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War of Infamy 2.1

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Posted 25 April 2003 - 09:29 PM

Mod Name : War of Infamy 2.1
By : DonMiguel and the WOI dev team
Reviewed by : Rebar 5th Ranger Battalion
Required : GR patch 1.4
Download : http://www.warofinfa...om/download.php

War of Infamy (WOI) converts GR into a realistic World War Two simulation for the Western Front. If you loved "Saving Private Ryan", "Band of Brothers", "A Bridge too Far", or "Cross of Iron", then this mod is for you. It contains complete uniforms, weapons, and rewritten missions, so you too can take part of this epic conflict.

Missions are the same as per unmodded GR, but with the WWII weapons, they feel entirely different, and are much harder. Tactics and teamwork are at a premium when you cannot use the crutch of a 30 round mag full auto scoped space aged weapon, and have to use a 5 round bolt action with iron sights. Also, as realism is stressed in this mod, no night vision, no sensors, and the TI is permanently disabled. It's dark at night.

Uniforms are available for UK Infantry, Airborne, and Canadian troops, American Airborne, Pathfinder, and Infantry, and German Heer, SS, and Fallschirmjager. They are of varying quality, with the German uniforms being top notch, American Airborne/Pathfinders quite good also, and the American Infantry and UK uniforms being fair.


The important weapons of the Western front are here: M1 Garand and carbine, Kar 98k, Lee-Enfield, Browning .30 cal machine gun, MG34 and MG42, Bren gun, Thompson, MP40, Sten, STG44, and many others. All are modeled with historical accuracy first and foremost, and with real, distinctive sounds. There is even light artillery in the form of mortars. An additional mod, Iron Sights, changes the reticule for some weapons to be more historically correct, and is highly recommended.

All the vehicles are modeled very well, the tanks (to my eyes) seem spot on. Those crafty devs have even figured out how to get the tanks to fire on you, getting shot at by a 75mm gun is quite an experience! The various AT weapons are here, the Bazooka, PIAT, and Panzershrek, and work about how you would expect.


The heart of WOI is in multiplayer, so the active community that plays it should be addressed. They tend to be a more mature, more historically detailed oriented and demanding, then the average GR players. "Run and gun" in this mod will earn you a dirt nap, so those types of players shy away. If you're into realistic tactical team play, then this mod is for you.

I have a few minor issues, The rate of fire of bolt action rifles are highly optimistic. More attention could have been shown to Allied uniforms. Some weapons should not have been included, like the M2 carbine and the five different pistols for the Germans (one or two is enough). I'd like to have seen the Italians as a playable force. But these are minor quibbles, which will most likely be addressed in the future, or are a matter of personal taste.


The future of WOI is bright. Active development for the massive Eastern Front expansion is ongoing. Plans for a Pacific Theater expansion are in the works too. A D-Day Airborne mission set is also in active development. WWII is an incredibly rich and diverse period, the possibilities are endless.

WOI rates as a top notch mod for historical accuracy, playability, and pushing the envelope of what can be done with the GR engine. For those who need gadgets and super weapons to have fun, then this won't please you. If you have skill, and want to experience WWII infantry combat, then this is a must have. I give it 9.5 out of 10, or a 95% approval rating.

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