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  1. Downloaded One team never made it to a waypoint. As you said traveled part way and stopped. A team on "Bored Alertness" are somewhat unresponsive in my estimation. I would only use it if I wanted a team that was easy to get around in stealth. In past experience, I have struggled with some teams to get them to move at all. Afraid I don't have any guidelines other than look at other RSE or community made missions to see what attributes they give AI. Or in the Basic_Igor_Guide.pdf attributes you can give AI are explained starting on page 23 under "Intermediate Planning"
  2. To me a good mission is the most important. New skins , weapons and new textures of any kind are icing on the cake.
  3. Getting them to man a defensive station can be finicky. Agreed, High Sierra map or any other official maps don't have pathing problems. The following was posted by someone else about manning a defensive station with a fixed MG so may not be the exact situation but worth a look. Place a stationary gun somewhere on the map and place an actor very little behind it. Works in corridors, outside, in water. Then make a plan for the actor: Movement ROE All Costs Stance locked into Upright Alertness locked into Combat Combat ROE Suppress Cover Note: the cover arc must be less than 90 degrees and it should be symmetrical to the facing of the gun! Add a defense station, same arcs as the cover. Give the actor noweapon.kit, he is more likely to cling on to the MG. If you sneak up on him from behind he will unman the gun but have no weapon to kill you, good for taking MG Gunners as Hostages. Give him a weapon and he will not attempt to use it with all the above settings, however if you sneak up behind him and he knows you're there, or you fire at him from behind and just miss, he will turn around and use his weapon! Give the plan to a whole team of 6 and watch 1 man take the MG. When he dies another team member will try to take his position! Sorry to go through it all again, but with these settings your MG Gunners will never fail! I've placed them in the most ridiculous positions and they are still as active as ever. As Serellen said, just try moving the actor slightly, I know if he is a little too forward, he doesn't work the MG.
  4. One thing that comes to mind is the map. A few community made maps have little or no pathing for the AI. I'd say all the maps in the official game don't have this issue. To test, play the map with some AI teammates. If they follow waypoints you set the pathing is in place. On occasion, AI teammates will remain prone when the game begins and remain that way when waypoints are set for them. I have to soul switch to them to get them to change to a different stance. Not sure the cause of this, I may be wrong but replacing or substituting a different actor for the broken one should be doable in Igor or editing the .mis file with a text editor without affecting all the plan steps you have in place. One more possibility is canceling any other plans for the next one to work.
  5. The word or term is "stat" Stat, used as a directive to medical personnel during an emergency situation, is from the Latin word statim, which means “instantly” or “immediately.” Saved all!
  6. Link that works for anyone: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gY_PW9ss94uvzL8aycwYbj2YGBJJ-rDSqxd5ZuudAVM/edit?usp=sharing Usually I remember but forgot to make the link shareable for anyone.
  7. I did some searching for the Russian to English translations of Russian Voice folder but came up dry. Google Drive link for: GRHU Developer Notes
  8. I have not seen a list/full transcription of in-game teammate voices. I have a partial list but very incomplete. In the past I had a list of the .wav files found in the Russian Voice folder that were translated into English. It is probably on the ghostrecon.net site somewhere. There is software I have used in the past that will list all the files in a particular folder as a list. karens-directory-printer If you have Heroes Unleashed VERSION "1.0.1", there is an interesting text file of lists contained in HU Dev Notes.7z which is found in: Heroes Unleashed\XTRAS\HU Developer Resources folder. Just have to extract the contents which is a single and lengthy text file named GRHU Developer Notes.txt I'll upload it if you don't have HU.
  9. I had not seen a list and description of the original skyboxes. Well done I have saved a copy to my resource folder for modding GR. 👍
  10. I am a PC user so I can only suggest to look through the OPERATORS MANUAL.HTML in the main HU folder. Apexmods is a Mac user and I think he goes into great detail in the Operators Manual on how to use HU with a Mac. It may help to use the search term "Mac" to make it quicker to find what you need in the Operators Manual. This is a forum thread about using the wineskin wrapper for Mac. It started in 2012 but there are several posts from 2020 so you may find something relevant.: here
  11. It has been awhile since I played. When you open the map and right-click on a province it will show missions in that province either completed, available or locked. Do the available missions and it will unlock missions to take on the lieutenant (not sure what term the game uses) at some point. Not positive but I think it starts you out in one province and you must complete all missions before another province becomes available. With the map open, if you scroll out with the scroll wheel all the way it will show the hierarchy of the cartel, all the lieutenants and the big boss El Sueno in the center. A padlock icon means the mission or boss fight is not available. There are a multitude of Beginners Guides on YouTube. I had a link for one but it blocked me from posting it. (Something about WordFence?) This was the name: Beginner's Guide to Ghost Recon: Wildlands (+11 Bonus Tips!) I am 70+ and enjoyed the heck out of Wildlands single-player.
  12. I got my moneys worth. Really enjoyed it, except for not being able to fly an airplane at all. 😃
  13. Try the link on this page at Ghost Recon Hideout Discord for Richards_FPWM.7z ***Note the password and instructions on when to use it. https://discord.com/channels/253901488231940097/711791238453526548 I don't use the FPWM but the link works for me. My anti-virus didn't like it but I think it is normal for this type file. If you have used it before you probably know that anti virus programs don't like it. Use at your own risk.
  14. Another pie in the sky article hoping that GR returns to its roots or at least takes something from them in Ghost Recon's next iteration. The article is dated, March 2020 but I had not seen it before. https://www.vg247.com/ghost-recon-original-design
  15. I am not a good scripter. I dabble a little in it so any advice may be incorrect or not help. I have read in the Advanced_Igor_Guide(part2).pdf that to spawn an actor, company, OpposingAssaultForce, OpposingPatrolForce, platoon or team it must be done with a Pre-Action trigger. I would not try to respawn a dead enemy actor. Instead, spawn two of the same enemy actors you wish in a Pre-Action block. Use the first until he is killed than teleport the second from a hidden location to where he is needed. If he is hidden in the script (hide thing) make sure he is also made invincible so he will not die if he is shot as black shadow causing a CTD in a MP game. After he has been teleported than make him vulnerable.
  16. Uploaded Ghost Recon Manual to Google Drive. Ghost Recon PDF It is possible that it is already in the main Ghost Recon Folder
  17. bernardo, There is a Discord Ghost Recon Hideout here They have a lot of information about GR, available servers and even some mod discussions. I check at least once a day to see what is going on. Cheers, -wombat
  18. In MP your pics are part of the Crossfire map which I played a lot several years ago. The server ran TDM 24/7 on Crossfire and I think it would hold 50 players and it was full or near full most of the time. Really the only PvP I ever played. A blast. Good screenshots Ledanek.
  19. Are you using any mods? Some mods do not show a message when an enemy is killed.
  20. Personal update about GR and AMD cards. My issue with GR not working with a AMD card having current drivers has been resolved. I recently installed Steam version of GR on a AMD GPU(latest drivers) machine running Windows 11 and it worked fine. Your mileage may vary.
  21. You have a lot of videos and appreciate that you have separated them into playlists. It took me awhile to figure out your channel name. 😃
  22. I remember that. I think the guy's name is Burner. He is a die hard mil sim coop player. Does a lot of Arma 2 and 3 missions. His YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BurnerTactical/featured.
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