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  1. I recently got GR working with DS and IT using the Steam version only after renaming dbghelp.dll to dbghelp-original.dll. That file is in the main GR folder.
  2. Maybe they will loosen the requirements before launch. 🤞 At the moment Intel 7th generation CPUs and before are not eligible and the same for AMD Ryzen 1000 series of CPUs and prior. Neither is that old.
  3. I have never tried that. So I put the Red Storm Entertainment folder and contents on a thumb drive using a modified cd file and that is all there is to it? I do have a AMD card so that might be a problem.
  4. I got GR working with DS and IT using the Steam version only after renaming dbghelp.dll to dbghelp-original.dll. I tried installing with the Gold Edition disc version but had no luck. I deleted dbghelp.dll and ran in compatibility mode but it would not even try to start and that was only GR. No DS or IT. Early development stage for Windows 11 but so far so good. Getting Windows 11 Dev version installed was a royal pain. The TPM(firmware version) and Secure Boot were in my BIOS. Not much to enabling in my case fTPM(AMD version) but I had a scare with the Secure Boot and enab
  5. I put the ones I had in a .zip archive and uploaded it to my Google Drive. I have not tested any to see if they are server sided. So I'm leaving that up to you. If they are not server sided, replacing custom .atr's, .kits or vehicles with stock files will usually make them server sided. I have done this countless times with a text editor. Igor would work but I much prefer a text editor for replacing files. Additionally, they must use original RSE maps or maps contained in the mods you are using. Server Sided Mission Pack
  6. Try the below which is on my Google Drive. If it doesn't work I'll upload it to MediaFire. FNG DRx Serverside_Map_Pack_v5
  7. wombat50

    GRPA mod

    I have GRPA Reloaded v5 on my Google drive. A map mod with 32 maps. Is this what you need? I think most of these maps are on Heroes Unleashed.
  8. Tactical Net by Tinker and I may have recommended it already Operation Blue Glow by 9ms. Operation Blue Glow This mod has dozens of missions. Tinker's Defend Missions Tactical Net by Tinker Once a week is what we do. Keeps from getting burnt out.
  9. About getting teammates to hold or advance. In singleplayer you can set up from 1 to 3 fire teams. Let's say you have 2 men on alpha, 2 on bravo and 2 on charlie. If you are on alpha your AI teammate on alpha will always follow you. Team bravo and charlie can be commanded to hold position or advance. There is a complete explanation in the GR manual.pdf found in the main folder of GR. The command interface starts on page 34 of the manual. There are default keys to command the AI. In game, you can view the key binds under options/input tab. You can also set Rules of Engagement using the c
  10. Another good Tinker/9MS Mod is Operation Blue Glow. Lots of co-op content. Here I had not seen you in a while so I was wondering about you.
  11. This is not the reason it is crashing. I have not heard this issue before so I probably won't be much help. Check your ike.log(not ikeCrash.log) after a game crash. This must be done immediately after a crash because re-starting the game will erase any clues as to why GR crashed. Ignore any references to: Unable to find ike_fx_fire_type2.tga anywhere. Unable to find lighthalo_effect3.rsb anywhere. These are never the cause of a crash Usually any clues for the crash are in the last 4-5 lines of the ike.log(found in the main GR directory) For convenience, you can rename
  12. My mistake. skinner1_1 will not work without installing skinner first. Skinner only changes textures on character models but skinner1_1 will change textures on any model. So for orders sake: -UninstalI Gr Skinner v1.0 from Windows Settings/Apps -Then install skinner. Get it here and follow the readme instructions to install. -Then update with skinner1_1 by following instructions in the readme. Get skinner1_1 here Sorry for the mix up
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