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  1. Use the download button when you get to this page: https://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=257 Delta Forces 1990, one of the top skin mods but in addition uses completely new models. Requires Desert Siege and Island Thunder patched to 1.4 Have the "1990 Delta Force" folder in your mods folder and activate at highest priority. Worked for me. For singleplayer and available in multiplayer by using the "No Restrictions" available kits.
  2. I downloaded and tried it with no luck. SWAT is in the mods folder and activated at highest priority. I opened a couple of the .chr files with Mike Schell's Skinner but they are not the same as the original .chr files in the Origmiss folder. Most materials listed have different names in the SWAT .chr files. I opened a couple of the skins in Photoshop and they look like they are well done and are SWAT uniforms. Not sure what Chems, the author, intended?
  3. I read the section in the owner's manual you mentioned. Definitely a possibility for crashes. Sometimes it crashes, try again, it works. 🤷‍♂️ As you said, probably a coincidence when I had no crashes using your 1.0.1 Fix.
  4. @Eisenhauer Friends and I have a lot of trouble with SAR XXL crashing so I recently tried your HU 1.0.1 Fix and not had a map crash using SAR XXL. Maybe a dozen or so different maps. What did you do to make a fix on these missions? Was it the same thing every mission or something different for each one? I'm curious if SAR XXL not crashing and your fixes are related.
  5. Thanks. I'm curious what generally is contained in the 11a and 11b extras.7z files?
  6. The only effect for me is with vehicles that have a path. They move so slowly it is difficult to tell they are moving. I'm not sure if it does it every time but it has on numerous occasions.
  7. There is a setting in MSI After Burner that turns it on when the computer starts. For no reason in particular I don't have it set that way. For GR, I am trying it at 90fps and it seems vehicles are OK with it. There is a theory about MSI After Burner that it makes the game 'Division 2' CTD so I leave it off in that case. Not sure that it is true or not as TD2 is bad to crash even with it off.
  8. Maybe the .mis file is corrupt? Here is a copy of mine which I changed the name of by adding V2 to the end of it. For testing, in recruit mode you are invincible and have the run console command on. The tanks path was triggered for me. Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uWi5Oj-BqDJlrbc1Wi_-jk1Xd74ahv0F/view?usp=sharing
  9. I have not experienced that but I haven't played that mission in a while either. There is a line of code in the options.xml where "show framer ate" can be toggled on or off, <ShowFrameRate>FALSE</ShowFrameRate> We all have much better computers than existed in 2001 and I'd guess my frame rate easily averages 250-300 and I have seen spikes of 600. Well it has a con for me and that is vehicles in GR with a path will move at a snails pace on occasion. Instead of meters per second it is mm per second. There is a free program called MSI Afterburner and one of the features is frame rate can be capped in a game. If I have a tank doing a crawl I can turn MSI After burner on to a preset that caps GR at 60 fps(my arbitrary number). Then the tank will move at the speed set for it in Igor. I have done this countless time so it is not a one off. If I remember I will start MSI Afterburner when I start GR but I can forget. MSI Afterburner has two components but the second one is where frame rate can be capped and it is called Riva Tuner Statistics Server. The first components deals with CPU and GPU configuration, temps, voltages etc. May or may not be related to your issue but I always wondered if other people had the same issue in GR with high frame rates.
  10. In the Ghost Recon folder there is a manual named GR manual.pdf. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ghost Recon The section 'Input' on page 14 details how to remap keys. If you don't have it, I'll upload it. I'm positive it explains it better than I could. 😀
  11. On my Google Drive. Download button in upper right-hand corner. Pulsante di download nell'angolo in alto a destra. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eciv6mq7PRRfqozf0cSgWC6hb8B3wa1X/view?usp=sharing
  12. I misspoke about my HU setup. I didn't disable the entire shell/art folder. I left the backdrop, kit and reticle folders along with the main menu and shell_bgd RSBs. I use Notepad++ and it has a very powerful 'find and replace' feature. It makes changing all the skill values in the ATRs a much quicker task. Open all the ATRs in for example, the heavy-weapons folder(about 60 files) Highlight the line to be edited in one of the ATRs, in this example: <Weapon>225</Weapon> Hit Ctr+f which brings up the Find dialogue box Change the value 225 to a wildcard: (.*) <Weapon>(.*)</Weapon> (this is the find field) now switch to the 'replace' tab and enter the desired value, for example: <Weapon>2</Weapon> *Important note, in the lower left-hand corner of the dialogue box select 'regular expression'. Use the 'Replace All in Opened Documents' button. This will replace the line <Weapon>any value by using the wildcard (.*)</Weapon> to this:<Weapon>2</Weapon> Go to file in the menu at the top of the and choose 'Save All' Make a backup of anything you are changing. Test on 2-3 files to get the hang of it. For all enemy ATRs I'm guessing these should be broken up into more manageable blocks. Maybe 200 at a time is just a guess. Example:
