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GRAW back online with OpenSpy (clone of GameSpy)

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Hi there,

has anyone heard of or knows OpenSpy? OpenSpy is an opensource replica of GameSpy. http://beta.openspy.net/en/

This means that it is possible again to play GRAW and other old games online in multiplayer, without LAN with VPN or similar (hamachi, gameranger,...).


I have tried it and it works very well. So I decided to reanimate my old standalone OGR coop server and start a small website for info and map download. This is the link to my website, http://graw.oldschoolfun.eu/index_en.php

Even though the game is probably dead, maybe someone would like to play a round.


To use the game with openspy, either modify the graw.exe with a hexeditor or write the IP addresses into the "hosts" file. This changes the links from gamespy.com to openspy.net.

I have described the necessary IP addresses for the "hosts" file and how to modify the graw.exe (and if you need the graw-standalone.exe) on my website.


If you have any questions, please write here.


regards Bazong

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On 12/12/2023 at 11:48, Koelshooter said:

Hi Bazong,

thank you for this. Does it also apply to Graw2? If so, how do I go about it? Same as with Graw?

Thanks in advance for giving this thought. Some of us can't wait to co-op again in Graw2.

best regards,


Hi and sorry for late reply,

yes it works also for GRAW2. But to modify the GRAW2.exe is not so easy like GRAW.exe. Better you use the host file method, or you find a modified exe for GRAW2, there excists one.



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