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  1. Hello , I am thinking it might be network issue. Do check the steps mentioned by wombat . I suggest both of you to join a public server like ED server or any other server in server list to find out on who's end the problem
  2. This game looks very promising . For me this is perfect mix of Original ghost recon & raven shield . Rn it is in Play Test so it is free till 15th . Worth checking out . I tried Recent tactical shooter I feel this is what we are looking for . It has Raven shield type planning . Hope it survives in early access . https://store.steampowered.com/app/1621560/Black_One_Blood_Brothers/
  3. Hello Everyone , I want to make my server have all server sided mods for OGR & Expansions(Desert Siege & Island Thunder ) . After completion of every mod we used to download and install other mods as Now-a-days most of people in our discord server are new and doesnt know much about mods . So I have decided to make my server have all server sided missions& gametypes for Coop & TvsT and give some exposure about mods . Currently I have these mods - -8days reloaded , 12 weeks , Alpha squad stealth tournament , Advanced Training map , Sight Coop defend pack , Pandora trigger , Ronski DS Sniper Pack , Sniper Missions , Neyvns Sniper-Missions , Phoenix Soldiers Mission Pack 1 , Operation Take Back (Mission Only) , Fraggys Server Side mission , GRNET Training Pack , Miracles 7 Missions , LastHope , Phoenix-Soldiers-Mission-Pack-2 , Assassinate , Guatemala_Mod , Assassination Gametypes . I have received some positive response from new players about Currently server sided mods I have . So I want to introduce even more server sided mods to them . I have tried to download all server sided coop mods but some links are broken . We really appreciate if anyone coming forward to help us and let people know about OGR Mods . Mods we need - Sniper Training , Tinkers Defend Missions, NGRU 2pt Hardcore 4 , NGRU 2pt Hardcore 5 , Operation Take Back (Mission Only) , Squad Based Tactical Operations (SBTO) , Red Smoke , Jack Rabbit , The Needles Eye , Disavowed , Operation Backlash , Swan Song , FNG_DRx Server Side map pack (v5 preferred) , Bazillion missions , IGS TRR Map Pack , Special Ops TRR , AFZ Co-op Gametypes , Still as Death . Sorry I asked too many mods . If there are any server sided mod I missed you can upload it too . Thank you modders . Long Live OGR
  4. I am unable to download . I guess the link is broken .Can you upload again please?
  5. Just want to tell you guys . From last 2 months we have been doing PvP regularly. From last few days we are not playing everyday.We are doing weekends for now . This week we did some coop . We finished 10 missions of 12 weeks mod by right hand still 5 more to go. Very good mod to try . We wanted to finish this mod before but it crashed frequently .Thanks wombat for fixing those crashes. I tried many games like arma , escape from tarkov, ground branch etc But there is nothing like GR and there can never be. The mods this community made are creative and mind blowing. I am Ready to help someone if anyone making some good mods . Any good mod suggestion wombat? Let us know Hope we get more people who likes to play coop more often . We play in between gmt 2-7 pm .All are Welcome Discord server - https://discord.gg/A4SnquW
  6. Thanks wombat for the mod added to our list . For now We will be doing some PvP or TvT . Looking for some good PvP or TvT Gametypes . Recently Tried assassination gametype which are really amazing . There are of 3 types 1st one is assasination of general this one is really amazing , 2nd You need to capture enemy base it is like similar to siege one , 3rd one is warzone similar to domination one . Another thing We also tried Timebomb gametype which is similar to CSGO thing but crashes regularly . Mission hx by one of the best modder Hantrox TvsT is like 1 team does missions another team has to stop them doing their missions Really creative one . We also tried Catch the flag gametype which is pretty interesting . At present we are using grpaReloaded mod for some small-medium maps . For Realism we use bh clean mods . Wanted to try as many mods as possible but most of download links are not working . There is option in server for random respawn but it is messing the gametypes Suppose they are spawning too far away from base .Looking for some mods which create random respawn ,some interesting gametypes , Some small-medium maps and Anything that makes PvP or TvT much more interesting . Ready to try as many mods Prefer more if it is server sided things . Long Live OGR
