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  1. 1. I have not heard of such a limit. 2. I'm guessing, but no limit. The tricky part about replays is what mods were being used when the replay was made. Playing a replay requires the same mods being activated.
  2. This may not help but I think you absolutely need your Steam versions of Desert Siege and Island Thunder activated. Ignore the Compatibility Add-ons from the HU Xtras Folder. They are for people without DS and IT if I am correct. I think you said the firefight didn't work even when you had the Steam versions activated. See if it crashes trying a firefight using a custom map. I think the maps numbered from 001 through 050 are maps from the game so try a map with a number higher than 050. Maybe try one numbered 060 to be certain it is a custom map. The above quote is from your i
  3. This is one of the times the ike.log is not any help. I can see the game was loading the Caves map and the last three lines are not things that cause a crash. Was this while trying to play a HU firefight? Do other Game Types work such as Defend or Recon? Is HU setup with any add-ons from the XTRA folder? You might try using HU with no add-ons if that is the case. For troubleshooting, if any other mods are being used deactivate them any use only: Desert Siege Island Thunder Heroes Unleashed
  4. Check your ike.log(not ikeCrash.log) after a game crash. It is found in the main GR folder. This must be done before restarting the game otherwise any info about the crash will be lost. It opens with Notepad or any text editor. Ignore any references to: Unable to find ike_fx_fire_type2.tga anywhere. Unable to find lighthalo_effect3.rsb anywhere. These are never the cause of a crash. Usually any clues for the crash are in the last 4-5 lines of the ike.log(found in the main GR directory) For convenience, you can rename the ike.log to keep it from being overwritten. Some crashe
  5. They have ideas at odds or incompatible with GR root gameplay. They hear and see what they want to. Throw in some "group-think" and you get Ghost Recon Frontline.
  6. If it had SP or co-op play I might be slightly interested. The UbiSoft PR campaign is very energetic but also very typical. To be fair they have rolled out some new games like Wildlands and the Division that were met with a lot of derision but they stuck with them and patched them into good games. 20 years on I still play OGR co-op on Sundays with friends. I keep thinking, this has to get old at some point but it hasn't yet. A testament to a good game that has supplied some great mods to keep it going.
  7. There are a few things that help. -The mission maker should try to place hidden actors and vehicles where the players are least likely to see them. -Mission makers should make hidden actors invincible so if their black shadows are shot it does not crash the game. This does not work for vehicles. When actors are shown the mission maker should make them vulnerable. -Some maps have areas for hidden actors and vehicles. These areas are not accessible to the player. When the mission maker wants to show them he teleports them to an area where they are needed. It is probably the number one
  8. The author of HU, ApexMods, is on extended leave but he always returns. He will be pleased that you have reported these issues. 👍
  9. 1. Sounds like the black shadow bug which only happens in MP games. Vehicles or soldiers are hidden in the Igor editor to be shown later in the mission. These hidden vehicles and soldiers appear as black shadows to the client but never are seen by the server. If hidden soldiers are not made invincible in the Igor editor, shooting them will crash the game. Vehicles can not be made invincible in the editor. 2. I don't have HU 1.0.1 installed so can't test.
  10. Hey, GR single player content: BLOOD OIL, Rockall, CENTCOM, Texas Militia, Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed, P2 : A Cold Day in Hell. Russian Player Mod, Clear and Present Danger 2, Serpentine Dream Theory, Violence of Action
  11. Definitely typical suppressed sounds in HU. No harm in asking though. 👍
  12. @5Kurz Nicely done. Dampens the death animation without being obvious. I would never have thought of how you did it.
  13. Sorry Rocky but I get this message when trying to d/l. Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Error code: 2C171/1
  14. Thanks for uploading m14_mountain_p_v3 (end).mis. Unfortunately it will not make the replay work for me. I looked at the mission file and I don't think you have added actors, kits, vehicles or sounds that are not in the original game. The ike.log no longer says the mission is missing but it does not show any errors. Maybe it does matter that I have the exact mods that you have? But that would be too much trouble to do. Thanks for improving the mission! Did you try Eisenhauer's font.res? It does make the font a little larger in the pop-up boxes for me. Other font in the menus and bri
  15. Yes, the mission is a good challenge which I like. I tried the replay but it CTD. The ike.log says: RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file m14_mountain_p_v3 (end).mis I don't have that mission file only the m14_mountain_p_v3.mis. If you can attach the needed .mis file I would watch it but it is OK if that is not possible. Thanks.
  16. I tried this a couple of times yesterday. It plays to completion for me. I have not made it to the end with both Bradleys intact. The enemy RPG soldiers knock out the Bradleys in spite of my best efforts. :thumbs up:
  17. It reads unavailable for me. Possibly making it a .zip file will work? Just a stab in the dark. Attaching files to a forum post only works for me part of the time and I don't know why.
  18. I tried m14_mountain_p_V2.mis. It plays fine until shortly after taking the Hilltop and the North and South Path. The Bradleys and I are not close to the Russian Camp but a pop-up says "Neutralize Russian Camp" objective is complete and the mission ends. I'll try it again later to see if that is the same result.
  19. I think it is correct you can have only four objectives but as you suggest combining two into one objective probably will work. I had not played the mission in a long time. It is good but can be even better with some additional editing. I tried RussiaGhost's edit and the enemy RPG man always tried to shoot the N. Bradley at the house. It was difficult to kill the RPG man before he took out the N Bradley.
  20. Trying this! Later: Thanks! This is a definite improvement. I am very curious how and what you edited in the font.res.
  21. Thanks RussiaGhost. The Bradley made it past the house and got to the Russian Camp.
  22. You will have to forgive me. The N Bradley has three paths. -The first path where it leaves insertion and stops before going to the house. -The second path where it goes to the house and waits -The final path to the tent camp. I did not realize you replaced the short second path with a long second path to the house. I incorrectly thought you had made the second path a random event. It might take either the short or the long path. It is difficult enough without having two possible second paths so I think the long path to the house is the most reliable. The long second path wo
  23. I like the idea of the original mission but the Bradleys are too slow to be much help. I tried the attached version and the N Bradley got stuck on a bush shortly after starting. I opened the attached version and the original in Igor and the initial path appears unchanged so I don't know why it gets stuck. I have circled the location in red on the attached screenshot. I made some minor adjustment to the N Bradley where it got stuck and it started working. Until making adjustments it always got stuck for me. We can both agree vehicles can be very frustrating. 😃 The N Bradley
  24. If you post a link or maybe attach the mission to your message I will try it. No I don't think Apex has found a solution either.
  25. About Pop-up Boxes. I had not remembered this until now. A workaround for this is to change the screen resolution in the GR Graphic Options. Switching to 1600 x 900 the font is easier to read. There are trade offs. Many HUD elements are larger; chat messages in the upper left-hand corner are smaller but still easily read. The last thing is the game does not look as nice but it is OK at 1600 x 900. The smaller the resolution, for example 1280 x 720, the larger the font becomes. I'm going to try 1600 x 900 for a while.
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