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  1. but what is the identity of Ghost Recon? Assassins Creed, Farcry, even Splinter Cell have a general identity that Ubi sticks to... Ghost Recon has had no identity as its constantly reimagined to fit different purposes.. Ghost Recon a squad based military sim tactical shooter...Ghost Recon 2 & Summit Strike Black Hawk Down action movie...Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 & 2 corridor shoot 'em up....Ghost Recon Future Soldier season of Narcos...Wildlands
  2. this at times feels like a mission Sam Fisher should be doing.. after a rough start the game has really won me over PROS (to me): -map is more dense and varied, it recycles building much less than Wildlands with many more buildings u can enter.. with some complex indoor environments -drones arent as overwhelmingly present as i feared -TONS of options as how to set up HUD and even as to how missions and map are discovered -QRF system is better -lots of improvements wanted for Wildlands are here -the loot and crafting systems are there, but in a way that
  3. the added damage players can take with armor on changes the rhythm of gunfights... plus a little more Unidad presence would help as well...maybe some Unidad gun trucks not my favorite thing..but im sure it adds good data for Ubi to analyze when the mode gets put in to the new game
  4. ...... Some see “dangerous/deadly” drones... I see bullet sponges that have speed and mobility advantages yet remain stationary cause gameplay.... so if the drones are that dumbed down and cant create the sense of “desperate survival” then whats the point? other than being bullet sponges..
  5. The reason the “cloaking” in FS didnt bother me that much is because it felt like a design choice which helped “justify” why the AI squadmates didnt get detected and why the player could get so near as well... the “detection” range in Wildlands was near the same as Future Soldier without the narrative justification. the tumbling down hills, injuries, and bivouac would only add to the experience if the enemy AI feels properly aggressive... can the game create the necessary pressure where the gamer resorts to taking the tumble? Id love to see that.... anything less and ha
  6. I agree 100% with the rant.. its as if the processing power available in later generations is focused more on graphics vs AI..... It is why I always insisted that I would take a less visually polished version of a game if it meant it could support greater number of characters onscreen with decent programming.....It is why I hated all the recent Clancy games programmed so that bad guys would "spawn" on to the maps mid-match in small groups (Recon 2, Summit Strike, Graw etc) thus effectively negating any tactical navigation or clearance done thus far (Vegas Terrorist Hunt stands out as guil
  7. MMO additions are “the natural steps” in the franchise’s evolution https://www.pcgamesn.com/ghost-recon-breakpoint/interview
  8. Specific in the sense that only the area bosses have the significant drone and tech backups (if area “buchones” is still a thing).. All the same... by claiming this is a rogue “ghost” element they are setting expectations for their enemy AI... if they do something amazing with enemy AI then im there regardless of how “ghost recon” it is or isnt
  9. I hate the increased focus on "futuristic tech" but im not trying to overreact.... the bots may be contained to very specific scenarios.... though it could be the opposite as well where as u get closer to the end the game becomes artificially tougher by introducing bullet sponge drone enemies... its wait and see for now Im not anti future tech or claim its not ghost recon ( I love future soldier)..but at the moment at least to me...in whatever little rat runs around in my head this feels a little too removed from what Ghost Recon is..
  10. Exactly...the "reveal" with Nomad being chased was interesting..then the gameplay was business as usual....hell for a few seconds I thought that not only did we have a squad still but that soul switching had returned too......majority of the gameplay footage emphasized co-op and working with others, so wheres the isolation and desperation?...why have all those available vehicles if nobody is there to man the guns? Its going to have to be a wait and see approach...maybe the NPCs become more important, more involved, and compensate for the missing squad? perhaps that explains the people wa
  11. Excuse me "ranting" all over the place... Ubisoft says they took all the things people wanted and implemented them into the game (bloused boots, ugh).... -People asked for improved squad AI and found a word that rhymed with it...removed. -A game focused on the desperation and isolation of the scenario sounds interesting...but in the actual gameplay shown its basically business as usual...just more hi-tech Questions I came away with: -Is the game balanced for a SP campaign or for 4-player co-op? -If the synch shot is now done via drones and all characters a
  12. No "Hunter" team...guess theres been a shift in the timeline... i could have sworn Future Soldier happened first...
  13. It almost feels like the majority of the team moved on.. After SO3, theres still one more content pack coming (doubt theres a seadon 3).. Sure would be nice if the last pack went big and closed out the content support in a big positive way..
  14. That new sniper class may be a nuisance..This will make those campers who sit on the extreme edges of maps more common, since they can accurately camp and snipe the comms station from greater distances.... "season 2 pass holders getting access to a pack" sure is a lot of work to not say Free content.... wonder what the scheme is there
  15. On 2 files i have collected everything... like Arkham Knight the fun is in finding the balance in not always doing one specific thing constantly.. It helps that I walk alot and refuse to fast travel.... if only theyd add random enemy patrols and encounters
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