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  1. what question, but of course we still play, even after 20 years we sneak through the Battle Zone every day multiplayer visit server list contact over https://discord.gg/kd2aRzp
  2. it's going on, mission 13 and 17 are corrected 😃
  3. thanks for the tests the options.xml I have already adjusted the entry em1_killed15.wav must remain, in the Origmiss russian_voice.xml not present! The sound entries in the missions have been adjusted no more error messages. Mission 1 seems to run but mission 2 crashes spontaneously. I stay tuned have found more.
  4. Well, the patch is not very big, so I assume it has something to do with the music.xml. But it still crashes I'm testing my through.
  5. I am looking for the SFOR v1.1 patch (1.76MB)
  6. well that should be very easy replace your game name with a blank character for SP For Multiplayerservers , joining the server with a blank name does not work - there must be at least one character, such as a dot or hyphen. no enemy sound messages load the files and copy them into the HU-Sound folder the sounds of the warning messages have been adjusted to be soundless to make it even more exciting
  7. Today was again full house with us P2-Coop was played
  8. The campaign file is in the HU folder save/game and has the filename .csf_bin , if you want to test if this is the problem, put it in a zip file and delete the original temporarily. I think the files are faulty with you here are the originals https://gist.github.com/drguildo/eacd4018bb327d486c29 note the filename c_unlockedhero.xml which is wrong here in the example c_unlockedheroes.xml
  9. Everything is normal for me, can you take a screenshot? The KIA appears only when died
  10. this is still in the trial phase one little thing I wanted to adjust
  11. yes, of course, if you want to use it, save the original file and add the threat.rsb under data/shell/art, if you use mods, add it to mod directory under shell/art
  12. Here's a tip if you play a lot in single player HU you should temporarily empty the folder save/game. i was shocked how data garbage has accumulated here. This comes from the automatic Quicksave every two minutes.
  13. that gave me no peace, so definitely only 259 - Caribbean Dawn (XXL) and 175 - Caribbean (XXL) crash in SAR XXL mode, but you can play them in SAR XL mode. If you have any other missions let me know.
  14. this must be a big coincidence, I didn't bother with the XL and XXL missions, but in the manual the problem is described in the APPLICATION CRASHES section. I now tested a few missions it is always different sometimes it works sometimes not.
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