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  1. You have a lot of videos and appreciate that you have separated them into playlists. It took me awhile to figure out your channel name. 😃
  2. I remember that. I think the guy's name is Burner. He is a die hard mil sim coop player. Does a lot of Arma 2 and 3 missions. His YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BurnerTactical/featured.
  3. I tried using a SOAF stun grenade in GR. Copied the file from SOAF, changed the model to a GR frag, changed the string.txt entry and renamed it frag.prj as a test. In SOAF if I saw correctly, enemies affected by stun grenades place their hands to their eyes like they are blinded. This does not happen in GR so it must be missing some code or animation. Doesn't crash the game though. Of course the possibility is I may have missed an important detail. 😃
  4. Not absolutely certain but the animations are determined by a line in the .gun file. examples: <WeaponMotionType>1</WeaponMotionType> ak47 <WeaponMotionType>0</WeaponMotionType> m9sd pistol <WeaponMotionType>3</WeaponMotionType> M24 bolt action <WeaponMotionType>1</WeaponMotionType> RPK74 <WeaponMotionType>2</WeaponMotionType> 50calMG <WeaponMotionType>5</WeaponMotionType> AT4 <WeaponMotionType>6</WeaponMotionType> spas-3 Probably more. There is a line specifically for GLs if the weapon has one: <HasUnderbarrelWeapon>1</HasUnderbarrelWeapon>
  5. I downloaded the SOAF Demo. I didn't realize it is the exact file structure as GR. I made a small one weapon, one kit mod for GR that explains in the readme.txt how all the files for a weapon work and interact to make them appear ingame. If you run the mod, the M16 Sniper Wood will appear in game in SP in the sniper class or in MP using the Sniper Wood kit restriction. Also in the sniper class. Best to activate only DS and IT with Sniper Wood at highest priority. Sniper Wood on Google Drive
  6. That is pretty cool. The video quality is pretty good for 15 years ago. The skins are nice too. Hang in there Ledanek!
  7. Steam version is very good. Get base game and two expansions, Desert Siege and Island Thunder. After game and expansions are installed it will be fully patched and will meet requirements for any mod. Discord Ghost Recon Hideout Very friendly and may help you find what you're asking about. Mods For Newbies In this report we have detailed the various types of mod, where you can get them, how to install them safely, and multiplayer instructions.
  8. The Ghost Recon Hideout Discord server is active everyday. Co-op and PVP Link : https://discord.gg/WXfnh7e
  9. I hope I am not guilty of doing the same. I have and continue to marvel at your dedication, time and monetary expense for helping people enjoy the GR franchise. You have done way more than your share, way more.
  10. Could be. It worked on the new computer or an older computer?
  11. May I suggest trying only Desert Siege and Island Thunder to see if it affects the base game? If it shows them correctly add one mod at a time and check each ingame before activating another mod. I have seen missing face textures in game, but they are always white. I have never seen the black outline, so I'm curious of the cause. If it shows the black outline look at the ike.log with notepad if it shows a related error. (it will be in the main Ghost Recon folder)
  12. I'd appreciate a copy when you get done. I can google translate the briefings and objectives into English for my friends and I. Thanks for doing this!
  13. My mistake about em1_killed15.wav Did you adjust the count line in the effects.xml? I am not sure if it matters, but in the original game em1_killed.wavs are listed in the russian_voice.xml. Possibly a russian_voice.xml is needed for em1_killed15.wav? This is possibly incorrect. My experience with em1_killed.wavs is creating new ones, like em1_killed15.wav, will not work like the originals. The engine will not use new ones unless they are a scripted or a placed sound. SFOR sounds used in other mods: v_apache_id.wav HX5 Fence_Open.wav CAPD2, 9MS, Cloak and Dagger ver2, Violence of Action
  14. I copied off the gr.net disc and placed SFOR version "1.00 "in the mods' folder. Before playing, I deleted the music.xml and deleted several entries in the effects.xml as follows: em1_killed4, em1_killed6, em1_killed7, em1_killed14, em1_killed15 and jw_equipchg.wav. These are present in the Origmiss effects.xml so are unneeded in the SFOR effects.xml. Duplicate entries in effects.XMLs at the least cause sounds not to play correctly and up to now I didn't realize it may cause CTD. The rest of the entries in the SFOR effects.xml appear to be SFOR only .wav files. Link for SFOR edited effectsXML: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ci3ami4z4VeN6qHSh1zxF-uTCBwn0jO3/view?usp=sharing MIS 1 -12 launched, and I played on them for a minute or so before ending the mission MIS 13 CTD after shooting 4 guards by the front door. MIS 14-17 launched, and I played on them for a minute or so before ending the mission I only activated DS, IT and SFOR ver 1. I did not check if the vegetation was correctly tagged on the maps. This was an issue with many user made maps. Some vehicles are not correctly named as they cause thousands of entries of "sound uninitialized" in the ike.log. Generally this is not a CTD issue but annoying having so many of them. Obviously my native language is not German so unable to understand briefings or pop-ups.
  15. I had the mod but no patch on the set of gr.net CDs Was the patch related to the music.xml issue causing a crash to desktop? Found out that SFOR stands for NATO-led Stabilisation Force (SFOR) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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