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  1. if I put my information security GRC hat on a minute. I think in this day and age people are starting to see just how much people's data is exploited for profit and people are now very cautious about who they share their personal data with. Not saying that GR.net is in any way, just it's an unfortunate by-product of big tech companies like Facebook and Google just throwing around personal data willy nilly, people don't wanna take the risk anymore. While the risk of sharing a name or an email address to GR.net is low given that it is unlikely to be associated with a password or any other personal info, I can understand this person's concern. I wouldn't take it personally ❤️
  2. I'd kind of like an RPG in the Ghost Recon series honestly, maybe as a spinoff game as opposed to a game in the main line. I think it could work really well, but it would have to embrace the SP RPG playstyle all the way, in-depth story in a very rich setting, player choices, character development, and so on, unfortunately Ubisoft sucks at those things in particular.
  3. I think the game's 'servers' in the more colloquial sense are sperate to the game validation servers which is part of the Uplay service, I believe. So provided Uplay is still connected, the game will still be playable, albeit in single player. Quick way of testing I guess is to block internet access from the game .exe in windows firewall but keep Uplay open and connected, if the game runs, then it will be fine when the gameplay servers go offline.
  4. Bit sexist and baseless, but okay. All of the production managers for the original ghost recon were women. There was at least one woman in almost every main team in the original Ghost Recon's production Female characters have been present, no, integral to the game since the very start. In a time where it was very uncommon to include them except as eye candy in low cut belly tops or skin suits for guys to ogle, it was a risky move to include respectfully written and developed women suited up like the guys in such a time, yet they still did it. There was also no "for boys" restrictions to the game, it was made for anyone who wanted to play it, I, a person who happens to be a woman, played it and modded it religiously and still do. The base of female gamers has increased since 2001 - however this does not forseeably account for why Ghost Recon's gameplay has shifted. Correlation =/= causation. Furthermore, of the board of directors in Ubisoft, today, March 2nd 2022, there are three women sitting on the board, and 10 men. Only one of those women would have had any steer in Ghost Recon's development, as she was a senior gameplay programmer for Ghost Recon specializing in AI (go figure). However she appears to be a new addition to the board and so far would not have had much in the way of steer for the franchise in recent history. The other two women, specialise in recruitment and IT operations, the day to day running of the business and ultimately would have had very little impact over the gameplay. Unless you want to say that the increased use of Z-Brush and AMD based computers is also a cause of Ghost Recon's gameplay deteriorating or something. This fundamentally is not a "woman" issue. To conflate it as such is an exercise in myopia. This is an issue of Ubisoft fighting off multiple controversies and hostile takehovers from stakeholders (see Vivendi) while also desperately trying to keep up with the increasingly demanding consumer base and complexity of modern systems and as such over the years losing their identity to greed. It is also, most likely, a simple lack of proximity to Tom Clancy. You know, cause he passed and all. He was a big advisor in the first (and I think second) game. RSE started to have less and influence in GR after GR:AW and the development of narrative and also gameplay was dished out to other studios. This lack of proximity and resultant lack of narrative flare was also more likely a major contributing factor than "person has uterus, person bad"
  5. I don't do 3D anymore unfortunately, especially with max 5 lol. Max 2013+ has a neato little tool called skin wrap which makes the rigging process 900x easier. Having to do it all by hand is just way too stressful for me after so many years. Happy to show peeps where the buttons are, and I'll still be trying to chip away at a CHR plugin for modern max versions (and no doubt harassing the other Alex lol) at some point, but otherwise I'm taking a wee break from 3D.
  6. Lol right?! Character modelling in any game is a PITA honestly, lots more moving parts, literally. I don't have max installed anymore (gg me) but I think I have a VM with max 5 on, I'll show you how to modify the model hopefully sometime today
  7. It's also worth noting it appears you've moved the bone positions to fit the model as well, bad juju. If you change bone positions the character will not work well in-game. You need to fit the model to the bones. There's an example character file lying around somewhere, lemme see if I can find it.
  8. Unfortunately not, unlike more modular games such as Arma 3 it is not possible to change the memory allocator for the Ike engine. There are injectors such as enbseries which can inject some functionality of DirectX 9 however this does not do much except add bloom and other global screen effects (at one point it did fix the game for Windows 10). The rest of the rendering goodness such as the new optimizations 9c offered is limited by how the engine uses it, as Ghost Recon was designed and built around DirectX 8.1 it cannot take advantage of the newer API functions. You would essentially need to have the source code, a really good reverse engineer, or rebuild the game from the ground up in order to have it manage memory in a more modern manner. Process injection can only go so far, and in doing so you would be opening the game up for further instability as you could inject data into the wrong memory address at any time.
  9. I wonder if it could be an engine/rendering API issue. Where it's having to make so many new draw calls per frame that the engine simply can't keep up. Its a theory, but it would make sense given the age of the game. So, iirc replays in GR work super weird. It's not technically a video replay but actually just a record of every move every character took and every shot that was made and what the effect of that shot was being replayed through the mission file, pretty neato, but it's essentially rendering everything again in real time, hence enemy characters might actually be different than when you played. If you're running mods that have higher resolution textures and higher poly models, at 8x speed, it's having to flush and redraw a lot more than, say 1x speed. For example, you're in iron dragon, at the very start you can't see the caves, so the rendering API doesn't draw the caves and the engine has little need to commit the textures or models to VRAM, because you simply can't see it. However, as you get closer, to the point where you can see it, the rendering API makes a draw call, the engine commits vertex indices and textures to VRAM and the caves are drawn on your screen. At 1x speed, the engine and the rendering API really don't need to change that much to draw a new frame, or load too much into VRAM. you might see a new character or a piece of scenery, however that's a few new draw calls at most. Now, at 8x speed, the difference between frames might be huge, you might go from the start of the mission all the way up to the caves in just a few seconds, which means the engine is having to work much harder to quickly call the rendering API to 'draw that character in this frame' then commit the necessary textures and model files to RAM, instead of just a few times per second, it's now having to potentially do this dozens, if not hundreds of times per second. Add non-billboard, higher resolution textures and higher poly models to the mix, the game may struggle to flush these out when not needed or appropriately allocate memory for each model and texture file. While your computer may be able to handle it, the engine will have an upper limit where performance begins to diminish, Ike was optimised for fewer lower resolution models and textures. And I think it usually begins to see a performance drop at 20,000 vertices per frame, despite having an index buffer which would allow for 65535 vertices per model. I'm sure someone will come over and debunk this theory as GR has many little niggles I'm still wrapping my head around after many, many years, it could be that simply the mods don't play too nice with replay files.
  10. I'm trying to write a .chr plugin for modern max versions, that will allow for use of the features in those versions such as skin wrap which will make things about 900 times easier lol its gonna take some time especially with my work schedule.
  11. Honestly, not too far, the older max versions are super hard to work with. I'm shifting to something different to see if I can get that working.
  12. giving it a go! -I'm surprised how similar the weightings are to modern max versions
  13. Aye, that's where I'm at too, Pz gave me a great starting point and I need to experiment, see how far I get. If I get something I'll letcha know!
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