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  1. Ha, thanks, it's only 25 minutes into the day, so well done and thanks.
  2. You should be able to email it to me, rocky at ghostrecon.net, thanks!
  3. 8 yrs ago Ubisoft created the Star Player Program. I was one of its 600+ members and it flew me around the world to see the development of Wildlands. I even got to see it before the large gaming news corps! As some of you know, I even sat down with GR friends in Paris for breakfast with Yves Guillemot, CEO. This month Ubi shut down the Star Player program though, which makes me think about doing another write up of the experience, with proper behind the scenes nonsense....
  4. Very cool - I will play this game one day!!
  5. Haha you've really went to town on this. When you are done make sure and send me the new pack so I can update the download entry, thanks.
  6. I love how the models in Breakpoint take customisations like this so well, they don't look like modded in assets, they look stock which is very cool.
  7. Very cool mate. the GR patch looks exactly like the one I have in my GR treasure trove.
  8. I know nothing about this. But what I can tell you is that I used chatGTP to recode some php scirpts on this site and it did it perfectly. Maybe AI can help you with your problem?
  9. I packaged your armpatches up into one download - assuming that's okay with you? Breakpoint Armpatch Download Entry.
  10. Ah, interesting to know, thanks. I'll get your patches added here shortly!
  11. That's interesting - it must be in the small print when modder's sign up because I see this noted against every mod on nexus. Bit of a dick move by Nexus if you ask me. Image shown below. Why don't we add it to the GR Mods Downloads alongside your other mods https://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php
  12. That's cool you are back modding. Not keen on nexus mods business model though - you know to signed up for this? Upload permission You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances Not exactly in the spirit of community modding from Nexus there.
  13. GRAW forums updated with cards.
  14. Just good to know you are still around mate. Hope you spotted the little "tip of the hat" I left for you on the home page.
  15. Made some custom forum cards for GRAW 2
  16. Just need some more images for the forums... working on it.
  17. There's now 3 new layouts to view the forum index. There's a new modern Grid view to try out, which is pretty cool. Need som more forum images to fill the boxes out though. Try out Grid view now!
  18. Ah I missed this one - yeh Ive seen lots of videos of this, pulling out guns and allsorts!
  19. And I can't thank you enough! You've made this place your home, or one of them, since forever. You are always here, letting me know when somethings not right or a spammer has managed to get through the barbed wire, or helping someone with a modding enquiry. Top man!
  20. Hey @ZJJ I have been feeling nostalgic about this old place. Do you think the discrete "message" I've added to the homepage might get noticed....?
  21. Yep, fantastic times swartsz, and you were one of the most respected members, and still are!
  22. I finally got around to updating the forums, so nice shiny, secure, fast Ghost Recon forums are here! Seeing Ubisoft upgrade their forums a while back losing every single historical post in the process, followed by the crazy silly decision of shutting down their forums totally in April this year, followed by the even sillier decision to think that Discord was an appropriate replacement, gave me the motivation to give these forums, the longest running largest Ghost Recon forum on the planet, a huge update. I'm hugely proud of this place.
  23. Sorry to hear about your Mum, and as expected life is keep you very busy by the sounds of it. Girls are great thank you, one married with 2 girls and my younger one just finishing University shortly! Living life at breakneck speed these days!
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