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  1. With that card you should be able to run Wildlands and it will still look stunning at 1920x1080. Anything higher than that might struggle. You might need to tweak a few settings, but that's normal PC gaming ;o)
  2. Yep, here you go.... https://www.mediafire.com/file/xaile0x640kr4md/Armenia_patch12.zip/file Thanks Wombat for the alert.
  3. Hi Thales! Yep Woody was great. If I lost a mod or needed to find an old one I could always rely on Woodys. Thanks for your work there!
  4. Hi Ruin, thanks for stopping by, good to know you are still circulating!
  5. Its from a mod called Iron Tiger by =DRAG= Mods, but I don't think it was ever released. I'll have a search around my archives.
  6. Laser sights like this? You can see them a couple of times in this movie you can download here. It's really low quality, but you can see them a couple of times.
  7. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope Santa brought you all lots of Ubisoft NFTs! 😇 All the best folks!
  8. Nice work, I have download these to see what they look like in-game, and then get them added to the download section
  9. That's awesome Burner, it's the crashed plane mission! I loved sniping the kidnappers through the house upstairs window. there was always one guy left inside that got me at the top of the stairs though!
  10. Really neat, we need to keep the momentum going with this!
  11. It's cool that when gamers move onto another title, they are so tied to Ghost Recon, they bring it with them!
  12. Is that an actual in-game shot? We did the same thing but with cartoon character heads but I don't remember it coming out hi-res like that in the game.
  13. Here's a strange one - the GRAW2 Island of Fire mission in our downloads archive is a password protected zip file! Does anyone have an unprotected zip, or the files? The filename is coop_bogie_fire_v1_2b
  14. Hi Is it this mod? https://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=13
  15. There were some really great GR fansites back then. In addition to 3dretreat, and piestatcics, there was theplatoon, and another mod download site I think was called ghostaholic - I'm not to sure. They went on to support Arma with a site called Armaholic. Did I miss any? That's not to mention all the clansites that were around back then!
  16. When I get home I’ll move this into the 20th anniversary discussion 👍
  17. Haha I’m so glad you posted this. I can remember chris very well. His site was extremely popular. 3dretreat was Snickers site but run by CR6, another really great guy. I hope those boys are still doing okay.
  18. Todays #GHOSTRECON20 Anniversary update takes a brief look at the official expansion packs and the unofficial add-ons - Ghost Recon mods! By my count, our Ghost Recon mods database has served well over 5 million downloads, not bad! As part of the anniversary celebrations I will ship out one 64Gb USB packed with all of these mods to a lucky prize draw winner. To enter either leave a comment here, or leave a comment in the tweet here.
  19. I found a discussion we had 5 years ago on the 15th GR birthday elsewhere in the forums and I thought I'd share this hilarious video made by Wombat. It's a video recording of a briefing by Alpha Squads member Ice25 to a group of Ghosts about to start a competitive co-op mission. It's hilarious because Wombat took the comms and edited them into ARMA because the ARMA characters can lip synch and had some cool animations. Made me laugh. It was great to hear ICE25's voice again too. I hope those Alpha Squad guys are doing okay, what great times we had playing their custom competitive co-op missions in Ghost Recon.
  20. I ventured into the darker corners of my storage areas and retrieved some pretty interesting memories and merchandise I had long forgotten about. I'm posting daily updates this month from the anniversary on the 13th right through to the end of the month. Keep up on this Anniversary Page, or follow along on twitter (click the blue birdy above!)
  21. I'll admit it straight up, I already find the level of character detail and customisation in Breakpoint utterly bewildering. We have never seen such a level of customisation in any Ghost Recon game previously, so it's really interesting to hear that some fans are wanting more! Battle belts though - totally agree!
  22. You can still play the Lara Croft challenge as far as I know.... did you try?
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