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  1. Nice, @Oracleas. How'd you find metal detecting? I'd get one myself - were I to live next to a beach or something. Rules around metal detecting can be quite restrictive. Pleased to hear you feel better.
  2. Titles says it, but I'll say it again.... Merry Christmas to everyone at GR.net. Happy New Year too whilst I am at it. May Father Xmas bring you all a £3000 PC! (monitor not included)
  3. It's a good game... I tend to steer away from PvP modes these days and focus on the Co-op side of things with Sandstorm offering a good mix of server styles - many of which are team based/tactical servers... I even managed to find people using comms to a decent level. The BOTS are decent and react better than many other games I have played recently. I'd recommend it if you can obtain a copy of sale... works within STEAM too which is a bonus.
  4. The only thing I liked about the video was how overly enthusiastic the dev's were about the release - so much so that I gave off a little chuckle. The clip almost had me feeling like a 12 year old lad that was about to play my first FPS game, but then reality kicked in and I remembered that I am well past my sell by date and this type of game isn't for me. So the game really will drop heavy loads from a helicopter? Ultimately I just want a good shooter game to play that offers the option of some tactical thought along the way - doesn't seem much to ask. Weird how they wouldn't remaster the original series of GR... plenty of people would buy it, surely? Hearing the game is now on-hold... doesn't sound good for the team.
  5. Has anyone heard of it? Anyone actually do it? I've got a 250kg magnet that I use during the Spring / Summer months. We've managed to pull out old bikes, some safe's (with pennies in), bike parts.... no weapons yet bar a mini meat cleaver. It's a lot of fun and the kids enjoy it too. People often come up to you and ask what it is you are doing, so a good way of being social. Video for your reference....
  6. Cobblers

    Funny Cat Pictures

  7. Hey Wombat, yeah I was stuck on dial up for ages... until ISDN was available (128k I believe it was). ISDN was enough to host a 4v4 with GR, but struggled with a 5v5. I've added TP-Link Deco M4 Wireless Mesh in preperation and that alone has made download speeds around the house increase by alot. I think the three units around the house is allowing for less traffic to burden the one receiver. Much better performance than via the old trusty homeplugs. I shall post up some speed.net tests once it's up and running properly.
  8. I'd agree with all of the above... and I can drink quite a bit of it too. But it's now been over three weeks since my last drink - doing dry January. Though reckon I'll stick to it as not missed it and lost a shed load of weight and saving plenty of money.
  9. I find it hard to believe how it is possible for me not to have added my details to this thread.... so although it's about 20 years too late.... here goes. Name: Peter / Pete / Cobblers / Cobbs Date of Birth: 21/02/77 Location: I sit at a PC in West Midlands, though lived most of my life in Northamptonshire, but was born in New Zealand. Occupation: Sales - Over the years I've supported customers who are visually impaired or blind with specialist software to assist their use of PC's/reading/GPS, to Baby Formula, Specialist Mattresses for those who are at risk of pressure ulcers, Hospital Bed Frames, Toilet Paper and Hand Towels and Patient Handling equipment. Romance Status: Married - sorry ladies. (or Gents, I wouldn't blame you of course! ) Image: My Avatar really is really me. Favorite Aspect of GR: Community, it's what kept me playing the game for so long. The between round chat, ability to host your own server and the leagues you could join and take on said community. Least Favorite Aspect of GR: GR2 - it broke my heart when that wasn't realised. But maybe for good reason. Favorite GR Mod: Preacher Mod - it offered the option to alter the stock maps in unique ways and was server sided only IIRC. Very small download (important back in the day) and gave night/day/fog.... all that good stuff Favorite Ghost: Jeez, I can't remember... the one who listened to my instructions the most I guess. Favorite Kit: Best one for hiding in the bushes Favorite Aspect of GR.net: The Community. The range of expertise and back grounds offered by her members. Least Favorite Aspect of GR.net: The secret forums that I am not a part of - the mind boggles at the possibilities! When did you first visit GR.net: Well the internet was new(ish) still at the time, so once I quickly became hooked on the game the next thing was to check out where I could clan-up. This was the most populated and well designed forum for the game... thought it's gone through various transitions over the years. Other computer games played: Actually don't play many FPS games... I think GR spoilt me and I've looked for that same "hit" since and never truly found it. Nowadays I tend to play Stratergy games like Total War, Football Manager... though I've a new rig coming in a week or so and will be exploring some of the games I haven't got around to playing.... Covid, what Covid? Clan membership: Numerous and too numerous to mention. Computer Hardware/Accessories owned: I'll not go into PC accessories too much, but I am a sucker for a good mouse, gaming keyboard. Current/Former/Future Military: Currently not in the military, never been in the military, Future millitary? Yes, I will make General one day, though I think I'd make an excellent Drill seargant - that would be job satisfaction EVERY day! Miscellaneous: I can be a grumpy ###### at times and find I'm melting into Victor Meldrew as I get older. I even share the same hair style. I hate social media... best I stop now before I really begin to moan. My Gr.net profile has been viewed over 13k - like ######?
  10. I'm sure you'll have seen this video, but the specs still impress me.
  11. At 43 I fondly remember games coming on large floppy discs and cartridges. This week I'm about to upgrade my virgin contract to their amazing sounding Gig1...That's the potential of downloading upto near 1gig a second. It's got to the stage where even the largest game can be downloaded within the same time it takes for me to make a cup of tea, nip to the loo and get back to gaming again. I just wanted to share how that completely blows my mind. Almost feel for my kids that they'll never truly appreciate how amazing that is. My sharing thought for the day.
  12. Ha glad I'm not the only one... Game of chess, Rocky?
  13. You old git.... did the flying squad ever visit you for those copied games?

    Hope you are well.

  14. Cheers Rocky! Yes, doing very well considering. Hope same for you and the rest of GR.net community. My visits are less frequent these days, but its good to know this place still exists.
  15. And I'm yet to play it... my eldest son takes part in ranked games and isn't too shabby... From the look of it I'm not sure I'd keep up with the pace these days... no where near enough bushes to camp in for my liking.
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