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Fun play via gameranger

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Hi there,

I'd like to invite You guys for relax play via gameranger.

If you would like to join You need just Gameranger, then You create account and thats all. I can invite You to friends by e-mail adres, so if You want to have fun give me Your e-mail adres You have register account on gameranger. See you in game

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Yes, but GRAW1 players do not need GameRanger to do it as the servers are still up. *shrug*

GameRanger is a good thing to have around, but it is more useful for games that no longer have a master server list/in-game browser dealies. The ones that still have lists and whatnot, it seems easier to just use the in-game stuff unless it is *really* terrible.

Just my opinion.

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I crack up every time I see a post like

'GRAW2 is dying!'

'It's so sad nobody plays GRAW anymore'

And I'm still sitting here scripting missions and playing Ghost Recon 1 and have no idea that I'm the only person who plays it.

I play with three people every day..

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