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  1. it's the Rockstar's birthday!!! have a goodun my dude!
  2. Added to the Impromptu Download Section
  3. C419 Mods updated Dangerous Babes and Gangland Added Also WOOOOO 4000th post 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
  4. Impromptu Download Section links updated, thanks for the heads-up C!
  5. So after a long time of staring at a mess of Hex. I've realised that yes, I am wrong in the post above. Individual vertex data appears to be as follows for XSKA Files: Bytes Data Type Description 0-12 Float Possible Vertex Coordinates 12-24 Unknown – Likely Float/Int Unknown - Possibly Vertex Normals 24-30 Short
  6. I've always been a fan of the sniper elite series. Sniper Elite 4 is pretty decent too if you wanna try it out! Hoping they do a sniper elite in the cold war, I know it was briefly alluded to in v2.
  7. Jack57 Mods added, trying to find 5th Element
  8. Hi frigider, the download section is currently down due to some security concerns. What mods do you need?
  9. sorry i deleted my message here i sent you a PM. Thanks. 

  10. after a battle that was harder than it should have been, I've finally got the correct data types implemented for the vertices. I just really hope they're the right numbers now 🤔I get the strong impression I may need to use floating point after all, 56 verts seems a little high
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