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  1. Before I got 0 knowledge about weapon modelling .I really learnt so much from your weapon modelling . I think I am going to make a weapons mod sooner or later . Keep going.
  2. Hello Everyone, We play OGR Daily at Chi Clan server , =AOG= Server daily. Time we generally play is 8:00 am - 11:30 am (GMT+5.5) most probably always PvP. Now-a-days as online classes are going on I am almost free all the time. After playing in =AOG=,Chi Server I host a server called GR Tours Which will be on and off between 9:30 am to 10:30 pm. I always play tactical coop in my server with extra Ghost Teams like Delta,Echo,Foxtrot and with Some of best Guns in AI backup and Both AI backup+ Respawn Activated . I also increased Opposing forces skill and Gave them some of best guns . At
  3. Playing as Refugees with extra Ghost teams(Delta,Echo).You can also check how Extra Ghost teams move Replay refugees.rpf from 4:51 to 5:49 Extra team soldier moved into parking which I cant understand. If you know please explain.
  4. 8) How to change enemies kits in missions , gametypes etc? A) I dont know answer for this exactly . But I can change enemy kits in HX5 mod. I dont know how to change in origmiss,other mods and gametypes . If anyone know please share your knowledge and also Please Do explain every thing in detail and in Q/A form just to keep organised.
  5. Wow Congratulations Zee 4000 is a very big number keep going .
  6. 6) Which Clans are still playing OGR Regularly and which server should I look?? A) Chi , U3c ,Shot , Lob, [S] These are the active clans which play regularly . All are south american clans they speak spanish only .They always play PvP . At times They will be clan wars against each others . They allow you to play with them . Beware :They are legends and play really very fast competing with them is very hard especially Chi clan. You can increase your skills by playing with them and they always encourage you even if you dont perform well too. There is also new clan name WZA they speak engl
  7. Hello Everyone , Here are some questions I get when I tell People I play OGR . 1)There are lot of other Tactical shooter games but why OGR you crazy?? A)What I actually love about this game is just switching soldiers and Extra Team Trick I got Which adds hardcore realism. Incase If you play the right way I bet you really forget about other games . 2) The game is dead why should I play? A)No . There are lot of people who still play this game . Most of people I talked dont even know that there are mods and other stuff . Forget about mods they dont even know there is mul
  8. Its old but I guess it might help a bitMikes_GR_Map_Making_Tutorial.pdf
  9. Wow thank you so much . Dont worry about 5th element anymore these will do .
  10. The Russian Player mod is really awesome. He is using some other mod which is really creative . I guess it might be below video idk just guessing . The owner ceased the development of the mod after 2 years of work .Idk why I cant post the link So Combine below lines . www. youtube.com/watch?v=xoazqXS6MxA
  11. There are some other sites which might help in downloading OGR mods just for now. http://woody2000.com/download.php http://downloads.gr-hq.com/ https://www.armyofghost.net/mods.html https://www.moddb.com/games/tom-clancys-ghost-recon/mods https://www.gamewatcher.com/games/tom-clancys-ghost-recon/mods But I personally want Brother in arms mod and 5th element mod .If possible all jack57 mods please. I guess I asked more hehe๐Ÿ˜…
  12. Sorry from last 2 days I didnt host because I was out of station . I bought a new router now .I usually host From around 11am-9pm IST(GMT+5.5) . It is partially dedicated. I will try to adjust mods If you wanna join . I also need to modify my GRTOUR Server kit files(no restriction , primary weapons ) to give better guns to the backup and In PvP with backup also got some cool sniper kits. I generally love to play coop or PvP with backup only. Well you can activate both backup+respawns at once in my server .In that 10 hours I usually play about 2 hours(On and off).Also ready to play missions in
  13. Hello Everyone, I am hosting partial dedicated server. It stays upto 10 hours almost everyday . Name of the server is GRTOURS. Check it at here . Ip . if you see server at this list This means I am looking for someone to join and play. I play and host on same pc .This server dedicated to ghostrecon.net Features: tactical coop(AI Backup(with kits you like) + extended platoon(kits you like) + respawns)Total 22 soldiers. Mods : Mp1,Mp2,skype ghost, HX5,Mission hxv2(at present in future more) Even looking to play PvP or coop
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