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  1. Go to page one of this thread. There is a link in the first post
  2. Go to the first page of this thread and details and links for the "Ghost Recon Hideout" Discord server are in the first post. They are active every day and usually have several playing on a number of servers. Someone will always post in the General thread about joining details.
  3. Link in English: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/help/article/cross-play-and-cross-progression-features-in-ubisoft-games/000061177 Google Translate: Recursos de jogo cruzado e progressão cruzada em jogos da Ubisoft O jogo cruzado e a progressão cruzada são recursos que permitem que você jogue com seus amigos e acesse seu conteúdo em diversas plataformas. O jogo cruzado oferece a capacidade de jogar com seus amigos, mesmo que eles estejam em uma plataforma diferente da sua. A progressão cruzada permite que você jogue em uma plataforma e continue sua progressão em outra. Observe que ambas as funções requerem uma conta Ubisoft. Além disso, para que a progressão cruzada funcione, sua conta Ubisoft deve estar vinculada à conta da outra plataforma em que você deseja jogar. A disponibilidade de jogo cruzado e progressão cruzada varia entre diferentes jogos e plataformas.
  4. Hey Pagey! Happy New Year. Mission HX on my Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r-dLDFWlY_8uDV5t0NQDh-H8uuwumJPb/view?usp=sharing Not up on Richard's FPWM so can't help you there.
  5. Happy Birthday Rocky and many more.
  6. I can't recommend it strongly enough. Good story, unequaled character development, diverse open world map, lots of entertaining side quests and a collectors/completionists dream. The only real con was the UI. The PC is ported from the console versions. At times the UI can be a little janky. A small gripe is saving outfits, which I never figured out 100% especially which ones were on my horse. Just giving them identifiable names was not possible. They were listed as Outfit 1 -5. But the game is so good the janky UI is not a dealbreaker.
  7. You are the best Rocky. I'm convinced you love GR and love running the site otherwise you would not put in the time, money and effort. Can't thank you and the staff enough.
  8. Attach the mission file here or if that does not work email the mission file. I will leave my email address in a private message.
  9. This may not be the problem but worth a try. In the below I have edited it where I think there should not be a space. Before a period, comma, colon or exclamation mark. Or where there should be a space. Before a new sentence begins or after a colon (:). I added a period at the end of a couple of sentences. I could not reproduce the error you had using your example. Excellent work last night! You have weakened enemy defenses outside the walls and now Coalition Forces are going to take the city. So here's the rundown for today.{p}Objective 1: Terminate insurgents within the city. A platoon of US Rangers are en route to help you with two armor units. The insurgents can come from everywhere but you can fire at will as the inhabitants have been evacuated.{p}Objective two: when the job is done, rendezvous to point India for extraction.{p}Good luck.{p}RMX by Acehole-2023
  10. Downloaded One team never made it to a waypoint. As you said traveled part way and stopped. A team on "Bored Alertness" are somewhat unresponsive in my estimation. I would only use it if I wanted a team that was easy to get around in stealth. In past experience, I have struggled with some teams to get them to move at all. Afraid I don't have any guidelines other than look at other RSE or community made missions to see what attributes they give AI. Or in the Basic_Igor_Guide.pdf attributes you can give AI are explained starting on page 23 under "Intermediate Planning"
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