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  1. Please click the download link again, I just fixed it for you.
  2. Not at all Wombat, and I always try and attend to your reports immediately 😃
  3. Maybe I'm just grumpy today, and I get that some people want to use the internet while retaining privacy, but... When I'm spending my own time and effort and shelling out for the download server, and re-uploading hard to find mods every month, so people can download Ghost Recon mods for free - is it really to much to ask that your request even includes your name? Maybe I'm grumpy, maybe it's a UK manners thing, but I just find this a bit "off", ie, you're not getting my e-mail address, you're not even getting to know my name, but could you take 10 minutes out of your day and do this for me? Of course, I did. Just wanted to moan about it. 😃
  4. I always meant to put a list together like that. What’s also interesting is the number of unrelated but big-hitter sites that have disappeared while we have managed to stay online for over twenty years. Even some corners of Ubisofts site head to dead end with old content long gone. When Ubisoft upgraded their discussion forums recently they wiped out years of discussions and started again from scratch! I spent many sleepless nights fighting with SQL databases years ago to prevent that from happening here too big a job for Ubisoft apparently. There are some ghost recon sites that remain though. There’s the mod archive at woodys that deserves recognition for staying online and there’s a couple of clan sites that keep their site open every year when domain name renewal comes around, credit to them too.
  5. Many are calling for it, but you might be right, nobody has predicted it because Ubi have steadfastly decided they will take Ghost Recon in new directions. I for one could not understand why they kept doing this instead of developing Ghost Recon's tactical history further, rather than taking it in a whole new direction. Then I remembered Rainbow Six Siege. Siege took R6 further from R6 roots than Breakpoint did with GR by a million miles - but it was and remains a huge success. So the old school (that include me) can moan about their favourite game isn't worthy of the name anymore, but Ubisoft is counting it as a success. Except the failed with Ghost Recon, so badly they pulled Frontline all together. I hope they have taken the dev time and those assets and are turning it into a game worthy of the brand, a game that takes Wildlands as a base and develops it even further to incorporate more of the features that made the first GR such a huge success.
  6. Looks cool. I was playing hundreds of hours in e-racing with ACC. Going to get back into it next week.
  7. Ah, sorry I was not clear, I meant have you been gaming when you've been away from Ghost Recon?
  8. Haha, you might be surprised by the amount of emails I get notifying me of broken downloads - but the return email address is fake! So I cant reply and let them know its fixed.
  9. When we first started what has become the biggest Ghost Recon mod collection ever, the internet was a different place with different services. The services we used for mod downloads collapsed over the years (Filefront, Gamefront and others I can't recall) so on a few occasions we had to reupload every single mod to a new location to keep the mods online. More recently we relied on two file storage services, Godaddy's Sharefolder and Mediafire. Godaddy's sharefolder became really unreliable so we cancelled our membership there and now use only Mediafire. This means that some of the mod download links are broken. If a mod has a mediafire link, it will download - if it still has a Sharefolder link, it will just give an error message. Whenever someone reports that a file is not downloading, I go in and upload the file to Mediafire and update the link so that it is working again. So, it's a 50/50 chance selected mods will download at the moment! TLDR - Some mod links are broken and some work. We are fixing as we go.
  10. Still thinking about you Jester - I hope everything worked out alright for you buddy.
  11. Haha, nice one!! Added to downloads at https://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=1444 Can you post a quick "how to install" here for anyone not familiar with where to put that file?
  12. Don't know how I missed this - this is extremely cool, I love the palette! Is there a download?
  13. The very first Ghost Recon Characters had attributes that you could build up after missions, that's as far is it should go. Bringing purple flower collectibles into a Ghost Recon game was the worst joke ever.
  14. I kind of agree to an extent. Breakpoint videos come up in my YouTube feed and I’m always impressed at how fantastic this game looks. The environments, the characters - everything is just beautifully created with great details. it looks just like the Ghost Recon I yearned for before Wildlands was released. The only problem is they added RPG and micro crap that nobody wanted and stupid community area inside a mountain. Remove those three poor gameplay decisions and you have a really great looking, fun to play, open world shooter.
  15. Thanks for the feedback Seth. The sexist discriminatory comments posted were totally unacceptable and have no place in any forum and have been removed.
  16. Wow, you are way off base there with those sexist comments. Maybe you want to reconsider and retract those last three sentences?
  17. Yeh Wildlands was/is great. Most hated, there's a few ahead of Ubi right now, not least Polyphony Digital for destroying GT7 with micro transactions, I mean, do developers live in some kind of blinkered bubble that they do not see what's happened around them already? https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-5/gran-turismo-7 (How do you block another user here again?) Hover over username > Ignore
  18. I remember clan ladder. https://web.archive.org/web/20040604185625/http://www.clanladder.com/ I don't have any videos though sorry.
  19. Hey guys, Apex got in touch - he is all good just busy in this crazy world right.
  20. Yeh I've seen that technique before, it helps for sure - but depends on creator time to work on editing etc,
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