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I played allot of GTA so my driving is a tad reckless. Probably a good idea your kid is learning how to drive properly instead of like a lunatic.
I have set my driving sensitivity to 15. The default was way too touchy for me. 


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The vehicle physics took a bit of stick in Wildlands, but when you get trapped trying to drive a mountainside like that, it is pretty impressive how the collision detection and physics work together to make it pretty realistic.


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You can cross country in nearly any vehicle but there comes a point hills are too steep to climb. I have had the game since 21 Dec. and still remain impressed. 
Completing all missions, side missions, weapon boxes etc. before moving onto another province. Still have not seen the jungle part of the map. I don't fast travel and always wait for my AI team mates to load up in a vehicle before moving out. I know they will appear if I don't but just for immersions sake. 

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Hahah you have hit on some key personal play preferences there.

  • Wait for team to get in car?
  • Fast Travel?
  • Province Completionist Attitude
  • Drive like GTA, or sensible?

I didn't fast travel or drive off without the team for the first couple of months. But I do now.

I was a completionist for the first couple of months. I'm not now.

But I feel dirty for it.




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