MexicoBob GRAW 2 Mod Pack

Posted by Rocky on Friday, March 6 2015

We're proud to present the MexicoBob GRAW 2 map pack, a collection of MexicoBob's mods for everyone to enjoy. Download the massive collection here and enjoy his entire collection of Advanced Warfighter mods!

2015 GRAW 2 Launcher

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, January 3 2015 have come to the rescue for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 gamers everywhere with an alternative to the now defunt Gamespy Masterserver previously used by Ubisoft.  Combined with Gamedigger's new GRAW 2 launcher that bypasses the now defuct Gamespy servers and automatically launches GRAW 2 and connects to the Gameshare server, fans now how a simple alternative to Gamespy.

The launcher allows gamers to browse GRAW2 multiplayer servers - something thought impossible after the demise of Gamespy.

Full details on the method can be found in our FAQ entry Playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 online, or you can jump straight to the GRAW2 Launcher download.

Many thanks to for this solution and to Struth for his work in bringing this launcher to the Ghost Recon community.


GRAW2 Gamespy Servers Back Online!

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, September 16 2014

Well, not really, but this neat trick combined with the GameMaster service fools GRAW2 into thinking it is, meaning multiplayer GRAW2 is BACK!

The process involves changing your computers internet settings, but they've put up a neat video showing how easy it is.

We've opened a support thread here too, give it a go and let us know how you get on!

GRAW 2 PS3 Servers Closed

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, August 9 2014

Ubisoft are shutting down the PS3 GRAW2 servers this month. Considering that it was over 2 years ago that the shut down rumours started, it's perhaps been a long time coming.

Exactly which parts of GRAW2 gameplay will cease to operate on PS3 this month is not clear, with Ubisoft stating that although co-op is unlikely, multiplayer matches may remain.

PC GRAW2 players suffered a similar fate last month when Gamespy shut their doors, however GRAW2 PC continues thanks to clients such as Hamachi and Gameranger. PC gamers can find guides on playing GRAW2 post Gamespy in our GRAW2 forums.

GRAW2 Server Stats

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, August 24 2013

Take a look at this extremely cool GRAW2 stats page on  In addition to player stats there are weapon stats, map stats and lots more. Read the development discussion here, and download in our GRAW2 Download section.

Pauline Jacquey

Posted by Rocky on Friday, March 1 2013

You might not recognise the name, but Pauline Jacquey produced the console versions of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for Ubisoft.

Pauline Jacquey

Pauline is now managing director of Ubisoft Reflections, helping to create the exciting Watch Dogs title, coming soon. More here.

All New Buildings for GRAW 2

Posted by Rocky on Monday, December 31 2012

JohnTC02's latest custom mission for GRAW 2 has a treat for fans - all new buildings.

GRAW 2 Fort Strike

All new buildings (including sliding doors)  is not the only new feature in Fort Strike though, as a new animation feature means that items such as laptops can be used as interactive objectives.

Download Fort Strike here now!

Eagle Claw for GRAW2

Posted by Rocky on Wednesday, November 14 2012

Exciting times for GRAW2 gamers as JohnTC02 released his latest GRAW2 mission this week. "Eagle Claw" for GRAW2 contains two brand new features never before seen in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2.

Firstly, there are are custom sounds, easy to install by following the included instructions.

Secondly, and this is a big step for GRAW2 modding, there is a working elevator! That's right, the Ghost can now take the shortcut to the top! Read more about Eagle Claw here, and download here.

Outlaw Hunter Released

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, September 16 2012

The latest custom mission from JohnTC02 for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 is Outlaw Hunter.

Outlaw Hunter for GRAW2

Containing over 3000 lines of code this mission comes with some great gameplay features. The mission is totally adaptive and will scale difficulty depending on whether you are playing alone, or on a co-op server. There are brand new custom buildings to investigate and never seen before animated doors and gates, so don't delay grab it now!

GRAW 2 Modding Innovation

Posted by Rocky on Tuesday, July 10 2012

GRAW 2 custom mssions are soon to be blessed with new features thanks to the ingenuity of GRAW 2 modders.

JohnTC02 and spik@ have pushed the GRAW2 engine to new heights with opening doors, gates and hangers. Not only that, the doors can be blasted off using C4! Also coming soon, working lifts! No more unrealistic ramps all over the map just to get to good sniping positions, working lifts are currently being developed!

