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  1. Actually your first suggestion is what works. When I locked the fps at 60 everything worked normally on that map. Not sure why the unlocked fps prevented the tanks from moving at all, though. Kinda weird. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Yeah the problem isn't that the tanks moved slowly - they never move at all. I can wait twenty minutes and they remain off the map. I finally just opened up Igor and moved them onto the playable map so I can interact with them when the mission starts. Yet they still remain stationary, so I just blew them up and ended the mission so I could move on. Weird.
  3. This is the last mission in the desert siege campaign where you have to secure a river crossing and destroy a tank column along with a SAM site. No matter what I do, the tank column, which is off the map to start, will not move along the road to the bridge. The jeep which leads it moves, but the tanks stay put. They're off the playable map but can be seen. Anti-tank weapons won't reach them. I've tried completing the objectives in different orders but nothing I do seems to trigger the tanks to move onto the map so I can destroy them. Anybody ever seen this before? I have no idea what to do other than to skip the mission...
  4. Okay we're in business. I edited all the .atr files with the exception of the weapons ratings for enemy soldiers, which Apex had set as decimals below 1. I believe in the FAQ somewhere he explains some reasoning for it (ai being to accurate), so I didn't touch those. For ghosts, I used the following formula to transfer ratings back to what the developers originally had (or close to it) 225 = 2 200 = 1 175 = 1 For civilians and VIPS: all values set to 1 For enemies, I looked in the original files and looks like the skills range from 2 to 4, so I did the following: 255, 250 = 4 225, 200, 175 = 3 150, 125, 100 = 2 I set up a campaign, set the skill to 'sandbox' and played the first mission. Upon completion, I was able to assign a combat point to each surviving soldier. So it works. Now all that's left is to play through and see if changing these values alters gameplay too severely. I didn't notice anything on the level I played, but then as I said before, I was playing on the easiest level.
  5. Thanks for the notepad++ tip. Playing around with this I can see that you actually don't have to open all the files. You can place the path to all the files in 'directory' field and it will change all those files for you. Even quicker!
  6. Looks like the file is ike.res in the root /shell folder Removing this reveals the buttons/toggles in the mission prep screen. For HU, however, looks like the combat awarded points are absent from each mission file, so they'd have to added in manually. The .atr files will have to be edited to bring the skill points back down to 2 or 1. All the enemy .atr files will need fixed as well. Will take some work but it's doable. The next question is...by reducing those values so drastically it may severely impact (or negate) some of the AI improvements the mod made. May do the edits for one mission and see what it's like.
  7. The same worked for me. I went into a quick mission and was able to assign points, so as long as the combat points tags are present in the missions it should work. In campaign mode, I also got the same allocation screen as you did. However, removing the entire art folder gets rid of the kit avatars (getting blue boxes where the weapons should be)...not sure why they are still there for you. It would be nice if we can narrow down precisely which file to remove. May work on that next.
  8. The ExtraStatPoints tag gives you 4 total stat points you are allowed to allocate to your squad members before launching the campaign. You'll find the same thing in Island Thunder, but not the original campaign. Once the campaign is launched, each soldier who survives a mission gets a point which can then be allocated at the next mission setup screen.
  9. Well just an update this won't work. Copying the original .atr files to a new mod will certainly alter the skill points but the allocation/reward system is non-functional still. Additionally, you lose any references that were in the HU actor files like skins and attachments. I really have no problem editing the HU .atr files myself. What I really need is to find out what deactivates the skill distribution system so I can remove those files from the mod. It seems to me that the allocation system would be hard-coded since it requires user interface on the mission prep screen, so I'm suspecting the new HU graphic (showing skill points) which overlays where the points (dots) were just may be a cosmetic addition, and the point functionality may still be there (just inaccessible). To check this, I loaded and prioritized legacy menus but alas it didn't seem to change anything on that screen.
  10. Greetings. Doesn't look there is much activity here these days but I'm going to throw out a question anyway. I love the HU mod but was always a fan of the original game's skill point system. I liked team members gaining experience and being able to allocate the points to different skills. Of course, this can't be done in HU presently, as the scales for points have changed (instead of 1 to 8 they are now much higher values). While I can edit the .atr files to bring these back to original values I am unsure how this would effect gameplay. I'd like to know what files I need to look at to restore the original system if the effects would not be too drastic. What specifically needs changed? Thanks and hopefully someone can answer.
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