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Rainbow Is Magic

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Pretty sure this is the future of the 'Clancy Franchise' as Ubisoft sees it: https://news.ubisoft.com/en-us/article/1Q7Z0YJIvdof6PHzzDUM5i/rainbow-is-magic-returns-to-rainbow-six-siege-on-march-29


For anyone that wasn't paying attention in school: rainbows are not magic, they're a very easy to understand phenomena of physics, and adult men with pink hair and beards, makeup, dressed up as pink fantasy animal costumes, with beer guts...draw your own conclusions about the kind of 'tactical realism' being applied here, but if they arrive in a candy truck, it's probably best to keep your kids in the house.. And I thought the bar couldn't go any lower than the Ubisoft Coco porn videos, was I ever wrong...

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