You can view all of the above in action in this forum post, and expect to see them in missions released here over the coming weeks.

Doors in GRAW2

Posted by Rocky on Friday, June 29 2012

It's a day for Ghost Recon modding breakthroughs. Earlier we revealed First Person Weapon View for the original Ghost Recon, and now we present sliding doors in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2.

GRAW 2 Doors

These animated opening doors come from JohnTC02 and Spik@ who have been working on producing new features for their custom GRAW2 buildings for some time. Expect to see these feature in JohnTC02's next mod, to be announced here soon!

Two New GRAW 2 Mods

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, May 13 2012

Team players and single players looing for a new GRAW 2 challenge can rejoice this weekend with a new mod for each.

JohnTC02 has completed a new GRAW2 co-op mission complete with IEDs and new buildings, grab Operation Tracer and check out the interesting screenshots at our GRAW 2 Downloads.

For team players MexicoBob has released a new Team Death Match mission called Juarez which can also be download from the GRAW 2 Mods page.

Bold Venture Released

Posted by Rocky on Monday, February 13 2012

Bold Venture is a new custom GRAW 2 mission that features new 7 storey buildings. There are five tricky objectives, so good luck with this one. Download Bold Venture now.

Operation Condor

Posted by Rocky on Monday, January 16 2012

JohnTC02 has released a new Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter mission complete with two brand new buildings and 5 mission objectives.

Download Operation Condor and other Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter mods here.

Operation Phoenix

Posted by Rocky on Monday, November 21 2011

Operation Phoenix is the latest Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 mission from JohnTC02. What's special about this particular mission is that it includes brand new custom buildings. Download Operation Phoenix here and read more here.

Custom Buildings for GRAW 2

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, October 29 2011

JohnTC02 has just expanded his GRAW 2 modding repertiore with another modding breakthrough - custom buildings. His latest mod, Operation Phoenix, features brand new buildings in addition to IED's in the form of explosive vehicles.

Check out the screenshots in this thread, and contact John by PM if you'd like to beta test this new mission.

GRAW2 Cartel Campaign

Posted by Rocky on Monday, August 29 2011

Due to the modding complexities of GRAW 2 there are only a few full blown custom campaigns available in our Ghost Recon downloads section. However, the mods that have been released have been downloaded thousands of times as GRAW 2 fans enjoy playing a whole new campaign and testing their solo skills against the AI.

Great news today then, as JohnTC02 releases a brand new GRAW 2 campaign featuring 8 new missions, new loading screens, custom briefings, mule drops and supply units.

Download The Cartel Campaign for GRAW 2 here, and visit the discussion on this new campaign in our forums.

GRAW 2 Match Statistics

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, July 23 2011

New software by Jody means that GRAW 2 players can keep track of their scores

GRAW2 Match Statistics

Read more about this is our GRAW 2 forums, or jump straight to the download page.

Tom1935 Interview

Posted by Rocky on Monday, May 30 2011

When we discovered we had a 75 year old GRAW2 multiplayer team versus team player in our midst, we just had to find out more.

Tom1935 started a discussion about GRAW2 multiplayer in our fourms that is already over 10 pages long and has some excellent advice for anyone just getting to grips with multiplayer games in GRAW2.

We sat down with Tom and asked him what it was about GRAW2 that was drawing him in to multiplayer games, playing against kids probably up to 60 years younger than himself! Read our interview with Tom1935 here and catch up on his discussion in the GRAW2 forums.

Operation Terrorist

Posted by Rocky on Monday, May 16 2011

JohnTC02's latest GRAW2 co-op mission "Operation Terrorist" contains some new features likely to appear in future missions, so pay attention or suffer a few surprise, "incidents".

Booby trapped vans and linked explosions with custom embedded animation are all new features in this mission. Anyone requiring bomb disposal training might like to check with John first!


TAW Snipers

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, April 28 2011

The latest GRAW 2 mod from JohnTC02 was actually created specifically for the TAW clan, but is now on public release so you can all enjoy it.

With TAW Snipers for GRAW 2 the mission takes place on top of the buildings and walkways - you have no access to the ground. Originally designed as a competition map TAW Snipers is a little bit different from other GRAW 2 mods you will have played. Make sure and read the mod information before playing.

