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  1. Unlikely to ever be achieved again, by any human being, including myself. At Insertion, 114 enemies with 41 enemy fireteams. I never thought I would make it further than even a quarter of the map. Over half of the enemy forces equipped with AT4 primaries. I expected Doom, and rightfully so. It was well that I had my IT Specialist squad, well equipped. Still, I thought I was dead meat. Anyway, a ton shooting & scooting. Full use of the MM1, OICW, and the Sensors. Unfortunately Jack Stone took a rocket to the forehead before firing a shot. So, all the time, I was ready and not ready to die....Mostly wanting to get as many of them, and as far as I could. You don't know how many times I've been spawning in and getting ed up, right off the bat. Going into the Jaguar Maze, I wasn't expecting much different. You know when you have an active waypoint, and your squad member following gets stuck on a corner? (only happens with a pair, not 3) Well, it turns out that you can actively use this "bug", to split your squads. I've been using it for the past few years. I lost the 2 on Charlie near the beginning. Then went through the Maze for the rest of the map with my squads split. Finishing this map with 6 Ghosts on SP (without respawns), would have been impossible otherwise. Here's how it works. You stop at a corner and go Advance at all Costs, then put a waypoint somewhere, you run around the corner or boulder until the guy behind gets stuck. But, most often, you switch to the guy and run him backwards (because they are generally decent about avoiding getting stuck when they're close to you). You can watch the map while you're running to see when/if the other team member stops. (I moved Page up/down to Y & U keys, to be able to switch with ease.) The key is, when you want to switch from that squad, you have to put them on Hold, so they don't go for the waypoint. When you switch back to them from another squad, you have to put them on Advance at all Costs again, because the waypoint order will be removed if you advance while you're still on Hold. Squad splitting is such a game changer, it's hard to describe. To be able to have one Ghost on point, you can count on more stealth, and take more risks when it comes to Reconnaissance. Dying in single file is far superior to doing it in pairs! haha
  2. Nigel Tunney gets headshot and goes on to get 8 more kills.
  3. Hello, I made some kit files. Combining pairs of weapons and secondaries. When I play with them, the stat card icons show blank. Is there a way that I can fix this?
  4. I would definitely be up for some Mission HX. PM me.
  5. I know nothing about scripting. I tried contacting the modder, but he hasn't responded for a year or so. I'll have to wait and see if he resurfaces.
  6. Hello, I am playing a gametype that has a bug I need help with. The objective is in Mission HX, after I complete or fail the objective, the Ghosts who had seen it will suppress the OBJ from across the map, even if there's a rock 10 feet away that they're hitting. It's weird. I'm guessing that the problem lies with the 'Actor' that allows for the random placement of the Objective, that it is not being hidden. I think this may be only on failures, but it's unplayable as is, so I'm not positive. Now, there are a couple of other factors with the Objective type and what's called a Secondary Command Interface that the modder used to create something called Extreme Recon. The way it works is that you double tap the Map Mode key twice quickly and you can activate a Secondary Command Interface. In it, when you create a firing arc on the map you can activate the switch on and off, for Extreme Recon mode. This basically makes it so all enemies are invisible to your AI. It helps so you can confirm that the red dot on the Map is the Air Strike target. (An upgrade of the Recon from the original MHX.) I don't think the Air Strike Objective is the problem, except for maybe not having the actor hidden upon Objective's end. However, the Extreme Recon that hides enemies on the map and the Secondary Command Interface may be another matter. I was hoping to find a modder who might recognize the bug and point me in the right direction. Once I get this fixed, I will be sending Rocky 3 upgraded versions of Mission HX. A Map Size one for increased OpFor, A Random Patrol one, and the Laser Designated Air Strikes with the upgraded Recon Objectives. Thanks for any help, I can't wait to fix it so I can continue testing this.
  7. Hey, I see Mig seems 'AFGR', but I have small problem maybe someone can help me with. It's on the Black Wolf map, when I walk through water I hear gun fire in place of the 'footstep splash'. I tried increasing the P2 priority above Frostbite. That helped, only because now it's a less annoying gunfire sound, an SD one instead of an M16. I was hoping to fix it myself, but I couldn't locate the sound file that's the culprit. I can't see the conflict, I have GRPA and AS 2.6/etc. active alongside p2 and frostbite. If the sound didn't cause a reflexive "Oh ######, I'm being shot at from close, and I'm about to die..." I wouldn't bother trying. It's such a cool map, it sure would be nice to be able to fix it.
