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  1. Hello, I made some kit files. Combining pairs of weapons and secondaries. When I play with them, the stat card icons show blank. Is there a way that I can fix this?
  2. I would definitely be up for some Mission HX. PM me.
  3. I know nothing about scripting. I tried contacting the modder, but he hasn't responded for a year or so. I'll have to wait and see if he resurfaces.
  4. Hello, I am playing a gametype that has a bug I need help with. The objective is in Mission HX, after I complete or fail the objective, the Ghosts who had seen it will suppress the OBJ from across the map, even if there's a rock 10 feet away that they're hitting. It's weird. I'm guessing that the problem lies with the 'Actor' that allows for the random placement of the Objective, that it is not being hidden. I think this may be only on failures, but it's unplayable as is, so I'm not positive. Now, there are a couple of other factors with the Objective type and what's called a
  5. Hey, I see Mig seems 'AFGR', but I have small problem maybe someone can help me with. It's on the Black Wolf map, when I walk through water I hear gun fire in place of the 'footstep splash'. I tried increasing the P2 priority above Frostbite. That helped, only because now it's a less annoying gunfire sound, an SD one instead of an M16. I was hoping to fix it myself, but I couldn't locate the sound file that's the culprit. I can't see the conflict, I have GRPA and AS 2.6/etc. active alongside p2 and frostbite. If the sound didn't cause a reflexive "Oh ######, I'm being shot at f
  6. Thanks for your help Wombat. I thought maybe someone else had seen this problem and I might find a shortcut to resolving it. I'll report back if I figure out why I made GR so angry. About Blood Oil, the folder structure seems a bit odd. Mission HX utilizes the Opposing Force 0-9 or however many. In most mods, those files are in the Actor folder loose. in Blood Oil, they are in a folder "Opposing Force". How do you think I should get it working with Doc's NAG mod? It was either fiddling with the confused attempts to get Blood Oil working, or when I tried using Rockall with
  7. Has anybody else faced crashing issues? My Ike.log says: RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file opposing_force_33.atr RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file opposing_force_5.kit RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file rk_plt_06.chr HumanMotion: Could not load character: rk_plt_06.chr RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file rk_plt_06_a.chr HumanMotion: Could not load character: rk_plt_06_a.chr RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file rk_plt_06_b.chr HumanMotion: Could not load character: rk_plt_06_b.chr RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file basichelmet_06.qob RS
  8. After a 4 year period with little GR, I'm back into the game and was trying to figure out why my buddy and I couldn't get the MP working. I'm glad I came across this topic by accident. The blank spaces for the MP name explains the crash upon the kill. Thanks Doc, are you still playing sometimes? I can't find the no death messages file in the downloads, Can you upload it again if you still have it Doc?
  9. How come you have a community reputation of 32 and mine is only 1?  How you stat pad like that?  :)

    1. pagey


      Hey old Markee good to hear from ya...ive been playing GR again in the last few months, random random..haha...what you up to ?

      Theres a ''like'' buttons for posts now...maybe it have smthin to do with it..:) i dunno:)

  10. Thanks, but DA49 has been a plague since it's ill-gotten creation. A foul infestation of a mod, a blight on GR multiplayer. I don't enjoy it, it goes in the wrong direction. If you had said CENTCOM, I would have been extremely pleased. But this news saddens me, that that griefer-thief Dark Angel taints GR multiplayer even to this day.
  11. Hi, I'm wondering what options are left for GR players to get together. I've not used Gameranger, because I had xfire. Is it an option these days and if so, is it the main option? I just got the game again and am looking forward to getting back into it. Are there any mods (that you would recommend), that have come out in the last few years? Thanks. PS Am I the only one who randomly remembers the Russian humming sometimes? Years since playing, and sometimes it just comes out and I hum that 3 second tune.
  12. Hey, thanks pagey, good to see you around. Aren't there certain mission mods that move the spawn area up as you proceed to clear the map? Those might be okay in SP without AI. Any idea which those might be?
  13. Hello, a year or two ago I was in a discussion with Apexmods and some other forum members about playing GR without the text notifications. Apex said that he planned to go through his mod to convert it so that you could play without any kill text. I can't find this post. Does anyone know of any mods that have a patch, mini-mod, or are converted for this?
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