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  1. This is what I did to turn it off on my PC. When it was enabled on my PC, it should have been labeled extra slow startup as it took forever to be able to use my PC. High disk and RAM usage. With it turned off I'm back to normal.
  2. Cold, colder and coldest. 🎅 Guess I'll have to dig out my winter battle gear. Looking good and curious as to what campaign you'll be using.
  3. If that doesn't happen sooner than later I'll be to far over the hill to care. While we wait give thanks to the GR gods for the hundreds of awesome mods.🐱
  4. All good things must pass. 😢 To much money ruins everything!
  5. Windows 10 removed the SecuROM driver from the O.S. so it won't play from the original disks. It should work on Windows 7 as the SecuROM drivers still in the O.S. but a Microsoft patch disabled it. Enable it through Command Prompt C:\Windows\system32>sc start secdrv
  6. Turning off just about everything possible makes all games more fun and challenging for me. When I watch other people play games on YouTube that have every option turned on I can hardly tell what's going on with so many icons plastered all over the screen. Then it comes to a point in the game where there's no icon or pop up telling the player what to do next and they get all bent out of shape cussing and ranting about it. Guess they don't want to strain the grey matter in their skull by thinking a little.
  7. That's just Sylvester Stallone playing GR.
  8. Just like an old shoe that may be a little long in the tooth but is so good you never want to get rid of it!
  9. The thrill of speed can be addictive!
  10. I'm looking at my Key and it has 5 sets of 4 number/letters each with a dash between them and they do not use any lower case letters. Also no 0/o's are used in mine.
  11. Stay safe Cpl Ledanek and thanks for all you do. I retired from the health care industry last May but my wife's still working at the local hospital. We've been lucky so far with only 5 cases.
  12. As Hammer mentioned Windows 10 does not support SecuROM/SafeDisc. Windows also used an update to mess it up in Windows Vista 7 & 8 although they did come back with a work around to enable the secdrv.sys driver so you could still play the older games using those DRM systems. I think GRAW used SecuROM V7.
  13. Nice you see your getting things playable wombat50. Guess I'll have to dust off the old XP PC and give it a go.
  14. I tested these missions a bunch of times and had changed just about all the extraction zones to get them to work better but when I got to these 2 maps I pretty much gave up because their not very playable. Up to that point the campaign was a lot of fun.
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