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  1. Awesome news, congratulations on this latest release. I will add it to the download section shortly.
  2. Rocky

    OGR Daily

    If you are vacationing in certain countries, I am afraid your access to this site may have been restricted for security reasons. Please message me so I can make sure you are not inconvenienced by this again.
  3. Rocky

    OGR Daily

    Hear Hear! Congrats Wombat, I don't know what we would do without you around here keeping us right and being an absolute encyclopaedia of Ghost Recon knowledge!
  4. If you have installed the mod and have launched it as per the readme file you should not experience the described issue. Which mission is this and I can try to replicate. Please also confirm which mods are listed in the options screen and in which order.
  5. The HU readme has good instructions for launching the mod that can identify issues such as this.
  6. What mission did you load exactly to get the issues in those screenshots -I'll see if I can replicate.
  7. Looks like a mod conflict, what does your mods list look like ingame?
  8. Very cool, welcome to the wonderful world of Ghost Recon!
  9. Nice to see you drop in Cobblers, hope everythingng is okay with you!
  10. Yes, it is a real roaring success story for sure. I don't think its a game for us oldies though lol - that twitch reflex has long gone haha.
  11. I think helmet cam a s it is distinctive from the 1st person view. As we have the download section and and running again, I think we should put a beta version of your mod up there and see how it goes..?
  12. 20 years, crazy huh. Apex was around for a while bashing out another huge utterly massive update to Heroes Unleashed, but he must have got busy again as he went quiet a few weeks ago, he'll be back soon enough though! There's some new names you might not know so well working on some new mods too. Nice to see you checking the old place out!
  13. Same. Crazy how much GR has been a part of our lives. That's one reason I stubbornly refuse to let GRNET slip off the edge, it would be sad to let so much history just disappear. Not to mention the demand is still there - the modding that is going on is crazy! Good to see you again.
  14. Not that I am aware of.... this is how a sniper rifle operates...
  15. This series is coming along great!
  16. Clan ladder I remember, who rand that again,was it Holden?
  17. Yeh its really annoying not to have those files. Back then the downloads database wasn't around - it wasn't until later that I started religiously archiving all mods.
  18. Piggyson's files have been asked for so many times, but unfortunately we never manage to find them. I don't think this is what you are looking for, but it's all I could find. http://www.mediafire.com/?mkhj02r72q8tz5f
  19. Thanks guys, another year rolls in!
  20. Great! What's motivated you to get back into this?
  21. Haha When things are running smoothly, it's fine. When crap like major hacker issues come along, its a different story.
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