  13. I have a Frankenstein setup that doesn't use HU weapons. It would be nice to find the particular file.
  14. I did an experiment using a Frankenstein version of HU which doesn't use the HU/shell/art folder. I edited the demolition folder in the HU/Actors folder to have stock skill points. That is using numbers eight or below. In the setup screen the difference is noticeable in the point section. A rifleman with points in HU format looks like this: The demolition soldier where his skill points are in RSE format(8 or less) looks like this: I haven't experimented yet how it affects awarding points in the setup screen.
  15. It has been a long time since I played a campaign but I did enjoy building up combat points for the soldiers in my fire teams. Getting them to survive unwounded meant they could be used on the next mission. Wounded have to sit out one mission. Custom naming soldiers on the fire teams is possible too. Am I right in thinking combat points could only be earned in a campaign? IIRC, not all soldiers earned a combat point. That maybe three points per mission was the max? How they are allocated and the actual amount is something I don't know. In the shell/art folder of HU are numerous RSBs relating to the appearance of the UI and one is called pda-points.rsb. So it is possible that, "the new HU graphic (showing skill points) which overlays where the points (dots) were just may be a cosmetic addition," I poked around some but didn't come up with anything but being more confused about it.
  16. My idea is make a mod with the appropriate actor files from the Origmiss folder and run it at highest priority. -Set up a mod folder and name it as you like, maybe 'Original Actors'. Of course this needs to be in your GR/ Mod folder. -Make a sub folder called Actor for your mod. Copy the demolitions, heavy-weapons, rifleman and sniper folders from the Origmiss/actor folder to your new actor folder. -Make a modscont.txt file which goes in your mod folder. Copy a modscont.txt from another mod, open it with a text editor and change the name to what you are calling your new mod. -Activate at highest priority if you are using custom mods, like Heroes Unleashed. Example how it will look in the activation screen: Desert Siege Island Thunder Heroes Unleashed Your Mod Not sure if this will do what you wish but it is easily deactivated or deleted if wanted.
  17. The title saying Gold Edition I presume it is a disc version and not a download from Steam?
  18. Uploaded to My Google Drive. Use the download button in the upper right-hand corner. DTD Scar with patch
  19. On the download page for each mod there is a "report broken link" button. Try that, they are usually pretty good about repairing links.
  20. I have heard good things about it.👍
  21. I'm from the US. From what I understand there are temporary drive through testing sites. Testing kits are available for sale at pharmacies and stores like Walmart. Most medical clinics will do testing. The US government started a program to send free testing kits to peoples homes. I signed up the day it started in mid-January and have not received my free kits yet. For some, test results are known within an hour and generally the same day or next day. People take the test as many times as they feel the need. Administering the tests vary from proficient to incompetent. In some cases there have been testing scams. Treatment I am not familiar with. Some people do not feel sick at all or only slightly. I'm guessing most people that have the Omicron variant can safely get over it by staying home. It is more concerning with high temperature and difficulty breathing. These people are admitted to hospitals but I am not knowledgeable in the treatment of severe Covid. There have and is a lot of mis-information about Covid in the US.
  22. At best, I'd dabble in it but don't have a lot of time to put in to it. Busy with other things. Just not enough time in the day. I watched some gameplay footage on YT and it looked sweet and the guys were having a blast.
  23. I would definitely try this. Sounds very interesting. Messed around some more with coop-avatar.toe. Unticked read only to see the effect. Yep, I have to do it all over again. 😃
  24. Nice. We play a lot of HX gametypes but not Mission HX, at least not yet. I tried the coop-avatar.toe and got it working. I will probably have some more questions after playing it more.
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