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  1. hi, upload "os_patch_1.zip for all (by Giampi) but if there is a higher patch I don't know regards and thanks. os_patch_1.zip
  2. Into .zip is "coop_tc02_operation_stabilise.bundle" protect with password. Maybe this patch is for GRAw notvfor OP for GR1.
  3. thank you very much Zee, I am waiting for the patch (we hope you can find it) thanks again.
  4. Hello everyone, can someone post the valid links to be able to download: operation stabilize + its patch? (in the forum I had found a link from Rocky, in one of his reviews, but the same reports on the site not working) if possible, thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, can anyone give the link to be able to download P2: A Cold Day in the Hell? Thanks in advance
  6. thanks i am downloading and save it
  7. Hi all, I had a break in my hard drive. Some mods I managed to take them back from my copy of external security (HU , Centcom and others) but, unfortunately , I no longer have a copy of "frostbite" with its patches and additional missions. Can any of you give me a working link (considering the download section of ghostrecon.net ) is temporarily not working? Thank you
  8. Is ghostrecon.net download down?
  9. Buongiono. Credo che jack non ha capito. Intendevo il "suono" Del tuono ...
  10. Thank you Jack. I really appreciate your work with DECENT. you are among my favorites. A note if I'm allowed ... in your "black mamba" mission I added a "loop thunder". in fact a mission, there are also many in the other mods and also in the original missions, where it rains but without thunder ... Just to create an atmosphere ... but isn't our timeless GR basically atmosphere? thanks again for your reply and a "warm" greeting from Italy
  11. Hi everyone. if possible I would like a clarification on two published mods. what is the difference between DECENTRALIZED COMMAND and CENTCOM: VIOLENCE IN ACTION? I thank you in advance for your clarifications.
  12. Hi all , Sorry for language . I am italian fan for GR first. I have original dvd of GR , Ds and IT. Only big game that , now, exist in may HD for years. I loved heroes unleashed , big work , thanks Apex. But now i have know frostbite that change location and i will it with all addon.. if possible Can the link?
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