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  1. that was a good test few mistakes, i'll keep working on it
  2. for all those who did not know the second server list is available 😉 https://www.gs4u.net/en/ghostrecon/
  3. here is an improved version of the threat indicator Download
  4. Hello, I have encoded the videos for you so that they run in Xbox Conversion Video Download
  5. yes we had nice games, i couldn't take pictures 😀
  6. Hooray Gamespy is back wonderful you can now host and find servers via Gamespy and the Openspy network again. I have written a little guide on how to get it up and running. Some advantages are you don't need to give your IP to anyone just join. The servers are also shown on known serverlists so even more distribution, chat and friend lists are also included. The only disadvantage is that you can only allow 16 players to join via Gamespy, the rest have to join via the known IP. GameSpy-Openspy_patched gamespy-tutorial
  7. generally the text is not displayed when speaking, it depends on the mission how it is scripted, some modders add the text as a window in the top center or on the left Greetings Eisenhauer
  8. Overwrite the cmi.rsb file under shell/art/hud in the HU - Legacy folder. But let's be honest, if we undo everything, we might as well play the original. The sounds have been muted at the request of some players to make the game more realistic. The problem is that I walk through the terrain and immediately get a notification when something comes into range. In the HU - Legacy version, some sounds that were removed in HU_101_Fix are now back in. if you insist on the sounds, delete the folders M_Voice,F_Voice under HU_101_Fix/sound 😉
  9. give HU - Legacy the highest priority this should work, go to HU - Legacy search under shell/art/hud cmi_b.rsb copy the file paste it into an empty folder rename it to cmi.rsb and paste it back into hud then the magnifier will work
  10. hello do not replace the files , use the (HU_101_Fix-v201) as an additional mod for Heroes Unleashed. unzip the package you will see a folder HU_101_Fix move it into the mods directory of your game activate HU_101_Fix with highest priority after starting the game the repaired missions always have fix in their name
  11. nice evening we should repeat with more players 😁
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