  7. Got access to the site . Thanks Rocky We completed all missions of rockall mod . I can say one of the best mod we played . Missions are very well scripted . Guns , Maps , Skins etc all are very well crafted . You can Observe Rockall team passion and love for GR . We also completed Sniper Team mod by Lightspeed .We played with its realism add on . Most Realistic GR Mod We have played . Every mission is well designed . The way he managed both story and missions is really great . Nice thing is even one of your team mate die then mission is failed .You can definitely feel as real sniper . I tried many sniper games but I can say this mod beats them all .You can see new many weapons with real life ballistics.I recommend playing this mod mission with bushes as your secondary weapon and spotter to help you .If you fail stealth you are dead man . We all had a great time with this mod Thank you Lightspeed . We also finished Blood Oil mod . The music in this mod gives you a great feeling while playing . We team are big fan of tinker scripting . The way he scripts missions the love for GR keeps increasing . This mod got the best skins in GR . I am sure this mod should be in unofficial expansion in the download section . Guns, Maps , skins , missions , gametype this mod got everything . Thank you tinker for making these mods we all had great time with your mods. We also played Alpha Squad Stealth Tournament 2003 .I can say one of the best mod for stealth and also toughest mod we have ever played.The way this missions are scripted by chavez . Team work is very important in this mod . I liked the concept of the mod . Dont kill tangos to get better score . Thank you Alpha squad andwombat50 for suggesting this mod . Our main leader is away so From last week on wards we took break from coop and start when he come back again . We started playing PvP for now . We generally start playing at gmt 2pm . Our Discord is just for OGR Player All are welcome join us - https://discord.gg/kd2aRzp
  8. Just now finished playing rockall mission stats, so far:- (updated 10 th mar) rk(c)01 - completed rk(c)02 - completed rk(c)03 - completed rk(c)04 - completed rk(c)05 - completed rk(c)06 - completed rk(c)07 - completed rk(c)08 - completed rk(c)09 - completed rk(c)10 - completed Great maps and great missions . Thank you rockall team
  9. rockall mission stats, so far:- (updated 9 th mar) rk(c)01 - completed rk(c)02 - completed rk(c)03 - completed rk(c)04 - completed rk(c)05 - completed rk(c)06 - completed rk(c)07 - completed rk(c)08 - completed We struggled a lot to finish rk(c)08 , Perhaps the toughest mission I have ever played . I can say Tinker is one of the greatest mission scriptors . The way he places enemies is really amazing .We always liked his style of scripting . Thank you tinker for all your mods and your help to gr.net will always be remembered .
  10. Congrats wombat on 3000th post . I can say most humble person and thank you for always being there for us gr.net . I am really happy that even If I am not that active like before they are keeping OGR alive . They are playing everyday join us . rockall mission stats, so far:- (updated 7 th mar) rk(c)01 - completed rk(c)02 - completed rk(c)03 - completed rk(c)04 - completed rk(c)05 - completed rk(c)06 - completed rk(c)07 - completed rk(c)08 - incomplete
  11. Not sure why but it didnt access me from all my devices . I even tried other devices not sure it kept saying banned . I guess the site doesn't work in some locations as I was on vacation . Now I am writing this post while travelling back to my home The content in the forum is really priceless Now I am sure I wont miss anything .Even in vacation I played GR daily for 1 hour or so . We completed centcom . I can say best maps with great scripting .We had great fun with this mod . Our next campaign is Rockall .
  12. I an sure I didnt fail login maybe due to multiple login in mobile . Not sure why but it still doesn't allow me on my mobile . Yeah I patched centcom fully with tinker extra missions.Yesterday we didnt play much .So didnt finish any mission yesterday
  13. Nice wombat , I am completely wrong about centcom missions . They are really very tough now . Wow the way missions are scripted even with 40 enemies it is very tough . They are very well placed in positions . The maps in centcom are very well textured I rate them best maps of GR . We appreciate centcom team for making those great maps . Our progress so far . centcom mission stats, so far:- (updated 28 feb) c01 - completed c02 - c03 - completed c04 - completed c05 - mission didnt end c06 - completed c07 - mission didnt end c08 - completed c09 - completed c10 - completed c11 - completed c12 - crashes to desktop t01 - completed t02 - completed t03 - completed t04 - t05 - This time As I am away I didnt host . My friend titans helped us in hosting .This time we didnt save replays . I had almost all the missions we completed replays . Not sure why but when I tried to access this site in my mobile. It had shown be Banned you cant access this site for 2 days. I am sure I didnt do anything wrong . Incase I did I am sorry .
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