads and pop-up ads would bring in more revenue, but I know how annoying pop up windows are, and would not inflict that on Ghost Recon fans!.

So please use our honor system and make a small payment and help keep us online.

Final Words
I'd like to close with a quote from an e-mail I received that restored my faith and encouraged me to continue striving to bring the very best Ghost Recon content to the fans on a daily basis.

"I for one would like to say that the info on GR/DS that provides makes the game so much more enjoyable... Thank you yet again and I will cease my rambling and send my donation."

Thanks for taking the time to read this page, I hope you will agree that what we do is worth contributing a small amount to - especially when your donation will help us continue to help you enjoy the best Tactical Shooter that ever graced a PC!



Our News page is updated more than any other Ghost Recon website, sometimes several times a day - bringing you the very latest Ghost Recon information. Sometimes we make almost 100 news posts a month, keeping you informed of the latest news and greatest mods and often scooping news you won't find anywhere else.

Our Recon section is filled with over 100 exclusive reports helping fans with modding tutorials, community information and Ghost Recon tactics reports. Every month we add new reports that you will not find anywhere else, for your enjoyment.

Our forums have been massively popular with over 3000 members and 1/4 of a million posts, solving problems, discussing tactics and enjoying the fantastic community that has evolved around this great game.

Four large sections solving many problems and difficulties that Ghost Recon gamers encounter.

We work hard on the Mods section, making sure you have the most up to date list of mods to choose from. Most Ghost Recon mods are released right here at where we upload them on a daily basis, and add them to the mods database.