GRAW 2 Co-op Tournament Begins!

Posted by Rocky on Friday, April 22 2011

Our GRAW 2 Co-op Tournament 2011 just started with the release of the first of six custome missions for two player teams. Download and details are in the competition forum discussion and also on the competition page. Remember to post your score screenshots on the Ubisoft Ghost Recon fanpage before next Friday! Have fun, these are cracking missions! If you have not signed up yet, it's not too late, just download and play!

GRAW 2 Tournament Delayed by 7 Days

Posted by Rocky on Friday, April 15 2011

Please see this post in the forums regarding a short delay to the GRAW 2 Tournament. Seven more days to prepare yourself, and you will need it, these missions are challenging!

GRAW 2 Co-op Tournament 2011

Posted by Rocky on Saturday, April 9 2011

We must be mad, three weeks into our Ghost Recon co-op tournament and we are launching a Advanced Warfighter 2 tournament!

In our GRAW 2 Co-op Tournament 2 man teams will play 6 brand new custom missions created especially for this tournament by JohnTC02. Each mission is self scoring and thanks to some clever scripting this score will be presented to the teams at the end of each attempt.

The competition is being run in conjunction with Ubisoft, and you can sign up in the tournament discussion thread, and read more about the scoring on the Competition page. Over the next few days we'll be leaking some advance intel on the missions, but until then, SIGN UP.

XBL GRAW 2 Bargains

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, February 17 2011

XBox Live Marketplace has some bargains in store for wanna be Ghosts next week. There will be Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Co-op Collection for 200 points and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Chapter 2 for 300 points.

Operation Dualzone

Posted by Rocky on Monday, January 31 2011

The latest GRAW2 release from JohnTC02 has some interesting features. At the beginning of the mission the player is presented with a row of switches that can be used to alter the mission parameters. For example, once in the map you can elect to play the night version, and the map instantly switches to darkness. You can also alter the difficulty manually, so if you are playing solo and find it is too easy, restart and hit the Hard switch! There are also hidden objectives on this mission for the elite!

Make sure and read the mission information before launching. Check it out and download here. Forum discussion here.

GRAW 2 Anti-tank Tactics

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, January 23 2011

Oz Ares has an unusual but effective tactic for taking care of enemy tanks in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, he only uses c4.

GRAW 2 Tank C4

In his HD YouTube video, he completes Co-op Quarry alone, with no anti-tank rockets, only C4 explosives. It's a great movie, watch it and comment in our GRAW 2 forum.

GRAW 2 with Anti Aliasing!

Posted by Rocky on Friday, January 14 2011

When GRAW 2 was released there was so much of an outcry that the game did not support anti-aliasing that a patch was eventually released that included an anti-aliasing setting.

Unfortunately this was not a true anti alias solution, and what was really only a smoothing effect did little to stop the jaggies that were for some reason, so very noticeable in GRAW 2, even at mid - high resolutions.

Over the years there have been various attempts to get GRAW 2 to run with true anti-aliasing, but nothing has worked - until today!

Thanks to information posted by Thales in our GRAW 2 forum, Nvidia owners can now achieve true anti-aliasing for GRAW 2 with only a few simple tweaks. The effect is awesome. GRAW 2 was always a good looking game but the jaggies spoiled it because they drew the eye so easily, now they are properly smoothed out, the game looks fantastic.

To adjust the required settings, download Nvidia Inspector and select the GRAW 2 profile. See our forums for more help and advice. Credits to jackfuste and GanjaStar for bringing us this fix!

Ghost League GRAW 2

Posted by Rocky on Thursday, December 30 2010

Ghost League has resurrected their GRAW 2 competitions and are running the TAW GRAW 2 tournament for 2 v 2 games.

More details at GhostLeague.

GRAW 2 Strongpoint

Posted by Rocky on Sunday, December 19 2010

Mexico Bob has released his conversion of the GRAW mission "Strongpoint" into GRAW 2. There's daytime and night time versions with 7 objectives to complete.

This was one of my favorite missions in  GRAW and I kept waiting for Bogie or someone to do it for GRAW2 , but I fianally took it on myself.

Read more about Strongpoint  for GRAW 2 and download it from here


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