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  1. I've only seen a few shooters truly minimize the Hud for enjoyment of what's happening in the game. noises, icons, alerts. I enjoy the no Hud lifestyle way more. There are a few missions though that are super hard to do with it off.
  2. I just looked at the trailer. It definitely has a lot of promise. I think everyone is hungry for the next tactical game. I'm going back into wildlands after I move into my new house. Still love it lol.
  3. I played the game on a friends account. I understand people don't mind the rpg elements, as well as the robots, and social hub... but I mean alot of these things are a bit gamey. The UI and interface are super confusing just like rocky said here and I'm certain I would have to make this my main game to understand it. However after hours of playing it I only confirmed how I felt when i first heard about the game design changes. When I first got into the community back in future soldier I'm certain noone wanted something this far left. The immersion factor of a tactical military shooter is lost behind "division mechanics". I'm sure I'll get a feisty reply, but come on man.. Were any of us asking to raid islands back in future soldier for rare loot?
  4. It may take a full day but I'm definitely reading this entire thread lol.
  5. I'm mostly curious to see if they could turn the game around since it is a "live service model". Whatever that means lol. Rainbow Six Siege was a mess upon release but definitely turned itself around.
  6. Fallen Ghosts not Narco Road, Mission dlc not raids, and a bipod that can actually be used. Funny and weird out of place things are cool in a game like the Easter eggs from wildlands and El yeti and predator but still the focus should still be toward the original concept. To put it simply I don't think some of the additions from breakpoint to wildlands fit into the style of game or genre the entire series has been up to this point. Alot of what has made the series has been tactics and realism. Robots being a primary enemy, loot, social hub, injury system all feel gamey to me. I would argue that some of the changes were probably only addded to sell microtransactions and not for the benefit of the title. The only thing I could see being a good addition would probably be some of the survival mechanics. To show my distaste for the changes I decided to not play the campaign. I played only a few hours to test and see all the changes. Even if you are another person who ignores the gamey stuff or say they don't matter or it doesn't affect anything by the time you get to the next game it won't even resemble ghost recon anymore. It'll look more like divison 4. I didn't make this super long video and partial script for easy likes in fact I expected more hate than anything similar to your comment but I wanted to explain to some degree why its lacking in concept and in launch quality. I'm not sure if you listened to the entire video but most of the meat of it is at 20 mins and after. https://youtu.be/17ngZgPOH6U
  7. So I'm planning on making a video on my youtube channel where I discuss in length all of the changes I would've made to breakpoint or "The next ghost recon we should have gotten". I understand there is a mix of never ending opinions out there but I see a ton of similarities within the complaints. If you got the chance what changes would you have made? To pvp, release date, quality, story concept, gameplay changes. Anything is in the air. I'm curious to know and I want to add some more ideas to what would have been a better game. If well made enough it may be able to fully capture the best of what if could've possibly been.
  8. You made a ton of great points my man. Its funny though I can't even think back to a game with really good AI that did what they were supposed to. Maybe R6 Vegas 2? I can't really remember too well. The whole idea of not having a squad is pretty janky but I think your idea could've worked.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm Zulu. Been a big fan of ghost recon since future soldier and I actually wanted to start my own gaming clan. I have a lot of respect for the G3ts, azteiks, and HVT. Regardless of some of those laggy connections lol. The biggest focus of the clan is playing tactical shooters like Wildlands, RB6 Siege, MW, Breakpoint, and etc. Ready or Not, Escape from tarkov, and WW3 are also on the list but haven't made it to console yet. The clan will be on xbox one and the first gamer tags after my own will be Alpha, Charlie, Omega. Be mature and have fun in the clan. Not accepting hardcore trolls or toxic gamers.
  10. I'm not even sure what to think after all of this controversy over breakpoint honestly. I don't have the money to buy it right now but I'll be saving my judgement for until I can get it.
  11. 2019 Sniper pvp as the sentinel with some friends.
  12. Talking about some of the best ghost recon future soldier players and Explaining how skill works in tom clancy's ghost recon: future soldier multiplayer. I swear I'm not trying to promote my youtube channel here lol. But after listening to this video again after I made it, I'm certain a ton of you guys would really like this. After loving future soldier, then going to try wildlands and being in the community for so long this video is one I wanted to make for a really long time. I think it came out pretty great, have an awesome day ghosts.
  13. Thanks man. I also wanted to say that I love your site. This is my favorite place for ghost recon, and its community members
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