  8. Thanks for your help Wombat. I thought maybe someone else had seen this problem and I might find a shortcut to resolving it. I'll report back if I figure out why I made GR so angry. About Blood Oil, the folder structure seems a bit odd. Mission HX utilizes the Opposing Force 0-9 or however many. In most mods, those files are in the Actor folder loose. in Blood Oil, they are in a folder "Opposing Force". How do you think I should get it working with Doc's NAG mod? It was either fiddling with the confused attempts to get Blood Oil working, or when I tried using Rockall with just the Opposing Force files in the NAG Actor folder. One of the 2 went so wrong that GR went cross-eyed and refused to forgive me, no matter what reverting I attempted. Have you seen GR break so that a reinstall seemed to be the only remedy? It's something to do with the Mission HX, the no death messages mods, and getting those Actor folders mixed up. She gets furious and there seems to be no way to appease her. A reinstall is my only remedy. Really not a big deal, it turns out. (After I figured out to backup Options.xml)
  9. Has anybody else faced crashing issues? My Ike.log says: RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file opposing_force_33.atr RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file opposing_force_5.kit RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file rk_plt_06.chr HumanMotion: Could not load character: rk_plt_06.chr RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file rk_plt_06_a.chr HumanMotion: Could not load character: rk_plt_06_a.chr RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file rk_plt_06_b.chr HumanMotion: Could not load character: rk_plt_06_b.chr RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file basichelmet_06.qob RSQOBLoader::Load: Could not find file basichelmet_06.qob RSNode: Could not load model basichelmet_06.qob I don't have Rockall active, but those are characters from it's mod. I am playing with Mission HX, so it may be complicating things too. What happens is that if I do anything wrong with the Actor files, the game crashes at start up. So I try and fix it, but even after going to the basic Gold Edition, trying to launch with only Mission HX, the game still crashes at launch. Sometimes it seeks Blood Oil (which isn't active) and sometimes it's Rockall. I mean I did a fresh install of MHX, went and launched with basic mods (no Rockall folder in Mods) and the game is somehow seeking Rockall files still? I can't get Mission HX to launch at all, though the game will launch for regular Missions. I took the mod out of the mods folder and it still seeks it. It's like the String.res modding breaks something if you don't have the proper Actor files, if I make any mistake the game will no longer launch. Since I pretty much only play Mission HX, in the past I've been forced to reinstall GR, a fresh MHX, and a new No Death Messages mod and it will work, but I can't figure out how to avoid this. Can anybody make sense of why Mission HX would be crashing for not having a mod's Characters, when I'm not playing that mod? Or whatever happens when the Actor files are improperly placed? Removing Doc's mod for the testing, trying to get MHX to work doesn't help.
  10. After a 4 year period with little GR, I'm back into the game and was trying to figure out why my buddy and I couldn't get the MP working. I'm glad I came across this topic by accident. The blank spaces for the MP name explains the crash upon the kill. Thanks Doc, are you still playing sometimes? I can't find the no death messages file in the downloads, Can you upload it again if you still have it Doc?
  11. How come you have a community reputation of 32 and mine is only 1?  How you stat pad like that?  :)

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      Hey old Markee good to hear from ya...ive been playing GR again in the last few months, random random..haha...what you up to ?

      Theres a ''like'' buttons for posts now...maybe it have smthin to do with it..:) i dunno:)

  12. Thanks, but DA49 has been a plague since it's ill-gotten creation. A foul infestation of a mod, a blight on GR multiplayer. I don't enjoy it, it goes in the wrong direction. If you had said CENTCOM, I would have been extremely pleased. But this news saddens me, that that griefer-thief Dark Angel taints GR multiplayer even to this day.
  13. Hi, I'm wondering what options are left for GR players to get together. I've not used Gameranger, because I had xfire. Is it an option these days and if so, is it the main option? I just got the game again and am looking forward to getting back into it. Are there any mods (that you would recommend), that have come out in the last few years? Thanks. PS Am I the only one who randomly remembers the Russian humming sometimes? Years since playing, and sometimes it just comes out and I hum that 3 second tune.
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