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  1. So nice to see all these familiar names still around. I’m pretty much out of the gaming scene, save for the occasional round of this hunting game, hunter: call of the wild, but that’s mostly me being hunted by wild animals after I miss a shot. I was genuinely surprised Ubisoft has been making ghost recons after gr:aw.
  2. Yeah, I know. Sorry about that. Life happened and I had to prioritize. Some things haven't changed, though. You and Rocky still have the same sigs. Talk about memories.
  3. You’ve been on my mind over the past years, old man. As have the rest of you. Glad to see you’re still kicking. Give my best to the guys the next time you talk to them. I’m doing good. No hair, a lot of beard and some tattoos but other than that, doing fine. Hell, shoot me a dm/pm if you want to catch up sometime.
  4. Holy hell, my account still exists after 17 years. Also, hi, wombat50, dannik, Zjj and all.
  5. I wouldn't worry whether a regional president in Russia is competent or not. The whole country is still run like an oligarchy.
  6. Now they just need to come out with fully biodegradeable packaging and DVDs, so people can throw their games out with good conscience.
  7. Assassin's Creed 2's DRM can now be circumvented. I'm personally not sure about Silent Hunter 5, but since AC2 is done, you should be able to do the same with SH5.
  8. How does the fact that others may illegally download and play a game take away from the enjoyment of someone, who bought it? Rather than feel angry, take pride in knowing you supported a game developer, enjoy the game and urge others to buy it. There's no point in demanding and supporting copy protection methods that treat a legitimate customer like scum of the earth and then saying they make your game feel like it's worth more. You're advocating some kind of clique-mentality which is just plain silly. My original point still stands, being that these over-zealous methods of copy protect
  9. Am I really wrong or are you, thales100, saying that you would enjoy a game more if less people bought it? Because that's how I understood your posts. You would rather see game developers bring out these Draconian, obtrusive methods of protecting their product that potentially demolish their sales thus cutting the support period and reducing whatever community the game might have to nothing? You wouldn't see any modifications, either, because the very same copy protection you so feverishly support prevents you from modifying the game files. Think of what you end up with. A game with no
  10. So they do at least give something. I get 100MB with no traffic limits that I know of. Then again, my ISP has maybe ~500k customers, which isn't much, nor requires as much hardware as, say, 15 million would.
  11. Just out of curiosity and maybe a bit off-topic, but what's the common practice with ISPs in North America with providing web space for their clients? I know Verizon used to give web space with a horrid interface for creating your own animated gif-ridden website, not sure if they still do that.
  12. Looks like the game came out a bit of a mess, if you look at gtaforums.com. Unoptimized code and whatnot igniting the usual raging and claiming the developer owes them money. You know the drill. I've been playing the game for a bit and so far it has run ok-ish on my not-quite-up-to-date machine. No crashes or memory leaks that I've spotted. Lucky me. Edit: I'd definitely advice this to anyone considering purchasing this game. Wait a while for the prices to drop. Significantly. And maybe by the time you do buy it the modding scene will be up to speed. If it ever will be, thanks to R
  13. Thank you, NoQuarter. Active desktop seemed to be a no-go, but I tried that Displayfusion app and it's what I needed. I can set the wallpapers as I please and there's no need to keep it running all the time, nor have it launch at system startup. Issue is sorted.
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